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十一月 3, 2015

Abgetrieben_Zhang Hongping

Li Dian’er

Zhang Hongping from Nanchenzan village,
from the family of Wu Zhanlei,
when she was pregnant the second time,
the time period between the two pregnancies
did not meet national regulations.
After the late-term abortion,
they threw that ball of flesh
into a dirty plastic bucket.
Her mom prodded one or two times into the bucket with fire tongs,
That piece of flesh twitched one or two times without a sound
Her mom’s fingers shook one or two times.
”It’s a girl,“
said her mom.
Every time she talks about it,
Zhang Hongping makes a pause at this moment.
“After that,” she says,
“‘cause it was a girl I cried not so hard.”

Tr. MW, November 2015

Li Dian'er

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