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七月 19, 2019


the danube flows
in the evening people sit in the sun
on the southwestern side
in the summer months
there are concerts on the main square
and in the cafés
the views are great from the castle
and from the liberation monument
and cemetery further up
some of the soldiers buried are women
in the summer months
the synagogue is open
as a museum
they have a nice garden
it is a functioning synagogue
all year round
the only one left
they had bigger ones
even after the war
after the holocaust
now this is the only one left
they built a freeway
interstate quality
right through the old city
it’s a functioning freeway
it’s a beautiful city
shabby in places, but proud
somehow still healing
the danube flows

MW July 2019







BRATISLAVA (Pressburg, Poszony, Little Big City)

一月 6, 2015


Morgensonne, noch nicht stark.
Licht, ausgegossen über der Stadt.
Ein bisschen Schnee.

Die Stadt ist gebrochen, auf eine Art.
Die Stadt ist noch da.
Auf den Hügeln singen die Vögel.

Eine Messe auf Latein.
Beethoven aufgeführt alle zwei Jahr.
Judengasse über der Autobahn.

Man tut was man kann.
Gerichte mit Brimsen sind wirklich nicht schlecht.
Das Hotel ist sehr schön.

MW 2014-01-04


BRATISLAVA (Pressburg, Poszony, Little Big City)

morning sun not yet strong –
light spilled over the town.
a little snow.

the city’s broken, somehow.
the town is still there.
birds alive on the hills –

a mass read in latin.
beethoven sung here every two years –
jewish museum across the highway.

you do what you can.
very nice dishes with cheese –
the hotel’s rather good.

MW January 2015



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