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REFORM – 吴桐紫

三月 28, 2017

Wu Tongzi

hinterm büro
war ein basketballplatz
jetzt ist dort
ein parkplatz

9. September 2016
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三月 3, 2017


Xing Hao

Direktor Tu kommt zurück in die Heimat.
Über 30 Verwandte
drängen sich an ihn heran.

Er denkt daran,
als sein Vater vor ihrem Gericht stand,
wollte einer brutaler sein als der andere.
Man schlug ihm die Hoden kaputt.

“Mein Vater floh nach Hongkong, blieb unverheiratet,
dann hat er mich adoptiert,
und jetzt soll ich seine Verwandten erkennen!”

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二月 22, 2017


Mo Ming

1 Ferrari
1 Bentley
2 Land Rovers
stuck right in the middle.
I am standing solemnly
inside a bus
glued to a window,
my right hand stretched up,
holding tight.
In a short minute
I have inspected the entire parade.

Published online in Yi Sha’s NPC (New Poetry Canon) series on Febr. 18, 2017
Translated by Martin Winter, February 2017

Mo Ming [“Nameless”], orig. name Li Yongbiao, born in 1994 in Huizhou, Guangdong province. Finished Jiaying academy in Meizhou city in 2016, works in Shenzhen.




Mo Ming

1 Ferrari
1 Bentley
2 Land Rover
verstopfen die Straße.
Ich stehe ernst und feierlich
am Fenster des Busses
dicht an der Scheibe,
die rechte Hand hochgestreckt,
fest in Position.
In knapp einer Minute
hab ich die komplette Parade beisammen.

Übersetzt von MW im Februar 2017


Mo Ming [”Namenlos”], eigentl. Li Yongbiao, geboren 1994 in Huizhou, Provinz Kanton. 2016 Abschluss an der Jiaying/Hochschule in Meizhou. Arbeitet in Shenzhen.





무산계급의 승리

페라리 한 대
벤틀리 한 대
랜드로버 두 대
벤츠 두 대
BMW 세 대
모두 도로 중앙에 막혀있다
나는 장엄하고 엄숙하게
공중버스안에 서있다
창가에 바싹 붙어서
오른손을 높이 들고
손잡이를 잘 잡은 채
일분도 안되어
검열을 모두 마쳤다

(美) 文超尘



十一月 23, 2016



who made A less than great?
who made A a great monster?
how was A’s reputation ten years ago?
how was the economy in 2008?
who was in power then?
no more questions. we have to work now.
we will make …

MW November 2016


九月 23, 2016


Yi Sha 《拜师学艺》

an einem morgen mit sanftem wind an den wangen
beginnt ein tischlerlehrling sein handwerk

der meister zeigt ihm persönlich
wie man einen sarg macht

warum denn? warum denn?
fragt mit großen augen der fleißige lehrling

darum! sagt der meister
särge sind einfach

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Yi Sha 《法拉奇如是说》

der schönste moment für respekt vor der menschheit
das war für mich der einfachste anblick
es war keine statue
es war keine fahne
es war ein erhobener menschlicher hintern
das geräusch das herauskam
das hieß nämlich: “nein!”

Übersetzt von MW im September 2016






Yi Sha 《学院中的商业》

alle mann in die wirtschaft
wirtschaft auf dem campus
bambustriebe sprießen im regen
so viele studierende
grenzenlose inspiration
ich verkaufe kondome
um zwei in der nacht
klopf ich an die tür im jungmännerwohnheim
ich komm nicht nach vor lauter nachfrage
ich werde der reichste mann auf dem campus
bei diesem einfachen handel
hab ich eine simple wahrheit gelernt
was die leute wollen
musst du ihnen geben
du musst den höchsten glauben verbreiten:
alle mann in die wirtschaft
jeder auf seinen posten

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Yi Sha 《补钙》

in letzter zeit brechen sich viele die beine
in der familie unter den freunden
die waren alle nicht gut ernährt
unter mao
ich möchte eine kur für sie finden
beim hühnerhalten als ich ein kind war
kalziumkur für die hühner
das waren zerstoßene eierschalen
im hühnerfutter

ich weiß nicht ob das für menschen geht

September 2016
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八月 23, 2016



Guess I should write a Legoland poem
so we can put all the photos online
or at least some of them
might be looked at
beyond Facebook memory
or Chinese social media.

Legoland is a wonderful city
everyone goes by their own free will
everyone of the children.
Lego Star Wars Movies
are really not bad
at least what I saw of it
with the children.

Should have bought DVDs
though they’re all Danish
with Nordic subtitles.

Wonder if they’re somewhere
but I don’t like movies online
or music or too much of anything
except maybe poetry.

Reciting poetry is not for Legoland.
But they have theatre,
medieval drama.

Actors get wet.
Most of the rides
mean you get wet,
and there’s the rain.

But we had fun.

It’s very peaceful.
Pirate room, holiday village
Chinese family in common kitchen
breakfast of champions
of plastic swords
includes extra room:
bricks, pinball games.

