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六月 5, 2019

Song Jingyu

Homosexuelle Liebe. Bisexuelle Liebe. Bisexuelle. Transsexuelle.
Eklig, unzüchtig, lässt dich erbrechen
Geht sterben!
Lasst sie sterben gehen!
Köpfe auf die Stadtmauer pflanzen
Körper verbrennen am Scheiterhaufen

Richter und Henker tuns unter Tränen
Das waren früher ihre Geliebten

Übersetzt von MW im Juni 2019




schönste im spital – 西毒河殇

七月 2, 2018

Xidu Heshang

tangdu-krankenhaus, stationärer bereich
17. stock, atemwege-abteilung.
die frau die heraufkommt,
ist die schönste frau
die mir heute morgen begegnet ist.
sie sagt der herr doktor cui kai
sei ein fescher mann,
er sei ein gott unter den schwestern.
sie lacht eine weile mit ihrer freundin,
als ob sonst niemand dabei wär,
dann sagt sie:
“ich hab mich selbst schon längst
zum tod verurteilt,
heute komm ich ins spital,
um zu hören wie er das urteil verkündet.”

Übersetzt von MW am 1. Juli 2018


六月 25, 2018

Yang Yan

In einer Pause von unserem Wettlesen
geh ich mit Jiang Erman auf die Toilette.
Auf dem Weg
sagt sie dauernd
Keine Gleichberechtigung!
Die Männer können das Klo besuchen,
wo Li Bai hingegangen ist!
Aber wir Frauen nicht!

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十一月 4, 2017

Photo by Helmut Forster


i think it would be good if you could
change your country more often
learn hungarian
maybe teach english german chinese
current chinese poetry anything useful
not because you really have to
but in a kind of rotating fashion
then it would also be very good
to be young again
but that happens in dreams
and i’ve had a good life
to change your gender
just for a while
would be interesting too
a different country
for almost anyone once in a while
not just traveling
would be great
for world peace

so how many things
did genghis khan change
asks my wife

MW November 2017


十月 6, 2017

Photo by Juliane Adler


gestern war mondfeiertag,
mondfeiertag war heuer recht spät.
15.8. im mondkalender.
oft ist es ende september,
paar tage vorm nationalfeiertag.
nationalfeiertag in der volksrepublik,
staatsgründungstag 1. oktober,
proklamiert 1949
vom tor des himmlischen friedens.
also nicht in taiwan,
dort haben sie am 10.10.
mondfest ist nahe bei den paraden.
rührt euch!
alle augen nach vorn
auf das gold!
das ist ein gedicht von yi sha.
wàng qián kàn,
alle augen nach vorn auf das geld.
das war die parole
seit den 80er jahren.
yi sha schreibt in xi’an.
xi’an hat früher chang’an geheißen,
es war sehr lange hauptstadt,
viel länger als peking.
also sehr viele mondfeiertage.
vielleicht auch paraden?
jedenfalls hauptstadtparaden
vor 1000 jahren
vielleicht vor 1300 jahren
erste millionenstadt auf der erde
vielleicht sogar größer als konstantinopel
aber noch ohne panzer.
also kein platz des himmlischen friedens.
keine demonstrationen von millionen.
yi sha hat in peking studiert,
ende 1989
ist er nach xi’an zurückgekommen.
mondfest hat nichts mit paraden zu tun.
mondfest ist für die familie.
man steigt auf eine höhe,
bringt essen und trinken,
alle sehen den mond.
man denkt auch an die, die nicht dabei sind
die dazugehören
und vielleicht den mond sehen können.
mondfest ist überall
in vietnam und in japan
in korea, norden und süden,
in malaysia, auf den ryukyu-inseln,
auch auf hawaii.
ich glaub eher nicht bei den tibetern,
aber doch bei mongolen
obwohl die mondkuchen
oder das allgemeine verschenken
von diesen kuchen mit zetteln drinnen
angeblich gegen mongolen gewirkt hat.
mondkuchen gibts in vietnam und korea,
auf okinawa und den ryukyu-inseln.
in japan sonst gibt es sowas wie knödel.
wir haben zwetschgenknödel gegessen.
zwetschgenknödel aus topfenteig
von meiner mutter.
also ohne mondkuchen
aber mit großeltern und zwetschgenknödeln.
wir haben auch an andere gedacht,
die anderen großeltern
die vielen freunde
alle denen mondfest vielleicht etwas sagt.
alles gute an alle!
auch an nitram retniw!
meine tochter glaubt das muss eine frau sein
sehr verdächtig
vielleicht eine verhüllte
das ist in österreich jetzt verboten
der mond hat sich gestern nicht dran gehalten
bitte lest nitram retniw von hinten
er wünscht euch alles gute!

