GREAT BRITAIN“The United Kingdom is here to stay. Actually, no matter what the outcome would have been, the vote in Scotland has shown to the people of another certain country that in such a crisis, England does not evoke a “anti-split-up-law”. There are no armored vehicles on Scottish street corners, Scottish leaders have not been branded as betraying and selling out the great English nation, and not one citizen has been thrown in jail for fomenting trouble and encouraging independence. Just for these few points, Great Britain, the sun has not set on your empire!” (A Weibo user in China

”联合王国保住了。其实无论结果如何,苏格兰公投都让世界上另一国家的人民看到,在如此危机下,英格兰没有制定《反分裂法》,没有将装甲车开上格拉斯哥街 头,没有将苏格兰首席大臣萨蒙德打成英奸卖国贼,更没有以寻衅滋事罪将鼓吹独立的任何一个公民投入监狱。仅凭这些,大不列颠,你仍然是日不落帝国!“

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