Bake your own pancake!
Guess it’s too wet
too expensive for terrorists
at least for now.

Go while you can.

MW August 2016



Maia Legoland



七月 4, 2016
via Rhys Goode and Didi Kirsten Tatlow

via Rhys Goode and Didi Kirsten Tatlow

I guess this chart shows very clearly what a huge mistake it was for Cameron to play the tough Eu-sceptic all these years, promising this utterly stupid referendum. There are many frustrated people in the UK. There are many frustrated people in the US and in many other countries. One big factor is the so-called neo-liberal economy, unleashed by Thatcher and Reagan. The rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders addresses this fundamental problem. Bill Clinton and Tony Blair thought there could be a Third Way. Did it work? In some ways, for a while. Bush etc. wrecked very much, Blair and much of Europe helped them. Then came Obama. Nobels for him and the EU. For peace? Yes, the EU on the whole has been a factor for peace and understanding and prosperity for decades, despite all the faults. But the EU failed to make peace in the 1990s in Yugoslavia. The US stepped in, finally. The whole thing is still very shameful and problematic in retrospect. And the EU was not helping. So the EU is not able to make or bring peace when war breaks out. Neither is Obama. And neither the EU on the whole nor Obama nor Hillary will address what U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders addresses. Trump addresses much the same frustrations. With lies. Cameron and Boris Johnson etc. addressed the frustrations with blaming the EU. With lies and rumours. So what will happen? We in Austria are having another run-off vote soon. The third vote on a new president in six or seven months. Let’s hope Alexander Van der Bellen wins again, or Austria will be worse than Hungary. I guess two factors might help van der Alexander Van der Bellen: Hillary Clinton and everyone not completely benighted together will be fighting Trump in September. Trump and the FPÖ are the same thing, only the latter is worse. We have not addressed this enough here in Austria, but we will have to. The second factor against the shameless liars is the prevailing feeling of Brexit regret.

via Rhys Goode

via Rhys Goode


六月 23, 2016
© Ronnie Niedermeyer,

© Ronnie Niedermeyer,


everything is halted
they say
at least for a day
every is halting
every english
if britain takes leavening
everything is halting
if english or scottish or welsh
and northern something
everything has been halting
for refugees
for workers
for us
for eu
4 eme
4 everyone
with cream and sugar
allergic reactions
declared beforehand
as prescribed by brussels
everyone’s sproutin’
their leavenings

we had a vote here last month
green or brown
for president
there is a blue flower
it is beautiful
but in austrian german
in effect it means shit
reeking nazis

be glad you don’t have to have
such a vote

MW June 2016



the moon

is an american football

MW June 2016


五月 28, 2016



es riecht nach sommer
vor ein paar tagen
haben wir gewonnen
es riecht nach sommer
eine frisch gemähte wiese
österreich hat gewonnen
gegen deutschnationale ausländerfeinde
also gegen die nazis
eine frisch gemähte wiese
warum haben wir so knapp gewonnen
sie sagen die eu sei korrupt
aus prinzip
sie sind nationalisten
die eu hat wirklich versagt
jean-claude juncker
ist in panama
schon in den 90er jahren
hat die eu nichts gemacht
gegen den krieg
in jugoslawien
ist die eu in panama?
ist die eu neoliberal?
was denn sonst?
es ist sommer
warum haben wir so knapp gewonnen?

MW Mai 2016

Nein. 我們不要和谐!

五月 25, 2016

Untitled-1-700x350Please click on the picture to hear a CNN interview with Austria’s new president Alexander van der Bellen.

拒绝和谐!奥地利极右党是这个国家最大的威胁。极右思想、所谓民族主义政治、所说我们必须抵抗国外來的、非我们民族的威胁,这样说话的人就是最大的 威胁。二十七年以来都是这样。說出来事实会疼。我们宁愿就继续生活。我们都有朋友、家人、要互相保护。如果每天说出真相,每天专心尽量尽能揭开真相我们怎 麼办?让人家每天搞政治就是文革等等,就是法西斯。不过我们在奥地利有这次选举的机会,虽然可怕,虽然很悬。但我们难得有机会看到真相。真相一點都不美 好。二十七年来很多人都积极地合作,跟剥削者、跟以民族和经济的名义胡作非为、凌辱弱者合作。为什么说二十七年前?跟奥地利有什麼关系?那时候欧洲冷战结 束,柏林墙倒塌。但极右思想也馬上出来。排外的暴力很快就出来,尤其是几乎没什么外国人的比较贫穷、比较落后的、经济上和政治上比较看不起的地方就有非常 强的,非常丑陋的民族主义和排外暴力。奥地利极右党,就是所谓奥地利自由党现在最高的领导在1990年因為在奥地利和德国边境附近参加新纳粹活动被逮捕。 很少有人说出这件事。他被逮捕以后在德国的监狱里也许只有一天,时间肯定不长。但他那时候明明当新纳粹分子,一直参加类似活动。那时候他比较年轻。那时候 奥地利自由党有别的领袖。在奥地利谁都知道那时候崛起的所谓自由党领袖,在欧洲可惜也有不少人知道他的臭名。奥地利二十七年以来最大的可耻就是几乎没有人明明说出必须阻止 他。必须阻挡他们,否则完蛋了。我们当有价值的,有文化传统艺术等等的国度完蛋了。我们中欧完蛋了、欧盟完蛋了、上奥地利完蛋了,下奥地利任何小村庄完蛋 了。

