Shen Haobo MediterraneanShen Haobo

dieses jahr wird das mittelmeer
verwendet um syrier zu ertränken

wenn das angespülte kind
nicht ausgeschaut hätte als würd es saugen
hätten die mütter der welt dann geweint?

hätte sein t-shirt
nicht so blendend rot in die kamera geleuchtet
wär er dann auf die erste seite gekommen?

soviele syrier sind dieses jahr
ertrunken im mittelmeer

4. September 2015

Übersetzt von MW im Sept. 2015


Shen Haobo

this year the mediterranean sea
is used in drowning the syrians

if that child washed up on the shore
would not have died like he was feeding
would mothers over the world still have cried?

if the T-shirt he wore
would not have shone piercingly red
would he have been first page over europe?

this year the mediterranean sea
has drowned so many syrians

Tr. MW, Sept. 2015

Shen Haobo Parade

Shen Haobo


Our leader waves from the watchtower
like every leader before him
soldiers in lockstep on the square
female soldier’s breasts
swelling in unison
bombers and tanks
like mosquitoes and tigers
downtrodden people living like hogs
suddenly become patriots
crying hot tears before their TVs
they want to step forward right now
to swear allegiance under the flag


I’ve no doubt at all
if they wanted to
they could make
a herd of mantises
march in goose-step over the square
and a spider
wave at them


yesterday tanks and missiles marched on the square
yesterday pigeons and planes had to fly in the sky
yesterday old men had to stand a whole hour up on the tower
yesterday raining was not allowed
yesterday heaven’s bladder was swelling like hell
so he would not appear like a terrorist

today the rain is making a splash

Tr. MW, Sept. 2015

Shen Haobo New Poems Sept 2015


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