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五月 16, 2020

Mo Gao

Old Zhang from our company has been riding his bicycle
to and from work for two years
with great results.
Fatty liver high uric acid high blood fat what not,
no need to worry at all anymore.
Eating together over the weekend, I say congratulations,
his wife has a dour look on her face.
“Nothing to get jealous about,
day after day on that old bike,
ruining his prostate.”
Old Zhang says not a word,
keeps picking up food.

Translated by MW, May 2020

Mo Gao, orig. name Xiao Leng, comes from Mianyang in Sichuan, works in a company. Has published poetry in The Star, Poetry Monthly, Sichuan Literature, Shandong Literature etc. Started studying colloquial poetry and Yi Sha’s theory recently during the virus crisis, tries his hand daily now.



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