这是奥地利真相。不美丽、不好听。能够说出来不容易。有这样很特别的选举才能够明明的看见、说出这些情况。一般和谐太多、合作太多。但极右思想,排外思想 不能容忍。不能说你们不用怕,我们保护这个国家,我们会做更多管理外国人的法律,不让他们来抢夺我们自己人的工作和福利。这样说话,这样做法律就是承认以 及鼓励极右思想。威胁你的工作和福利不是外国人,是全球化经济,是没有真正的团结阻挡的、没有工人和贫穷人家自己组织的社会主义就没有人能阻挡的全球化资 本主义霸权。而资本主义霸权跟民族主义霸权相处非常好。奥地利自由党的自由最广大、最容易被承认的意义就是自由经济。所以奥地利自由党在一九八九之前就是 非常喜 欢欧共体,那时候還没說歐盟。那时候奥地利自由党虽然有老纳粹,有人怀念所谓日耳曼民族,但有很多人只主持自由经济。八十年代末之前,奥地利自由党虽然有 新纳粹,但不能当领导。









Nein. Ich habe van der Bellen gewählt, er wird sicher ein guter Präsident sein. Aber die Hälfte der Wähler, die Hofer wollten, ergibt gar nichts Schönes. Im Gegenteil. Das sollten und dürfen wir nicht schönreden. Wir haben gewonnen, weil es klar genug war, dass diese Partei nicht an die Macht darf. Um ein Äuzerl. Normalerweise wird leider alles andere getan, als klar zu sagen, was los ist. Nein. Keine Versöhnung. Nicht mit Herrn Angst und Schrecken. Nicht mit dem Lager, aus dem diese Herren kommen. Wir brauchen einen Cordon Sanitaire. Niemand würde Le Pen so behandeln, wie diese Leute hier behandelt werden. Leider auch in Deutschland. Nein. Das ist die Partei der Rechtsextremen. Der Hetzer. Der Lügner und Betrüger. Das ist hunderttausendmal belegt. Wir brauchen Trennlinien. Wir brauchen einen großen, tiefen Graben zwischen allen vernünftigen Menschen, die verstanden haben, worauf dieser Staat beruht. Auf Antifaschismus. So wurde dieser Staat gegründet, 1945. Wer sich dazu bekennt, ist auf unserer Seite. Wer nicht, der oder die ist auf der anderen Seite des Grabens. Und je breiter und tiefer und besser sichtbarer dieser Graben ist, desto besser.

Alexander van der Bellen - first speech as president-elect of Austria Photo: Michaela Brucklberger

Alexander van der Bellen – first speech as president-elect of Austria
Photo: Michaela Brucklberger


五月 21, 2016



his master’s voice
who is his master
terror and fear
strache means terror and fear
he was in prison
as neonazi
now they are going to choose his buddy
the voice of reason
and federal chancellor
please do not say
austrians are stupid
there are always reasons

anyway if you go to new zealand
don’t say you’re an artist
say you speak chinese
lived 15 years in china and taiwan
they’ll think you’re great
for the economy

MW May 2016


五月 21, 2016



dass es österreich gibt
dass es nicht geteilt wurde
dass es eine regierung gab
und nur eine
im konsens aller
antifaschistischen parteien
dass dieses reiche und blühende land
auf etwas beruht

der führer der fpö
heißt angst und schrecken
er war ein neonazi
in seiner jugend
war er im gefängnis
er hetzt gegen arme
und spart bei den ärmsten
an den schulden in kärnten
unter seiner partei
zahlt jedes kind in österreich
tausende euro

wer solch einen menschen
und seine deutschdümmelnde bande
an der spitze des staates will
der oder die
wirft österreich weg

MW Mai 2016



四月 26, 2016

it ends

It has happened. The Chamber has been opened. Our Trump has hissed his way to the top. Everyone knows what crawled out of Austria before. Only we don’t want to know. IT ALL ENDS HERE. Watch our Harry Sanders die, in 3D. Our Sanders is very much alright, too. But he isn’t close enough to the little people. He doesn’t listen enough. He has some Socialism, but not enough, not in a way that wakes people up. Oh well. Oh unwell. Let’s rally!
Click on the picture to read more.

