Moon again


the song the tree the moon the night

the streets the cars the moon is bright

the air is right one star is there

I hope we sleep all through the night

MW December 2011

all among the loony people… today is the day the nobel peace prize gets awarded. this year it goes to three women in different places and positions in africa. maybe a little less pointless and pathetic than the prize-great big vain hope obama manunkind not. last year the prize went to loony old liu xiaobo. not very peaceful guy, doesn’t give the chinese government any peace with his charta 08. rather removed from most people in china for 11 years, locked away in the northeast. but instead they have ai weiwei. and we have liao yiwu. great loony poetry. thrown out of china. so it stays hole.


vielleicht has(s)t du noch einen tag

vielleicht hast du noch eine nacht

vielleicht liebst du noch eine nacht

vielleicht liebt dich jemand

auch nachher noch weiter

du spuerst es und du spuerst es nicht

MW Dezember 2011

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