Zhan Bing 詹冰(綠血球 Taipei: 笠, 1965), from http://chinaavantgarde.com/


weiss und rosa leuchtend schweben

fortgetragen in die tage

unter allen irren menschen

bluehen zweifellos die baeume

wachsen, fallen, reifen, stehen

atmen, oeffnen sich im wind

MW April 2011


shine and float in white and pink
carried forth into the day
all among the loony people
certainly the trees are blooming
growing, falling, ripening
standing, breathing in the wind

MW    April 2011

Photo by Ronnie Niedermeyer

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3条回应 to “桜”

  1. lecily Says:

    I’m so interested in your frame of reference, cause it kinda like me. Yet you are doing it far better. Wait for a reply and wanna be a friend.

  2. March 20: danube, cherries, liu xiaobo « 中国大好き Says:

    […] it’s nice and warm. the danube flows. they had an earthquake in japan a year ago, a little more. the biggest one they ever had or maybe not. but very big with 20.000 people dead and nuclear power plants kaput. and still the trees bloomed like before. […]

  3. 頑張る « 中国大好き Says:

    […] 桜 […]


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