Here is some in German:

Wer sind wir? 2.Republik. Woher kommen wir? Von welchem Grundkonsens her? Wer haette nie an die Spitze des Parlaments gewaehlt werden duerfen, genausowenig wie sein Vorgaenger? Wer das Verbotsgesetz infrage stellt, darf die Republik nicht repraesentieren. Klestil hat danach gehandelt, er hat Minister abgelehnt. Klestil war dadurch insgesamt besser als alle massgebenden Roten und Schwarzen seither. Jemand muesste aufstehen und sagen, wir sind schuld. Tut uns leid. Waehlt VdB, und wenn wir uns aendern, waehlt wieder uns.

Wien hat mehrheitlich Van der Bellen gewähllt. Wien steht nicht allein unter den Menschen. Wien steht allein in der Politik. Die war halbwegs anstaendig.

Weiß nicht, wie die Politik in Graz, Linz, Innsbruck war. Jedenfalls war dort auch eine Mehrheit für VdB.

Das Gemeinsame ueber das Trennende stellen? Nein. Abtrennen. Diejenigen, die das Gemeinsame der 2.Republik infrage stellen. Nicht mit ihnen zusammenarbeiten. Wer diese Pflicht nicht kapiert, gehoert weg. Schon lange!

AAAAAAAHHHHH! Es gab nicht genug Ablehnung. Nicht genug Abgrenzen. Zuviel, viel zuviel Akzeptieren, Ermöglichen, Zusammenarbeiten. Wer die 2. Republik infrage stellt, Verbotsgesetz etc., darf den Staat nicht repräsentieren. Wer das nicht kapiert, schadet uns allen. Jedes Übernehmen – seit Löschnak etc., jedes Arrangieren hat zu Dingen wie Hypo geführt. Und jetzt zu Trump an der Spitze, im ersten Wahlgang. Akzeptieren? Jede Wut gegen die inneren Feinde unseres Staates ist gut. Ein Sanders wäre noch besser. Jemand, der oder die zuhört, den kleinen Leuten. Und von daher kämpft, auch gegen das derzeitige Wirtschaftssystem. Ganz konkret, mindestens soviel zuhören, wie es Trump und die hiesigen Bauernfänger tun. Heimat plakatieren allein geht nicht. Natürlich rede ich jetzt so, als ginge es nicht nur um eine Bundespräsidentenwahl. Stimmt aber auch, oder?


SPRING IS A WONDERFUL SEASON – April 15, 2016 in Vienna. #Schutzbefohlene *

四月 15, 2016



April 15, 2016 in Vienna. #Schutzbefohlene *
Spring is a wonderful season,
trees spilling their green.
Some are cut, some are planted.
Downstairs across they are planting a park,
used to be train tracks.

Last year we had refugees at the station.

Spring is a wonderful season.

They said it was 90,000 people or so
in all of Austria,
mostly in a few months,
who wanted to stay in this country.
Ten times more went on to Germany.
So many people wanted to help.
Train workers, even police.
Volunteers, often more than enough.
We live in the neighbourhood.
My daughter Maia went down to play with the refugee children.
After a while she knew the volunteers.
It was safe.
The refugees staid down by the station.
Some people from our house took in refugees.

There was discussion to use the shop,
the empty shop downstairs in this new house,
for refugee quarters.
Just for the winter.
That shop has bathrooms and everything.

But then they closed down at the station.
It was in December.
They took them with buses, they said, from the border.
On to Germany.
If you said you wanted Germany, they let you in.
They were building a fence.
So in December, the station was empty.
Maybe Mid-December.
No quarters in our house.
But people still coming in.
Coming up through the Balkans, used to be Yugoslavia.

In early January we played Tarot down in the library.
We have a library in our house.
And we play cards, for a few pennies.
On Friday nights.
We have had readings, and even theatre.
Gudrun and Peter, they built a stage.
Downstairs in the big common room.
We had a night reciting Bob Dylan.
Down you masters of war.

But then in January, there was Cologne.
In Cologne at the train station, on New Year’s Night.
Hundreds of women harassed.
Raped, one or two.
Many foreign men there at the train station.
Not enough police, or police doing nothing.
We should discuss this, one of us said.
We had been playing cards.
What is there to discuss, there ‘s not much in the news.
Maybe social networks did play a role.
I want to discuss this.
These refugees becoming a problem.
What is there to discuss, there’s not much in the news.
These refugees becoming a problem.
A discussion is stupid, without any facts.
So one of us went away in a huff.

Later I was away, I was in China.
In southern China, a poetry trip.
From southern China to Southeast Asia.
The year before they went to Vietnam.
Wrote some good poetry.
Vietnam wars in the background,
including China attacking Vietnam.
And other stuff, daily life.
Morning routine.

This year I went with them through Southeast Asia.
Poets from all over China. 16 or 17.
One or two guides.
Guides of Chinese extraction.
Thailand, Singapore. And Malaysia.
Then back to Nanning, to southern China.

Poetry meetings, almost every night.
Sometimes more.
One time in the airport.
Plane was delayed, nothing better to do, call a poetry meeting.
Poems written there on the road.