MW 5. Oktober 2017


八月 15, 2017


Going up the Eiffel tower
means walking up all the way
to the second platform
if you don’t have a ticket beforehand
and want to wait in the shortest line
at the south tier, which still takes an hour.
That is after you stood in line
and went through security
to get onto the square under the tower.
So the line takes an hour at least.
Then it costs 7 Euro per adult, 5 if you’re under 19,
3 under 10. That’s for walking up.
And we had walked all the way from the Louvre.
Through the Tuileries, took a left at the Obelisk
to get over the Seine. The Orangerie museum
looks interesting. We had already seen sculptures
by Germaine Richier and others in the Tuileries park.
I remember a sculpture by her in Bilbao at the art museum.
Would have loved to get a closer look in the Tuileries,
but they don’t let you walk on the grass. Weird sculptures,
not at all like the one in Bilbao. We had of course seen the Venus of Milo
and the winged Nike of Samothrake. No, those aren’t cereals.
And a hermaphrodite, son of Hermes and Aphrodite,
merged with a Nymph by Zeus at her urgent request.
Yes, male and female organs. Many, many Aphrodites,
many clothed, actually. Artemis, Pallas,
and all the men. Marsyas, soon to be flayed.
Not to speak of the paintings. Or the old Egypt stuff,
very well organized, shows daily life, work
and many, many details
from 4000 years ago and so on. Better than in Vienna.
Lots of busts and other stuff from Palmyra,
many other places in Syria. Yemen, too.
A whole room from Palmyra.
Anyway, up on the Eiffel tower.
Thousands of people up there at night.
Very special feeling. We had lunched in the park,
there is a place with benches on a little hill
very close to the tower. Yuhuan started sketching,
Including the lamppost in front of us. Everyone else flew
paper planes and ate and drank what was there
from the small supermarket
around the corner. Lunch at seven thirty or eight.
We came home to the hotel at two o’clock in the morning.
Subway at Bir Hakeim, not very close.
But interesting and working late. Some people get in free.
We are content with smuggling in a small child every time.
People ask for centimes when they’re asking for money.
Very polite, actually. Centimes, from the old currency.
Probably means fifty Euro cents now. I think one was asking for less
when I had my hands full this morning with groceries from the bakery
after getting up before noon. No, you don’t really notice
the permanent state of emergency
more than the propaganda for 2024,
for the Olympics. They made a deal with Los Angeles, right?
One comes first, one four years later.
Whatever. Should really eat something now.

MW August 2017

蘭芳 LAN FANG:刘季

四月 28, 2017

Liu Ji

Ihre Brüste werden ganz abgeschnitten.

Sie sagt zu einer anderen Patientin,
es gibt keine Metastasen, zum Glück.

Die beiden Brüste
haben einen Sohn gesäugt
und den Vater des Sohnes
und dann haben irgendwelche Männer
Abdrücke hinterlassen, von Händen und Lippen.
Jetzt sind die Brüste einfach verschwunden,
vielleicht noch Futter für Katzen und Hunde.

Den Rest ihres Lebens geht sie nicht aufrecht,
sogar sich selbst kriegt sie nicht mehr satt.

