breathe, 呼吸 (hu-xi) 开关 (kai-guan) 外内 (wai-nei) open-close out-in breathe 呼吸 what thing 啥事 (sha shi) what the thing 啥呼吸 (sha huxi) what breathe 啥写作 (sha xiezuo) what writing what make up 傻创作 (sha chuangzuo) 作弄 (zuo nong) 打坐 (da zuo) hit sit 装作 (zhuang zuo)
make believe 装作 make up 装冷 (zhuang leng) you’re cold 装热 (zhuang re) you’re hot 发作 (fazuo) break out listen 聆听 (lingting) 等 (deng) wait
给你看 (gei ni kan)
给你听 (gei ni ting)
给你弄 (gei ni nong)
任你想 (ren ni xiang)
4 u please see please hear do your thing think whatever 打坐 吐纳 (tu-na) hit sit in out breathe
呼吸 old new 啥打坐 啥静坐 (sha jing-zuo) meditation 坐禅 (zuo chan) sit-in
occupy central
走神 (zou shen)

dichten, offen werden, zu atmen, liegen atmen, stehen atmen, sitzen atmen, gehen laufen, sehen atmen, still atmen, stillen atmen, durst atmen, hören atmen, ohr atem schöpfen atem, ein atem, aus atem, warten atem, kommen atem, hör atem, auf atem, fang atem, ball atem, dich

mind is a most wonderful word
make up, open coming, close breathe in, listen breathe in, out breathe in, lying breathe in, down breathe in, sit breathe in, stand breath in, walk running, see breathe in, still nursing, thirst breathe in, hear breathe in, ear take your breath take your width breathe, in breathe, out breathe, wait breathe, come breathe, stop catch breath run, low catch, throw breathe, curl breathe, up breathe, your breathe, thing breathe, make breathe, make up breathe, open breathe, close breathe, close to breathe, body breathe, fear breathe, pain breathe, make up breathe, clothes breathe, colors breathe, white breathe, contact breathe, spar breath, no breath, words breathe, open breathe, clothes come again come loose come win me make up make shut atem make contact atem remember, atem breathe, 呼吸,开关,外内 open-close out-in breathe, 呼吸 what thing 啥事 what the thing 啥呼吸 what breathe 啥写作 what writing what make up 傻创作,作弄,打坐 hit sit 装作 make believe 装作 make up 装冷 you’re cold 装热 you’re hot 发作 break out listen 聆听, 等 wait

MW October 2014

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