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EDGE OF HISTORY – 游若昕 You Ruoxin

2月 19, 2022

You Ruoxin

My desk neighbor,
to get ahead of me next term
at the history exams,
bought a roll of toilet paper on Taobao,
printed with the main points of history.
One day when she didn’t pay attention,
I ripped off a square
and ran to the bathroom.
Just when I returned to class,
she who would never leave the room,
flew at me, chasing me
all through the corridor.

Tr. MW in February 2022







​黎雪梅读《新世纪诗典》之游若昕《历史的一角》: 这是若昕版《同桌的你》,虽写的是求学的日常,细细品味,却别有一番滋味在心头,它不是一般的酸甜苦辣,有着青苹果的清甜与纯净;满是纯真无邪的少年情怀与深挚的同窗之情,也许若干年后回想起来嘴角依然会微微上扬。这样的记录不仅仅是当年的情景再现,更是自己一段青春岁月与生命情感的密码,在漫漫的人生长河中的尤显得弥足珍贵。



9/11, 20 years on

9月 12, 2021


9/11 is like 1989.
People will remember.
20, 30, a hundred years after.
One such year is more than enough
in a lifetime, if you were there
among the carnage
or when the wall came down,
or was opened​, at first.
I was on a beach in 1989,
in the winter.
Weeks on a beach,
and Romania burned,
after Czechoslovakia didn’t,
and so on and so on.
A beach in Thailand, sunset beach.
Sunrise is on the other side
of the peninsula.
There is a mountain in between,
and there was one water buffalo left,
as far as I remember.
Krabi, Krabi! crie the boatsmen,
we didn’t go back to Krabi, the nearest town,
for quite a while.
Newspapers were from days ago, a week ago.
It was a marvelous year.
In 1989, I was in Taiwan, and in between, in the US and in Thailand.
In 2001, I was in Beijing.
Jackie worked in the Austrian embassy.
I was teaching and translating.
We saw it on TV, not right away,
as far as I remember.
We talked to friends and relatives
on the phone.
It was two years after 1999,
when Belgrade was bombarded.
They bombed the Chinese embassy,
it’s still not clear why.
I was in China then too,
in Chongqing.
I cried when I saw the towns over there on TV,
it looked too much like home.
They did to Belgrade what the Serbian side
had done to Sarajewo, and other cities,
and there was the massacre of Srebrenica
and so on and so on.
Yugoslavia is the place in Europa
that had no walls coming down in 1989,
rather some going up, more and more.
In 2012 we did a magazine issue here in Vienna,
Headfirst through the Great Wall of China,
or something like that.
It was crazy.
We had Yan Jun for reciting poetry and drama,
and we had Hui Ye, a very versatile local artist, mostly based in Austria.
Yan Jun is a famous poet and experimental musician from Lanzhou,
lives mostly in Beijing, very much on the fringe.
So we were doing a small local magazine,
but we were so excited, we told all the world!
I did, mostly. It was really great.
We had Yugoslavia, mainland China, Taiwan
and a Turkish German author wrote
the Great Wall was a sleeping dragon
that woke up once in a few centuries
and people came to grief.
And the magazine editor wanted to kill that,
thought it was disrespectful.
I don’t think he knew anyone from China.
How is this about 9/11?
9/11 was like 1989, in a way.
Everyone knows what happened in 1989,
or everyone doesn’t,
depends where you are.
There are still thousands of people
who died in New York on that day,
but there are no remnants.
They are still searching for traces.

MW September 2021





8月 17, 2020

Su Bugui

In den Alpen
unter der warmen Sonne
im saftigen Grün
auf einmal
ein Schneefeld.

Von weitem sieht es aus
als hätt der Poet Martin Winter
der uns hergeführt hat
Reistaschen vergraben
zum Drachenbootfest.

Juni 2017
Übersetzt von MW im August 2020


伊沙主持 | 新世纪诗典10一周联展(2020.8.9——8.15)

伊沙主持 | 新世纪诗典10一周联展(2020.8.09——8.15)





3月 21, 2020

Man Man

Coming out of People’s Park
I run into a shower
and hide in the guardhouse at the gate.
The grandpa on duty asks for my age
and tells me his.
He picks up a peanut,
chews with a sigh:
Today’s society is a good one.
In the times of the First Emperor,
66 years,
if you’re not dead you’d get buried alive.

Translated by MW, March 2020


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