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六月 7, 2013

Olomouc art museum collection

Olomouc diary
March 27, 2013
Train connection from vienna worked just fine. Half an hour at the border station of břeclav, used it for a short walk, had a big laugh over buying powidl kolačni or so. Tram to down town, found the hostel immediately. Friendly aussies, still.
Weather better than in vienna- at least no snow, and a little bit of sun.

Went out to have lunch in a micro brewery first, then on to the art museum, which has free admission on wednesdays and sundays. Some very strong and original modern stuff here, as well as a lot of boring derivatives.

Tired, both from the museum and the beer with lunch.

Waiting for martin, who went back up to photograph a couple of paintings.

Started talking about all the things we want done in a week- time alone, time together, dissertation writing… I think there just aren’t enough hours in a week. But we will keep working on it.

Went home, Martin quite exhausted. i had gotten a second wind and went out for pizza, which was quite sufficient after a late and massive lunch.

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March 28, 2013, olomouc

Next day martin got yoghurt and pastries for breakfast, in a little shop right around the corner, one of these super- narrow slots in a lovely pink art nouveau building with white friezes round the windows.

Did some soul searching on whether to stay one more night. Martin phoned his parents, and they said, fine. Private room was booked already, so we got a dorm room to ourselves, at 600 crowns instead of 900 (24 vs. 36 EUR).

Went to see the town some more, including the noon-day astronomical clock, playing music on its bells and showing happy members of the working classes. Sent postcards to our respective parents. Asked tourist info about concerts that day. No, we would not drive to Brno for that. Girl in the tourist office slightly clueless. Post office right on the square.

Also bought some chapstick, found a minimalist czech version, good quality, but just a tiny amount stuck in a plastic holder. If it gets warm, you have one mess. But hey, it is still winter, and at 11 crowns i am not going to complain.

Had lunch in a place at the university, bishop’s square. Then went home to veg out a bit and even sleep some.

Caught a little concert in the museum of modern art, 50 crown entrance fee. For that, a middle aged lady who sang chansons in czech, her friend the guitar player, the pianist, and the hand drum (hang drum?) player. All very spontaneous, family- like, with the audience humming or singing along occasionally. Not too long, either, stopped just in time for dinner. Back at the lovely micro brewery, which was packed with young people. Another lovely dinner.

And so off to the hostel, chatting a bit to some finnish and portuguese travellers, and off to the bunk beds.


Olomouc art museum collection


Olomouc art museum collection


Olomouc art museum collection

March 30, 2013, train from olomouc to vienna.
Bit cold in the morning,woke up from that. Snow/ sleet falling. Managed a shower, and breakfast, and were out at the railway station in good time. Trains a bit delayed, but we should be home on time. Nice lunch at the breclav railway station canteen, new and clean place with the loveliest bathrooms.

Head in Breclav

Head in Breclav

Olomouc art museum collection

Olomouc art museum collection

Liao Yiwu, Meng Huang, Maria Rosen: Performance in Stockholm

三月 31, 2013

Liao Yiwu reading his poem “The Massacre”, Meng Huang 孟煌 reading his “Letter to Liu Xiaobo in Prison” and Maria Rosén singing the Swedish folksong “Ballad from Roknäs”, 19th March 2013, 9 pm, Sergels Torg, Stockholm, Sweden

Click here for texts and lyrics in Chinese, and to access the FREE LI BIFENG 釋放李必丰 page:

1993libifengDVD and CD recordings of Liao Yiwu’s works, with texts in Chinese, English and German: Please click on the image below
Click here for recent texts and speeches by Liao Yiwu.

two poems

三月 30, 2013

Pang Pei



More poems by Pang Pei


Schwarzenbergplatz, waiting for streetcar 71

One call
One pine
One snowy path
The wind in the pine
The pines on the square
The crows in the air
The snow all around
The monument. To end the war.
As futile as easter.
Quite lasting, you know.
The sun from afar.