Yi Sha has this dream, before every border.
Dreaming they won’t let him through.
Normally he writes down all his dreams.
Makes for good poetry.
But not this time, he was afraid.
Only when we were safe in Malaysia.

They had a crackdown, in Kuala Lumpur.
There was an attack in Indonesia.
Muslim majority in Malaysia, too.
If the father is Muslim, the child has to be Muslim.
Not Chinese or anything else.
It was not like this before.
At least according to our guide.
They have elections and a Sultan.
Or they call him a King, at least in Chinese.

It’s a beautiful country.
Tribes in the woods.
Our guide lived with a tribe for a week.
For a project at university.
She was very young, has a small child.
She speaks Fukien Chinese.
Mandarin with the tourists, of course.
Liked to talk about sex.
Malaysian men with many wives.
Just a few Muslims, who can afford it.

On February first, I came back to Austria.
Refugees still coming, though not so many.
News had been shifting.
Creating a climate against refugees.
We put a limit on loving our neighbours.
That was a poster.
The foreign minister, he’s very young.
The interior ministress.
She’s not there any more now, she’ll become governess.
Governor of Lower Austria.
And the candidate.
Their candidate for Federal President.

President is just a figurehead here.
Like in Germany.
In Germany, he is elected in parliament.
So he is from the majority party.
He or she.

In Austria, everyone votes for the President.
Everyone should.
Everyone is automatically registered, every citizen.
Nowadays you can vote in advance.
Local district office.
Ballot per mail, or there at the office.
That guy for limits on loving your neighbour won’t make it.
He’s trailing far behind in the polls.
But his policies are federal policy.

They let that happen, the Social Democrats.
They are the majority.
But they let it happen, they are just like the rightists.
News had been shifting.
These refugees becoming a problem.
Some Social Democrats work with the Rightists.
Those other Rightists.
That Freedom Party.
Some Neo-Nazis.
Some Neo-Nazis cling to this party.
Some were just Liberals.
In the 1980s they were for joining the European Community.
Anyway now they are shameless Rightists.
Austria should not be ashamed, they proclaim.
Including old Nazis, including SS.

And Social Democrats think they should work with them.
But they are trailing, the Social Democrats.
Maybe their candidate will fall behind,
though not as far as the one with the limits.
They are far behind, both of them.

Three candidates are in front.
Front-runner is from the Green Party.
They always were for refugees.
And there is a woman.
Not from a party.
A former judge.
Liberal views, for the economy.
Definitely not from the Left.
Those two were leading.
But Freedom Party candidate is closing up.

No, he doesn’t say we are all Germans.
Though he says many things.
Austrians first, don’t be ashamed.
Don’t be ashamed of anything.
Works better than just talk about limits.

So I’ve voted already, ten days in advance.

I’m afraid.
That Freedom guy is worse than Trump.
Similar causes why they are so popular.

Austria is very small.
President is just a figurehead.
But I’m afraid.

Austria becomes Hungary.
Headline in Switzerland, two days ago.
Rightist government, fences.
Italy protesting, not only Greece.
Against Austria, in the EU.

EU has been weak.
Rightist reactions in Eastern Europe.
Rightist rhetoric against refugees.
From Social Democrats, some of them.
EU is weak, was very weak in the Yugoslav wars.

Mid-April sun is shining outside.
Spring is a beautiful season,
trees spilling their green.
Some are cut, some are planted.
Downstairs across they are planting a park.

Martin Winter
April 15, 2016
*Schutzbefohlene means people placed under protection. It is the title of a play by Elfriede Jelinek, the Austrian author who won the Nobel prize for literature in 2004. She wrote the play in 2013. It was performed, by refugees, at University of Vienna on April 14, 2016, when a group of rightists stormed the stage. They sprayed red paint and reportedly injured performers, including children. I wrote the long poem above on Friday morning, April 15. I had not been at the performance and knew nothing about the incident before my text was finished. But I think my text works as background reading, at least.



Hung Hung 鴻鴻占立法院詩歌: POEMS from PROTESTS in March 2014, invoking Erich FRIED

四月 1, 2014
Photo by Terry Lin

Photo by Terry Lin

Hung Hung

every morning
I move the whip pressed on my face
take a good breath
so I can get up

every evening
I scrub the lies seared on my forehead
so I can sleep

there are some things you can’t move away
like the police stick in your shoulder blade

sometimes you don’t wake up from dreams
you lift your head to a forest of shields

a car leaving early, I don’t remember the number
a song we sang, I don’t remember the words
I don’t remember how far we walked
and didn’t give up

silent hospitals
silent holding cells
silent TVs
silent tourist hotels
silent concerts
silent barricades
silent mount ali, sun-moon-lake, taroko gorge tribal areas

one huge silence
from teeming noise
in a cold front from the mainland
shrouding Taiwan
particulates off the charts
until one black flood
breaks worn embankments
one hard rain on the president’s palace
and the sky of tonight
and the road of tomorrow
are swept very clean

