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三月 8, 2017
Feminist Group Applauded, Criticized After Censorship

Feminist Group Applauded, Criticized After Censorship

Feminist Group’s Weibo Shuttered

Feminist Group’s Weibo Shuttered







“Busy Hating” in German.

(English version and explanations see China Change)


Morgens hass ich die USA,
zu Mittag Südkorea,
am Abend Japan.
Ich bin sehr beschäftigt mit Taiwan und Singapur.
Dann träum ich von Vietnam und den Philippinen.

Montag gegen Südkorea,
Dienstag gegen Japan,
Mittwoch USA,
Donnerstag unabhängiges Taiwan,
Freitag aufmüpfiges Hongkong,
Samstag undankbares Tibet,
Sonntag fromme Uighuren.

Wir haben viel Arbeit.
Alles Andere muss warten!


Übersetzt von MW im März 2017

See also this statement:


TARIM RIVER – 廖亦武 Liao Yiwu

一月 16, 2016


Liao Yiwu

– dedicated to Ilham Tohti, the Uighur scholar sentenced to life in prison

River Tarim, River Tarim.
River in exile, water in jail.
Died in the desert, dying of thirst.
Wind keeps on playing reeds in the sky,
eternal water, somewhere up there.

River Tarim, River Tarim.
Hounded to death, hounded and cursed.
How many grains of sand in your tears?
You have to know who your mother is,
who your mother is?

River Tarim! River Tarim!
River of prayer, river of hope.
River, for freedom you are dried out!
River, for freedom you’re all alone!


1) The Tarim river originates in the Tianshan mountains. It flows through vast desert areas. The river cannot find an outlet from the desert, and so the river bed changes every year. The biggest prisons and labor camps in China are found in the Tarim river area, which is therefore also called “China’s Siberia”.

2) Ilham Tohti is an economics professor at Minzu University in Beijing and the foremost Uighur public intellectual in the People’s Republic of China. He was sentenced to life in prison in September 2014 for advocating basic economic, cultural, religious and political rights for the Uighurs, the largest indigenous people in northwestern China. (Amnesty International)

Translated by Martin Winter, 2015

Liao Yiwu

Der Fluss Tarim, der Fluss Tarim.
Fluss der Verbannung, Fluss eingesperrt.
Fluss der versiegt, verdurstet im Sand.
oben im Wolken-Schilfrohr der Wind,
oben im Himmel rinnt noch der Fluss.

Der Fluss Tarim, der Fluss Tarim.
Du wirst gejagt, verflucht in den Tod.
In deinen Tränen steckt wieviel Sand,
kennst deine Mutter, kennst du sie nicht?
Kennst du sie nicht?

Der Fluss Tarim! Der Fluss Tarim!
Fluss aus der Hoffnung, Fluss des Gebets!
Fluss der für Freiheit trocknet, versiegt!
Fluss der für Freiheit alleine bleibt!

1) Der Tarim entspringt im Tianshan-Gebirge. Er fliesst durch weite Wüstengebiete. Weil er keinen Ausweg findet, ändert sich jedes Jahr sein Flussbett. Im Gebiet dieses Flusses befinden sich die größten Gefängnisse und Straflager in China. Deshalb wird die Gegend auch “Chinas Sibirien” genannt.

2) Ilham Tohti ist ein uighurischer Universitätsprofessor in Peking, der sich für Bürgerrechte in der Autonomen Region Xinjiang einsetzte. Im September 2014 wurde er in Ürümqi wegen “Separatismus” und “Verhetzung” zu lebenslänglicher Haft verurteilt.

Übersetzt von Martin Winter, 2015




















Yi Sha freedom

400 DREAMS – 伊沙 YI SHA

五月 8, 2014

Yi Sha dreams 395-396

Yi Sha
DREAM #395

a bunch of poets
on a big bus
arrive at a station
getting off
I take Ms. Xiang Lianzi’s trunk by mistake
pulling her pink
draw-bar trolley
what a show-off
coming through
Great Peace alley
where I lived when I was small
looking behind me
all the poets are gone
a young Uighur guy
is dragging by baggage
— no, Ms. Xiang Lianzi’s
draw-bar trunk, running like mad

April 2014
Tr. MW, May 2014

DREAM #396

father picks out
books from my school bag
points at a novel by one female author
“your teacher said you read books under your bench
now I see this is pornography
are you not ashamed?”
(this scene really happened
when I was young)

“You should be ashamed!
your whole generation
should all be ashamed!”
one rousing reply
then I turn around
and laugh at the sky
while I walk out the door
(this scene never happened
in my whole life)

April 2014
Tr. MW, May 2014

Yi Sha dream 398

DREAM #398

Zhuang Sheng stands there
in jeans shorts
doesn’t do anything
he just stands there
there is joy in my heart
because I remember
though this is a dream
he told me on Weibo
he hoped one day
he could appear in my dreams
the ones I write down
a series of poems
now it has happened

April 2014
Tr. MW, May 2014

Yi Sha dream 401

DREAM #401

I grab an old friend
by the throat
and push him
to the edge of a pit
snarling at him:
“I can throw you down
then bury you alive
do you believe me?”
“I … believe ….”
he stutters at me
I release him

April 2014
Tr. MW, May 2014

Yi Sha dreams 402-404

DREAM #402

I receive
miraculous news
Malaysian Airlines flight MH370
the plane has been found
in a picture by Li Yi

DREAM #403

In a lush
botanical garden

there is Yu Youyou
she is like Afanti
in those Nasreddin Afanti stories

she says: “I am Shen Haobo’s sister”
I say: “I know who you are”

she says: “stretch out your hands”
so I stretch out my hands

she says: “now step forward and grasp that plant”
so I step forward and grasp that plant

she says: “close your eyes. when you open your eyes
you have grown together with that plant”

I close my eyes
after a long while I open them —

no-one is there
no botanical garden

only city streets in the dusk
someone playing a violin

April 2014
Tr. MW, May 2014

DREAM #404

I am with a gang
we are robbing a store
a bookstore
the others are at the cash register
counting banknotes
I am at the book racks
counting the books

April 2014
Tr. MW, May 2014



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