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二月 22, 2019

Photo by Gudrun Kollegger



In the middle of the altar
behind and above
is a Chinese center.
Must be a coincidence.
The Middle Kingdom.
Probably some kind of cross.
It’s a big church.
Maybe they even thought of
the big one in Istanbul
where Christianity started
to matter in a very big way
with the first Christian emperor.
Until they destroyed it,
the crusaders
when they sacked
the Eastern beacon
of Christendom.
I wonder what they thought
when they built this big church
in the 19th century
in this worker’s district.
a conference begins
in the Vatican
about rape
and other sexual crimes
perpetrated by priests.
I guess there is hope
right there in the middle.
Let us pray.

MW February 2019


Photo by Gudrun Kollegger






二月 20, 2018

Zhang Xiaoyun

In Luang Prabang im Menghe-Hotel abgestiegen,
dann Abendessen im Sichuan-Laden.
Kellner sind hautsächlich Teenagerinnen.
Die Chefin aus Yibing erklärt:
In Laos gibt es überhaupt keine Altersbeschränkung,
also sei das keine

Übersetzt von MW im Februar 2018


八月 18, 2017


Montjuic means
mountain of the Jewish cemetery.
In the 1380s
the Jews were driven
out of the city,
gravestones were used
for castle walls.
1000 years ago
there was a light house.
Later the castles built on the top
were often used to shoot on the city.
There’s ample reason,
there are ample historical reasons
for independence.
Catalan language
is everywhere,
Catalan first, Spanish second.
The castle gives you
a history lesson
beginning in Hebrew
and a poem in Catalan.
Much of the city
was built from quarries
here on the mountain.
Today there is peace,
peace enough for reflection.
How much do you need,
how much cooperation,
how much solidarity,
how much economics,
how much is public transport…
What can you see
from the top of the mountain?

MW July 2017

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