Tr. MW, 4/1/14

HHMit “DIE GEWALT” von Erich Fried, übersetzt ins Chinesische von Hung Hung










Hung Hung reciting poems at the occupied Legislative Yuan

Hung Hung reciting poems at the occupied Legislative Yuan

Hung Hung
A Poem for #CongressOccupied Protesters in Taiwan,
different link: (



Photo by Teddy Wang

Photo by Teddy Wang

Hung Hung
Lady Liberty’s Sword

Obama gave his yearly trade report, he wants to sell American pork to Taiwan. Obama is the first African American president. Black people are saved, pigs aren’t saved. Neither are cows. No matter how many hormones they feed them, all humanity has to eat your meat, and it has to be minced, so you don’t know which piece is an eye that saw the sky or a butt tired from needles. Nowadays no-one will eat black people. But there are people who want to swallow Ukrainians, Uighurs, Tibetans. They try out nuclear bombs at Lop Nor, they shoot a movie at Chernobyl, they build a nuclear power plant in Gongliao in Taiwan. Obama is happy to sell uranium for Taiwan nuclear power, I guess Americans like to eat up Taiwanese, barbecued by the torch of the Statue of Liberty. At the beginning of Kafka’s novel “America”, Lady Liberty’s torch is mistaken for a sword, piercing the suddenly brightening sky. Actually, isn’t it really a sword? Lady Liberty wielding the sword, cowering beauty beyond compare. America the beautiful. Beautiful cows, beautiful pigs, beautiful people. But definitions of beauty are changing. Beautiful Oscar movies, a junkie or a female star in a breakdown, garbage floating in space, we have to get membership, purchase tickets online, complete with Coke and popcorn (from genetically modified American corn), and put on our 3D glasses to see it all clearly.
Tr. MW, 4/1/14




Photo from Hung Hung's Facebook page

Photo from Hung Hung’s Facebook page

Punks, empathy and torture: Pussy Riot in China and Vienna

八月 17, 2012


Aug. 25

Daniele Kowalsky showed me a very interesting interview with Jonathan Campbell in the L.A. Review of Books. Jonathan Campbell talks with Jeffrey Wasserstrom about 盤古 Pangu,崔健 Cui Jian,無聊軍隊 Wuliao Jundui and other details of rock music and punk in China.

Unfortunately, I can’t agree with Jonathan that yaogun 摇滚 (Chinese rock music) could galvanize China like Pussy Riot seems to have galvanized opposition in Russia. Cui Jian 崔建 did have some very memorable moments, and people in China do remember them, and they will tell you readily about the parts before 1989, mostly. But those moments in 1989 were so painful in the end that no one knows if there will ever be a similar broad-based protest movement again. 1989 brought hope in Europe. Risk, very risky change, and some very ugly violence in Romania. But overall there was hope, and whatever came out of it, 1989 is generally remembered as a year of wonder. In China it’s a trauma. A wound that is usually covered up, but even China is very much connected to the world nowadays, and the world knows. And there are much deeper and older traumata, which can be accessed and shared via 1989. So in that way, there is hope. Connected to underground music. Like the kind that Liao Yiwu’s 廖亦武 music comes from.

There are parallels, certainly. Parallels between Pussy Riot and Ai Weiwei 艾未未, in the pornography. Parallels in the way of some Ai Weiwei news or other embarrassing news everyone gets to know about, and the dark stuff below. The disappearances, the longer ones, see Gao Zhisheng 高智晟. And the corpses. I learned about the late attorney Sergei Magnitsky via Pussy Riot. He died in jail in 2009, and among people concerned with Russia he is as famous as Gao is in and outside China, which means not so many people want to talk about him or even admit they’ve heard of cases like that. Of course, there are corpses under the carpets in every country. Only China is the oldest 5000 year old one, of course.

Aug. 22

2 years for singing in church. Perfectly absurd. Punk music, controversial art. Public space and religion. Russia, Africa, China. What is art? Depends where you are, what you are, who you are, who is with you. What you believe.

One week ago I read two books. A few months before I got to know a poet. Still haven’t seen her. A Jewish poet in Germany, soon to be teaching in Vienna. Esther Dischereit.

Last month I finally got around to pick up a book that contains many poems I translated. Freedom of writing. Writers in prison. A beautiful anthology, edited by Helmuth Niederle, currently head of Austrian PEN.

Connections. Connected to China. Punk music isn’t all that subversive, not in a big way, usually. What if musicians insult the government on stage. Well, I’ve been to about 300 concerts in China, said Yan Jun. Sometimes someone was screaming something in that direction. But they aren’t big stars. They can be ignored.

Christa Wolf. Stadt der Engel. The Overcoat of Dr. Freud. Long and convoluted. Gems in there. How she was loyal to the Party in 1953. And insisted on protest against Party policy. How and what they hoped in 1989. How and what Germany was and is.