MW. March 27, 2013

Three pictures, one Chinese Dream

三月 20, 2013

Ask not what Quan Ju De Peking Duck restaurants can do for you, ask what you can do for Quan Ju De Peking Duck restaurants!
Quan Ju De
“Dear reporters, after today’s press conference, you will believe in God.”
Life of Pig

Bloggers, and the Government, Respond to Pig Crisis

Father likes to take a nap…

From New Century Poetry Canon, compiled by Yi Sha 伊沙
Take a nap

Xing Mie

father likes to take a nap

father was born in 1949.
he always liked to fall asleep.
especially now
he dozes off all the time.
it’s like he never wakes up.
actually, mother says
when father was young,
he was very active at the unit.
went there early, came back late.
then, after 10 years of confusion
he never woke up again.
even when he sleeps
his eyes are half open.
Tr. MW, March 2013

And here are two more pictures. Waiting for a miracle, doing crazy things in the meantime. Like going shopping.

Photo by Kai Strittmatter

Photo by Kai Strittmatter

Photo by Kai Strittmatter

Photo by Kai Strittmatter

Or taking to the streets. Last autumn, all through the first chairmen transition period, China was full of demonstrations and looting because of an island dispute. One Politbureau contender had stumbled over his wife and his police chief. Populist mobilizer for Maoist songs. Then they came up with the Chinese Dream. Same ducks, same colors.

Anti-JapanBoycott sushi! Defend Quan Ju De Peking Duck Restaurant!

the life that sprouts

三月 11, 2013



little wee gets up to play
we are more than what we are
sometimes we may call it god
wee may call as soon as twelve
sometimes we may call it light
wee may call as soon as two
wee may always call at night
little wee wakes up to cry
we are less than what we are
wee may sleep as soon as noon
sometimes we may call it god
wee may call as late as eight
sometimes we can see the light
wee can call us any time
sometimes we can feel the night
sometimes wee can be alright

October 2007


Second Anniversary of the 2011 Japan Earthquake

hold it

(quakes, tsunamis, nuclear threats …)

the days of the blossoms
the yellow the white
the shoots and the air
and the birds and the bees
the flies and the beetles
the earth and the trembling
the cars that come floating
the buildings come tumbling
the life that sprouts

MW March 2011


(fuer japan, yunnan, burma …)

die tage die blueten
die spitzen die gruenen
die weissen die gelben
die bienen die fliegen
die wogen die steigen
die wagen die treiben
die erde die bebt und
das leben das keimt

MW Maerz 2011


三月 8, 2013


Time To Say No! is an initiative inspired by Malala Yousafzai. There is a presentation in Brazil today. Yesterday there was a press conference and poetry reading in Vienna, organized by Austrian PEN. Time to Say No! is about rights. Education and dignity, which means not to be violated, are basic rights of all human beings. We heard female writers from Kenya, Sudan, Iran, India, Bulgaria, a wonderful male voice from former Yugoslavia, Austrian voices: Philo Ikonya, Ishraga Hamid, Sarita Jemanani, Boško Tomašević, Dorothea Nürnberg…. And two poems from China. The first one was “YOUR RED LIPS, A WORDLESS HOLE你空洞無聲的欲言紅唇 by Sheng Xue 盛雪, English translation by Maiping Chen and Brenda Vellino, German translation by Angelika Burgsteiner. The second poem from China was Lily’s Story 丽丽传 by Zhao Siyun 赵思云. The book Time To Say No, edited by Philo Inkonya and Helmuth Niederle, also contains poems by Ana Schoretits, Chantelle Tiong 张依蘋, Hong Ying 虹影, Reet Kudu, Wu Runsheng 吴润生  and many, many others.

Mo Yan 莫言 and Liao Yiwu 廖亦武

三月 4, 2013

Mo Yan corn


In December 2012, after Mo Yan’s Nobel lecture, they had heated discussions in Sweden, for example between Göran Sommardal and Björn Wiman. Liao Yiwu told me about it. You can read the articles in Swedish or Chinese (萬之譯) …

I also wrote a blog post about Mo Yan and ideology in early December, after the school massacre in Connecticut.

Liao Yiwu 廖亦武 is going to visit  Sweden this month (March 2013). He wrote another open letter to Göran Malmqvist. I have copied it here, along with a recent speech he held in Hamburg. In the open letter, Liao mentions a new song by the Chinese punk group Pangu 盤古.

Recently, I have translated essays and poems by Shi Mingde (Shih Ming-te) 施明德 and his brother Shi Ming-zheng 施明正, Li Khin-huann 李勤岸, Song Tik-lai 宋澤萊, Zhan Che 詹澈 and Yi Sha 伊沙. All of it has to do with resistance.

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