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二月 18, 2020

Jiang Tao

In der Seuchenzeit
bleib ich im Hotel über vier Wochen
und spiel World of Warcraft.
Ich üb mich als Pastor
und muss Menschen retten.

Übersetzt von MW im Februar 2020



PHOTO – 蒋涛 Jiang Tao

二月 19, 2019

Jiang Tao

Third year in primary school,
our class goes to climb the Great Goose Pagoda.
As we line up
a group of tall and gleaming white
Europeans comes by.
An old lady
gently pulls me out of our ranks
for a photo together.
Our class monitor smiles on the side.
This morning
our group from China
comes to Cambodia’s Cultural Village.
From a mother who looks less than 40
I take a boy
to hold him for a photo.
Like holding
myself as a child.

Translated by MW, Febr. 2019


五月 4, 2018

Yi Sha
DREAM 1271

sleep is being buried alive
waking up is being dug out again
dream is the world
when you open your eyes
in the dirt

April 2018
Tr. MW, May 2018


Yi Sha
DREAM 1274

The Poemlife BBS is still active,
someone has posted
my numbers are fake.
In my NPC I never presented
900 people or 2500 poems.

I’m having serious self-doubts,
even thinking,
“If he says it, goddamn, it must be true.”

April 2018
Tr. MW, May 2018

Yi Sha
DREAM 1276

NPC poets visit Japan
Jiang Tao shoots
one adult movie per person
as soon as they know
these movies won’t enter China
it’s no big deal

April 2018
Tr. MW, May 2018


Yi Sha
DREAM 1277

I am a Barça manager,
but not the general manager.
The general manager wants to buy
two Suárez clones.
I strongly object,
thinking he doesn’t know about football.

April 2018
Tr. MW, May 2018

Yi Sha
DREAM 1279

A strange girl,
doesn’t exist in reality,
uses the phone in a kiosk
(doesn’t exist anymore)
to call her parents.
Her happy laugh makes you smile.
Your relationship with her
is revealed at the end of the dream.

April 2018
Tr. MW, May 2018


Yi Sha
DREAM 1280

In a crowd
I hold Wang Youwei by the arm,
he can hardly stand
after drinking.
I turn around,
my bag has been snatched,
everything I have on this trip
was in there.
What do I do now?

I think of returning home
and I’m not afraid anymore.
My home with my mother

April 2018
Tr. MW, May 2018


Yi Sha
DREAM 1282

the subconscious
is making wine

April 2018
Tr. MW, May 2018


LUCKY MESSI – 蒋涛 Jiang Tao

十月 12, 2014

Messi bringt Glueck

Jiang Tao

im argentinischen nationaldress
am rand des dorfes zumglück
ein junger mann mit der nr. 10
des argentinischen nationalteams
kickt keinen weltmeisterschaftsball
kickt ein pedal
eines motorrads
wartet auf fahrgäste

Übersetzt von MW im Oktober 2014

Jiang Tao

in the official Argentine colors
at the entrance to Lucky Town
he is number 10
this young man
in the Argentine team dress
no official world-cup ball
a motorcycle pedal
waiting for passengers

Tr. MW, Oct. 2014

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