Aug. 21

2 years for singing in church. And many more arrested. It does sound more like China than Russia, doesn’t it? The case of Li Wangyang 李旺陽李汪洋) comes to mind. Li Wangyang died around June 4th 2012 in police care after being released from over 20 years of jail. He was a labor activist in the 1989 protests that ended with the massacre on June 4th in Beijing. Li Wangyang supposedly killed himself, but the police report was disputed in China and in Hong Kong, where tens of thousands of people protested. Li’s relatives and friends are still being persecuted. One has been formally arrested and accused of revealing state secrets, because he photographed Li’s body.

Parallels between Russia and China were drawn in media comments after the verdict in Moscow. One comment wondered whether Russia is trying to emulate China, where the word civil society is banned on the Internet. China has had economic success for decades. People put up with authoritarian one-party rule there, the comment said. But it won’t work in Russia, because the economy depends on natural resources, not on industry. The comment contained the old misunderstanding that in China, government policy and enforced stability have caused economic success. Beijing wants the world to think that, of course. However, the prominent law and economy professors Qin Hui 秦暉 and He Weifang 賀衛方 have been saying for years that the economic miracle of the 1980s depended on a consensus to move away from the Cultural Revolution, as well as on investment from Taiwan, Hong Kong and overseas. After 1989, there has been no comparable social consensus. After 1989, the social drawbacks and the gap between rich and poor may have grown faster than the economy. But the middle class has also grown. Regional protests are frequent but limited. Or the other way ’round. The Internet remains vibrant. With Weibo microblogs inside the Great Firewall, and very much Chinese going on outside. Not because the government initiates it. They let it happen. The economy, the art, the internet. Even protests, when they are against Japan, and/or not too big. And they profit. The oligarchy is the Party.

Religion and more or less independent art have been growing in China, about as much as the social conflicts. Art brings huge profits, so they let it happen. In Russia, Pussy Riot have succeeded in connecting independent art, oppositional politics and religion in a highly visible way. Art, political activism and religion are voluble factors, so much that societies where everyday news has been fixated on finance for at least four years now could almost grow jealous.

Pussy Riot were not mentioned in our church on Sunday, as far as I could tell. I had to look after the children. But the preacher drew on her experiences from jail work. She championed the rights of refugees and was a prominent anti-governmental figure in Austria in the 1990s. Direct relevance for religion in Austrian politics is rare. We had Catholic Austro-Fascism in the 1930s, paving the way for Hitler. Some Protestant Nazis as well. After the Holocaust, religion in Austria has a somewhat undead quality. A bit like traditional opera in China, which is rallying, hopefully.

For international discussion about the relevance of underground art, music and religion, China has Liao Yiwu 廖亦武. And Russia has Pussy Riot.

Photo by Vincent Yu/AP

Aug. 17

Worldwide empathy for Pussy Riot is great. The trial in Moscow ends today, so I don’t know yet if three women have to remain in jail for years after singing in a church. There was a lot of worldwide attention last year as Ai Weiwei 艾未未 was abducted and detained by Chinese state security. He was released and voted most influential artist worldwide. I have seen graffiti in support of Pussy Riot here in Vienna in the last few days. One at newly renovated Geology Institute. Not very nice. And there was some kind of happening at the Vienna Russian Orthodox church, I heard. Church authorities not amused. Well, hopefully worldwide support can help enough this time. Quite recently, many political prisoners in China have been sentenced to more than 10 years. There was a lot of attention abroad in one case. And a Nobel.

Austria is a nice place, generally. Sometimes it’s uglier than Germany. Generally uglier, in terms of police abusing, even killing people, always getting away with it. Have been reading Vienna Review and Poetry Salzburg Review in the last few days. News and poetry. Many of our friends here in Vienna are not from Austria. Coming from abroad often provides a clearer perspective.

Image   Image

Aug. 14

Read two good books. Not in Chinese. Ok, in Chinese I’m reading poetry. And other books, not enough. Anyway. Cornelia Travnicek and Manfred Nowak. Both in German. Non-Fiction and Fiction. No connection. Like Liao Yiwu 廖亦武, Bei Ling 貝嶺 and that Berlin novel, what was it called? Plan D. Ok, there was a connection. Taipei Bookfair 台北國際書展. Ok or not, no connection. A novel. Punks in Austria. Young and female. Male protagonists dead or dying. Ok, not all of them. Anyway, good novel. Vienna, occupied, death, youth, love, society, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s. 2012 exhibition at Wien Museum. Empathy. And the other book? Torture. Human Rights, UN, Austria, torture in Austria (see this newspaper report, also in German), Moldavia, Equatorial-Guinea or how do you call that country, Uruguay and so on. Neglect. Conditions of/for empathy. Ok, so both books are about empathy. Good. And in German. Oh well, maybe some people who read this read German. Or they’ll get translated. The books, not you. Manfred Nowak’s books and other written sources are available in several other languages than German. You can get some very useful stuff in English for free here.


