400 DREAMS – 伊沙 YI SHA

Yi Sha dreams 395-396

Yi Sha
DREAM #395

a bunch of poets
on a big bus
arrive at a station
getting off
I take Ms. Xiang Lianzi’s trunk by mistake
pulling her pink
draw-bar trolley
what a show-off
coming through
Great Peace alley
where I lived when I was small
looking behind me
all the poets are gone
a young Uighur guy
is dragging by baggage
— no, Ms. Xiang Lianzi’s
draw-bar trunk, running like mad

April 2014
Tr. MW, May 2014

DREAM #396

father picks out
books from my school bag
points at a novel by one female author
“your teacher said you read books under your bench
now I see this is pornography
are you not ashamed?”
(this scene really happened
when I was young)

“You should be ashamed!
your whole generation
should all be ashamed!”
one rousing reply
then I turn around
and laugh at the sky
while I walk out the door
(this scene never happened
in my whole life)

April 2014
Tr. MW, May 2014

Yi Sha dream 398

DREAM #398

Zhuang Sheng stands there
in jeans shorts
doesn’t do anything
he just stands there
there is joy in my heart
because I remember
though this is a dream
he told me on Weibo
he hoped one day
he could appear in my dreams
the ones I write down
a series of poems
now it has happened

April 2014
Tr. MW, May 2014

Yi Sha dream 401

DREAM #401

I grab an old friend
by the throat
and push him
to the edge of a pit
snarling at him:
“I can throw you down
then bury you alive
do you believe me?”
“I … believe ….”
he stutters at me
I release him

April 2014
Tr. MW, May 2014

Yi Sha dreams 402-404

DREAM #402

I receive
miraculous news
Malaysian Airlines flight MH370
the plane has been found
in a picture by Li Yi

DREAM #403

In a lush
botanical garden

there is Yu Youyou
she is like Afanti
in those Nasreddin Afanti stories

she says: “I am Shen Haobo’s sister”
I say: “I know who you are”

she says: “stretch out your hands”
so I stretch out my hands

she says: “now step forward and grasp that plant”
so I step forward and grasp that plant

she says: “close your eyes. when you open your eyes
you have grown together with that plant”

I close my eyes
after a long while I open them —

no-one is there
no botanical garden

only city streets in the dusk
someone playing a violin

April 2014
Tr. MW, May 2014

DREAM #404

I am with a gang
we are robbing a store
a bookstore
the others are at the cash register
counting banknotes
I am at the book racks
counting the books

April 2014
Tr. MW, May 2014



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