Picture by Sara Bernal

Picture by Sara Bernal

Tang Guo

This is a tree that does what it wants,
a tree that grows at the edge of a cliff.
A tree that’s clasping and climbing the rocks.
A tree that never had milk, never heard music.
A tree that drank northwestern winds,
A tree that had wind poured in its ears.
A tree that would have liked milk, would have liked music.
A tree that stands under dark clouds, waiting for white clouds in the sky.
A tree that doesn’t stand at attention and leans where it pleases.
A tree that slacks off, like a girl out of shape.
A tree that watches the marching ants on its body and won’t get excited no more.
A tree that explores the depths of the stones.
A tree that will not get pulled out, however it sways.
A tree all alone.
A tree that stands on the edge, overlooking the forest.
A tree that can only bow to its partner if it can stay ten yards away;
it cannot grow as they do in the woods, as they hold on to each other’s shoulders.

tang guo treeTang Guo

the sun has gone behind the peak. darkness comes walking out of her home,
unfolds her black velvet and covers his foot.
she pulls up her velvet and covers his waist.
she waits till he’s snoring, then folds up his head.

sleep now, mountains, rivers, towns.
sleep, mosquitoes, beasts and mum.

Tr. MW, Nov. 2013

tang guo lied der nachtTang Guo

she had joy, she was sad. she knew happiness and wandering.
today, she has only joy at her side –
– stolen joy that comes beyond.
she needs your smile,
as you stand at her breast, a little bulge in the earth.


Tr. MW, Nov. 2013
tang guo epitaph
Tang Guo

What grows on my body, just take it away.
If you want it – what I haven’t grown yet- come tomorrow.
I will try with my life. If I don’t make it – here are the seeds.

Tr. MW, Nov. 2013
tang guo for you


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