Übersetzt von MW im April 2017


四月 6, 2017

Xi Wa

I carry two bags of vegetables
coming out of Oakleigh supermarket
and crash into a guy with brown skin.
I wasn’t careful.

I apologize to him,
and he invites me for a drink.

My first reaction
is after the drink
if he wants to sleep with me what shall I do?

He does have deep eyes and a tall nose,
and smells of vetiver,
my favourite scent.

If he had white or yellow skin,
I wouldn’t refuse him outright
in this way.

I thought I had already moved beyond

Yes, that was before I had concrete thoughts
of going to bed
with one of them.

2/14/17, Melbourne
Tr. MW, April 2017


三月 8, 2017
Feminist Group Applauded, Criticized After Censorship

Feminist Group Applauded, Criticized After Censorship

Feminist Group’s Weibo Shuttered

Feminist Group’s Weibo Shuttered







“Busy Hating” in German.

(English version and explanations see China Change)


Morgens hass ich die USA,
zu Mittag Südkorea,
am Abend Japan.
Ich bin sehr beschäftigt mit Taiwan und Singapur.
Dann träum ich von Vietnam und den Philippinen.

Montag gegen Südkorea,
Dienstag gegen Japan,
Mittwoch USA,
Donnerstag unabhängiges Taiwan,
Freitag aufmüpfiges Hongkong,
Samstag undankbares Tibet,
Sonntag fromme Uighuren.

Wir haben viel Arbeit.
Alles Andere muss warten!


Übersetzt von MW im März 2017

See also this statement:


一月 20, 2017



not just face
lifting of martial law

not just face
lifting of marital law

MW January 2017




十二月 17, 2016


Zhao Lihong

1) Do not read it out or memorize it, do not recite!
2) Only one poem per person!
3) Only one person reading one poem!
4) Do not recite like a professional!
5) No special cell phone status is required while reading poetry.
6) While reading poetry, it is forbidden to kiss, to undress or to munch popcorn.
7) After drinking alcohol, you can read poetry as long as you make out the characters.
8) Besides Chinese Mandarin, please read the characters in any sort of language or dialect!
9) Sexy women with a little bit of perfume are welcome to read!
10) Light music accompaniment is also encouraged.
11) It is strictly forbidden to ask any author to explain any poem in any way!

Tr. MW, December 2016




八月 25, 2016

Maia Legoland






My daughter says
“When I was small
I thought white clouds
threw the sun into prison.
If the sun was strong enough
it could break out.
If clouds were black
the sun was sad.
meant she was weeping.”
The sun is female
in German;
my daughter didn’t realize
this point,
but she knows in English
it’s “he”
and in Chinese “ta” 他.
“Ta” 她 can be many things
ta 她 ta 它 ta 牠 – he she it
and so on.

MW August 2016

SPRING IS A WONDERFUL SEASON – April 15, 2016 in Vienna. #Schutzbefohlene *

四月 15, 2016



April 15, 2016 in Vienna. #Schutzbefohlene *
Spring is a wonderful season,
trees spilling their green.
Some are cut, some are planted.
Downstairs across they are planting a park,
used to be train tracks.

Last year we had refugees at the station.

Spring is a wonderful season.

They said it was 90,000 people or so
in all of Austria,
mostly in a few months,
who wanted to stay in this country.
Ten times more went on to Germany.
So many people wanted to help.
Train workers, even police.
Volunteers, often more than enough.
We live in the neighbourhood.
My daughter Maia went down to play with the refugee children.
After a while she knew the volunteers.
It was safe.
The refugees staid down by the station.
Some people from our house took in refugees.

There was discussion to use the shop,
the empty shop downstairs in this new house,
for refugee quarters.
Just for the winter.
That shop has bathrooms and everything.

But then they closed down at the station.
It was in December.
They took them with buses, they said, from the border.
On to Germany.
If you said you wanted Germany, they let you in.
They were building a fence.
So in December, the station was empty.
Maybe Mid-December.
No quarters in our house.
But people still coming in.
Coming up through the Balkans, used to be Yugoslavia.

