if we could kiss & love all day
maybe we wouldn’t go astray;
maybe we wouldn’t break our vows,
maybe we wouldn’t break our necks,
maybe we would not break our words,
maybe we would not break our heads.
it’s worth a try for you and I
a day in love,
a day regained,
a day at work,
a day with child.
with sun and wind both rather mild.
a normal day. it’s not so bad.
we cope. we function. we’re not mad
at anyone if we can help
ourselves to coffee, smoking, beer
or maybe lips. or maybe arms.
if we could piss and fart all night
maybe our troubles would be light
compared to other people’s fear.
we seldom write our nightmares down.
the pencil is not right at hand.
if we can tell it we are good.
if someone listens we are fine.
if we could telephone all day
if we could dance or read all night
maybe we wouldn’t go astray
maybe we couldn’t go and fight
each other in a different way.
each day is full of work and fright
and light and kisses
in our heads
till we are dead.
i love you.
see you soon, take care.

MW    Nov. 2011

New painting by Yang Jinsong. Would love to see it up close. No melons, cats or fish, very simple drawing style, concentrated. The two figures are just arriving.


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