In early January we played Tarot down in the library.
We have a library in our house.
And we play cards, for a few pennies.
On Friday nights.
We have had readings, and even theatre.
Gudrun and Peter, they built a stage.
Downstairs in the big common room.
We had a night reciting Bob Dylan.
Down you masters of war.

But then in January, there was Cologne.
In Cologne at the train station, on New Year’s Night.
Hundreds of women harassed.
Raped, one or two.
Many foreign men there at the train station.
Not enough police, or police doing nothing.
We should discuss this, one of us said.
We had been playing cards.
What is there to discuss, there ‘s not much in the news.
Maybe social networks did play a role.
I want to discuss this.
These refugees becoming a problem.
What is there to discuss, there’s not much in the news.
These refugees becoming a problem.
A discussion is stupid, without any facts.
So one of us went away in a huff.

Later I was away, I was in China.
In southern China, a poetry trip.
From southern China to Southeast Asia.
The year before they went to Vietnam.
Wrote some good poetry.
Vietnam wars in the background,
including China attacking Vietnam.
And other stuff, daily life.
Morning routine.

This year I went with them through Southeast Asia.
Poets from all over China. 16 or 17.
One or two guides.
Guides of Chinese extraction.
Thailand, Singapore. And Malaysia.
Then back to Nanning, to southern China.

Poetry meetings, almost every night.
Sometimes more.
One time in the airport.
Plane was delayed, nothing better to do, call a poetry meeting.
Poems written there on the road.

Yi Sha has this dream, before every border.
Dreaming they won’t let him through.
Normally he writes down all his dreams.
Makes for good poetry.
But not this time, he was afraid.
Only when we were safe in Malaysia.

They had a crackdown, in Kuala Lumpur.
There was an attack in Indonesia.
Muslim majority in Malaysia, too.
If the father is Muslim, the child has to be Muslim.
Not Chinese or anything else.
It was not like this before.
At least according to our guide.
They have elections and a Sultan.
Or they call him a King, at least in Chinese.

It’s a beautiful country.
Tribes in the woods.
Our guide lived with a tribe for a week.
For a project at university.
She was very young, has a small child.
She speaks Fukien Chinese.
Mandarin with the tourists, of course.
Liked to talk about sex.
Malaysian men with many wives.
Just a few Muslims, who can afford it.

On February first, I came back to Austria.
Refugees still coming, though not so many.
News had been shifting.
Creating a climate against refugees.
We put a limit on loving our neighbours.
That was a poster.
The foreign minister, he’s very young.
The interior ministress.
She’s not there any more now, she’ll become governess.
Governor of Lower Austria.
And the candidate.
Their candidate for Federal President.

President is just a figurehead here.
Like in Germany.
In Germany, he is elected in parliament.
So he is from the majority party.
He or she.

In Austria, everyone votes for the President.
Everyone should.
Everyone is automatically registered, every citizen.
Nowadays you can vote in advance.
Local district office.
Ballot per mail, or there at the office.
That guy for limits on loving your neighbour won’t make it.
He’s trailing far behind in the polls.
But his policies are federal policy.

They let that happen, the Social Democrats.
They are the majority.
But they let it happen, they are just like the rightists.
News had been shifting.
These refugees becoming a problem.
Some Social Democrats work with the Rightists.
Those other Rightists.
That Freedom Party.
Some Neo-Nazis.
Some Neo-Nazis cling to this party.
Some were just Liberals.
In the 1980s they were for joining the European Community.
Anyway now they are shameless Rightists.
Austria should not be ashamed, they proclaim.
Including old Nazis, including SS.

And Social Democrats think they should work with them.
But they are trailing, the Social Democrats.
Maybe their candidate will fall behind,
though not as far as the one with the limits.
They are far behind, both of them.

Three candidates are in front.
Front-runner is from the Green Party.
They always were for refugees.
And there is a woman.
Not from a party.
A former judge.
Liberal views, for the economy.
Definitely not from the Left.
Those two were leading.
But Freedom Party candidate is closing up.

No, he doesn’t say we are all Germans.
Though he says many things.
Austrians first, don’t be ashamed.
Don’t be ashamed of anything.
Works better than just talk about limits.

So I’ve voted already, ten days in advance.

I’m afraid.
That Freedom guy is worse than Trump.
Similar causes why they are so popular.

Austria is very small.
President is just a figurehead.
But I’m afraid.

Austria becomes Hungary.
Headline in Switzerland, two days ago.
Rightist government, fences.
Italy protesting, not only Greece.
Against Austria, in the EU.

EU has been weak.
Rightist reactions in Eastern Europe.
Rightist rhetoric against refugees.
From Social Democrats, some of them.
EU is weak, was very weak in the Yugoslav wars.

Mid-April sun is shining outside.
Spring is a beautiful season,
trees spilling their green.
Some are cut, some are planted.
Downstairs across they are planting a park.

Martin Winter
April 15, 2016
*Schutzbefohlene means people placed under protection. It is the title of a play by Elfriede Jelinek, the Austrian author who won the Nobel prize for literature in 2004. She wrote the play in 2013. It was performed, by refugees, at University of Vienna on April 14, 2016, when a group of rightists stormed the stage. They sprayed red paint and reportedly injured performers, including children. I wrote the long poem above on Friday morning, April 15. I had not been at the performance and knew nothing about the incident before my text was finished. But I think my text works as background reading, at least.




二月 23, 2016



oh wie so trügerisch
verhalten im brandfall
oder auch aggressiv
je nachdem
du kannst es nicht wissen
kommt darauf an
so überlebte
geschlecht um geschlecht

MW 2015-2016


二月 9, 2016

Jun Er

Jun Er

the green waters of the pacific
are washing the palms of my feet
girls who have breasts and have male organs
are sleeping nearby
my country is two hours by plane
my home is in a polluted part north by the sea
every drop of water is precious there
the pacific, a mirror
the pacific is me

January 2016
Tr. MW, Feb. 2016

jun er pacific


十一月 3, 2015

Abgetrieben_Zhang Hongping

Li Dian’er

Zhang Hongping from Nanchenzan village,
from the family of Wu Zhanlei,
when she was pregnant the second time,
the time period between the two pregnancies
did not meet national regulations.
After the late-term abortion,
they threw that ball of flesh
into a dirty plastic bucket.
Her mom prodded one or two times into the bucket with fire tongs,
That piece of flesh twitched one or two times without a sound
Her mom’s fingers shook one or two times.
”It’s a girl,“
said her mom.
Every time she talks about it,
Zhang Hongping makes a pause at this moment.
“After that,” she says,
“‘cause it was a girl I cried not so hard.”

Tr. MW, November 2015

Li Dian'er

HUANG HUA 黄華 – 鄭小瓊 Zheng Xiaoqiong

五月 24, 2015


Zheng Xiaoqiong 郑小琼: 《女工记》100 Arbeiterinnen

dein baumelnder ärmel reden und lachen
dein dunkles gesicht voller staub aus der betonziegelfabrik
du sitzt auf einem schemel deine kleider schmutzig
von sand und getrocknetem zement dein fettes haar
strohhut und schäbige plastikschuhe …
dein mann arbeitet in einer werkstatt nicht weit von hier
ich wollte deine trauer um deinen arm suchen in wirklichkeit
hast du gar keine du wählst mit einer hand zutaten schneidest gemüse
kochst essen du hast dich gewöhnt dass dir die maschine den halben arm
abgebissen hat du erzählst mir den ganzen vorgang deine gelassenheit
irritiert mich ein bisschen ich kenn das gesetz und die entschädigung
aber du redest von menschlichkeit und gewissen “der chef ist ein guter mensch
außer den ganzen arztkosten hat er noch vierzigtausend gezahlt”
“ich war unvorsichtig der chef ist nicht schuld” du schlitterst
immer weiter in selbstbeschuldigung hörst nicht auf zu plappern
wie jemand in einem film der weiß gott was getan hat ich hatte vor
dich zu trösten dich erzählen zu lassen von deinem unglück
in deiner erzählung war es für dich nicht so schlimm wie für deinen chef
du redest davon was dir vierzigtausend gebracht haben
zum beispiel dein haus auf dem land in sichuan deine tochter an der uni
bist dankbar für die vierzigtausend für die situation in deiner familie
ich war sehr ungeduldig über die ganze gesellschaft
ich war müde und feindselig muss ab jetzt von dir lernen
freundlichkeit und liebe
dein baumelnder ärmel ich habe noch etwas verstanden
ich wollte dir erzählen vom kampf um dein recht von der art zu leben
die ich verstehe aber dann hab ich nichts zu sagen
ich sitz nur und hör dir zu du malst dir die zukunft
ein schöner ausblick eine vierzigjährige arbeiterin
froh dass es der linke arm war froh dass es sie war
– ein frauenarm – wär es ein männerarm –
von deinem mann wär es schwieriger ….

Übersetzt von MW, 2015

Huang Hua

MOND IN ALASKA – 春树 Chun Sue

二月 12, 2015

Chun Sue

Chun Sue

du bist der mond über alaska
du bist der fluss
grüne wellen spiegeln dein schwarzes gewand
du zündest dir selbstgedrehten tabak an
ich seh du bist 16 schläfst mit einem jungen
machst raudau, nimmst drogen, machst liebe
du gießt mir wein ein
hoffentlich ist es roter
du spielst gitarre
sagst du geht nach thailand und wirst ein mönch
dein meister ist in vietnam
kann sein deine seele blieb in tibet
deinen traum, den gabst du vor langer zeit auf
und wirst doch wieder unsicher
am nachmittag wirst du namenlos müde
du schläfst ein und träumst
du streiftest umher im früheren leben
du liebtest jungen
ich war deine große schwester
du wachst auf und bist verheiratet
und findest im netz eine junge chinesin nach deinem herzen

Übersetzt von Martin Winter im Februar 2015



Chun Sue1

ZHAO LIHONG – 赵立宏 Zhao Lihong

一月 22, 2015

Zhao Lihong - Zhao Lihong

Zhao Lihong

Went to a search engine,
searched for my name.
Found out on,
there are 53 people
called Zhao Lihong.
16.67% of them are from the north.
22.22% are born in the nineties,
62.22% are male.
I want all these people,
these Zhao Lihongs
to come together,
to hear us shout it together,
our own name,
Zhao Lihong,
Zhao Lihong.
To hear us calling each other,
each calling the name
Zhao Lihong;
to hear one Zhao Lihong
call another Zhao Lihong;
to hear an old Zhao Lihong
call for a young Zhao Lihong.
Hear a boy Zhao Lihong
call a girl Zhao Lihong,
hear a north Zhao Lihong
call for a south
Zhao Lihong.
To hear a
public security guy Zhao Lihong
call a teacher
Zhao Lihong.


Tr. MW, Jan. 2015


六月 3, 2014

chun sue questionsChun Sue

do you think you are an intellectual?

du you think you are an existentialist?
do you think you like to eat zha jiang mian?
do you think you are collecting antiques?

do you think you are following fashion?
do you think you have improved since you started?
do you think you have fulfilled your ideals?
do you think you’re a patriot?

do you think you love the truth?
do you think you dare to say it?
do you think you don’t fear retribution?
do you think you’re a good writer?

do you think you’re a poet?
do you think you’re a good mother?
do you think you’re a good father?
do you think you have loved?
do you think you are moral?
do you think microblogging makes China improve?

question mark mark mark
do you think they are prophets?
do you think you’re a groupie?

do you think there are things you don’t talk about?
do you think there are people you cannot offend?
do you think this novel is your autobiography?
do you think you have talent?

do you think your stuff is going to last?
do you think you have secrets?
do you think you have a big heart?

do you think you are fair to everyone?
do you think you’re responsible?
do you think you play by the rules?
do you think you have nothing to be ashamed of?

do you think you are self-important?
do you think you want revenge?
do you think you are scared of dying?
do you think you make people like you?
do you think you make people hate you?
do you think you have a future?
do you think you are falling behind?
do you think you are lonely?
do you think you are writing a poem?

this girl makes you crazy
let her go on babbling
asking herself

Tr. MW, June 2014

Chun Sue TraumChun Sue

Tr. MW, June 2014

Published in EPIPHANY magazine, fall 2014. Go on, look for this great Chinese Dream! I spent October 2014 at Vermont Studio Center with Yi Sha, editor of the daily New Century Poetry series 新世纪诗典. Chun Sue is one of the most well-known figures within this huge independent circle of poets.

Chun Sue Avenue of Eternal PeaceChun Sue

Little Brother says: dad, Avenue of Eternal Peace
take a good look
This is the road you walked for over 20 years
I am sitting with Papa and Little Brother
I am almost crying
Finally I know
why I like the Avenue of Eternal Peace
Slowly the car passes the Military Museum
and the red walls of Zhongnanhai
and Xinhua Gate
Papa is small now he fits in an ash box
sitting between us
doesn’t take up much space
We pass the Gate of Heavenly Peace
and I see him
He stands on the square
watching us while we’re passing

Why was it so hard to write about you
You’re the son of a peasant
I was born in a village
I am also the child of a peasant
I put on army songs for you all night
Crying my heart out —
I like all that too.

Tr. MW, May 2014


十月 19, 2012

Chen Kohua und Lai Hsiangyin treten am 29. Oktober um 20 Uhr im Hörsaal SIN 1, Ostasieninstitut Universität Wien auf. (Campus Altes AKH, Hof 2, Eingang 2.3)

Übersetzung: Martin Winter

Eine Veranstaltung des Österreichischen P.E.N. – Clubs

Mit Unterstützung des BMUKK

Chen Kohua und Lai Hsiangyin

九月 13, 2012

Click here to read a few poems.

Chen Kohua und Lai Hsiangyin sind im Oktober zu Gast im Literarischen Colloquium Berlin. Außerdem werden sie an der Universität Heidelberg aus ihren Werken lesen.

Chen Kohua und Lai Hsiangyin treten am 29. Oktober um 20 Uhr im Hörsaal SIN 1, Ostasieninstitut Universität Wien auf. (Campus Altes AKH, Hof 2, Eingang 2.3)

Übersetzung: Martin Winter

Eine Veranstaltung des Österreichischen P.E.N. – Clubs

Mit Unterstützung des BMUKK


三月 20, 2009


es ist alles die geschichte
es ist alles ein gedicht
es ist alles bei tabori
es ist alles einfach nicht

es ist alles sarajewo
es ist alles tiananmen
es ist alles srebrenica
es ist alles nicht so schoen

es ist alles gute arbeit
es ist alles fremdenrecht
es sind alles die pensionen
es ist alles konkurrenz

es ist alles stadtentwicklung
es ist alles zuckerbrot
es ist manches ungeheuer
es ist manches ziemlich tot

es ist alles gazastreifen
es ist alles engagement
es hofft alles auf obama
es ist alles kompliziert

es ist alles die vererbung
es ist alles das geschlecht
es ist alles die umgebung
es ist alles nicht so schlecht

es ist alles in der zeitung
es ist alles im journal
es ist alles in der werbung
es ist alles kapital

es ist alles in der erde
es ist alles in der luft
es ist alles in den sternen
es ist alles in der gruft

es ist alles gazastreifen
es ist alles israel
es ist alles schoener wohnen
es ist alles ein befehl

es geht alles immer weiter
es bleibt alles wieder stehen
es wird alles wieder heiter
es wird alles untergehen
MW  Januar 2009

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