一月 24, 2012

Photo by Ronnie Niedermeyer

那時候在北京很多民房可以看到支持那時候流行的氣功教會、詛咒那时候的主席和执政黨的塗鴉。不只是小區裡牆上樓梯裡等等,也有三環的地下通道等地方。那時候北京還禁止放炮,但越來越多人不管,包括警察。給他們這樣一點的自由就是很好的活門。2000 war auch ein Drachenjahr. In Beijing hat es im Juni zum ersten Mal richtig geregnet, die Sandstürme waren dementsprechend. Jiang Zemin lief am Neujahrstag mit einer Fackel das brandneue Milleniumsmonument hinauf. An vielen Hauswänden, in Stiegenhäusern, aber auch in Unterführungen unter den größten Straßen gab es Graffiti gegen Jiang und die KP, und für Falungong. Feuerwerk in der Stadt war noch nicht wieder erlaubt, wurde aber immer mehr toleriert. Die Blockfrauen fuhren mit einem VW-Bus durch den Hof und kämpften mit einem Megaphon gegen die Knaller. Sie wurden völlig eingenebelt und kamen kaum durch. Aber vielleicht war das 2002, 2000 wohnten wir noch in einem kleineren Hof.
中國大陸繼續肯定一些西方19世紀的經濟和價值,肯定不是理想的價值。歐洲媒體都比較自由,都報到去年阿拉伯之春、“我們是99%”等等運動都很興奮。但他們有一些基本的限制。2009年奧地利警察故意射死一個14歲的孩子,另一個孩子重傷。他們在超級市場偷東西,沒有武器。奧地利大部分報刊都站在警察的一邊。最後法官雖然判斷追獵和從後面殺死孩子做得不對,但還是讓的那位射手繼續工作,持續帶槍。在經濟方面,奧地利媒體和社會體制同樣顯得很限制。2012年一月份美國 Standard & Poor (名字直接翻譯就是“標準和貧窮”)財政顧問組織判定歐洲很多國家不是最好的投資對象。像他們那樣的財政顧問集團還有Moody’s、Finch等等,都在美國。他們在2011年一直說歐洲很多國家,包括最大的和最富裕的經濟當投資對象都不如美國。同時在無論什麼地區的媒體,無論美國、歐洲、亞洲等等都沒聽說過美國經濟和財政很健康,比法國等等健康的道理。但歐洲各地還是都繼續跟美國財政顧問組織合作,很缺乏講體制問題的討論。
不願意討論自己社會的體制問題,所以每次因為阿拉伯之春、因為艾未未、劉賢斌,因為2011年12月和2011年一月份中國大陸判重刑的知識分子有或大或小一點的新聞,有的讀者也許一時很興奮,但總編輯每次很快都健忘。反正有經濟問題。MIT DEM KOPF DURCH DIE CHINESISCHE MAUER lautet der Titel der Ausgabe 62. Bitte Beiträge (Prosa, Lyrik, Drama, Essay, Foto, Grafik, Kunst) als Openoffice-Dokument (zur Not MS-DOC, maximal circa 10.000 Zeichen/Text) beziehungsweise *.JPG / *.TIFF per email an Wir können kein Honorar zahlen, die ausgewählten Autoren erhalten Belegexemplare. Das Copyright bliebt wie immer bei den Autoren. Einsendeschluss ist der 25.3.2012
跟你們說過,維也納文學雜誌 Wienzeile 在2012年春天有中華專輯。我們對中華文化涉及的所有地區的問題都感興趣,包括中國大陸和台灣的異族,等於不是漢人或不是漢語、不倡導國語的文化,也包括本人或家族從中國等地區來的,在世界各地生存的文化,只要在某種方面跟中華文化、歷史等等有關係的。德語題名為 Mit dem Kopf durch die Chinesische Mauer。直接翻譯就是人頭穿長城。低頭撞牆本來不是很健康的做法吧。但這幾年來無論中國大陸的官方或歐洲等地方的限制都沒辦法完全活埋社會的一些討論,包括所謂新媒體,像中國的微博。我們編輯這份雜誌請大家提供自己做的文章和圖案。投稿可以用中文或英語,我們會譯成德語。目前我們不能給稿酬,但每位作者會收到幾分雜誌。

維馬丁 敬上


六月 20, 2010

venice (written on a city map) one yard of scents, with blossoms filled / one passage through the midday sun / one house, one water, one whole town / one thousand years become one day / they know it here, you’ll die quite soon / and everyone will come and say / what you may claim, and what remains / and then they’re ready to depart / cause what we are stays in this world / what we have done, what we have heard / one scent, one stone, one sound, one plan / a plea that says please understand
MW June 2010

A reflective moment on the Grand Canal

venedig (auf einem stadtplan notiert) ein hof im duft, mit blüten voll / ein durchgang in der mittagszeit / ein haus, ein wasser, eine stadt / als wären tausend jahr ein tag / man weiss es hier, man stirbt recht bald / und alle kommen, es zu sehen / was bleibt, und was man noch erwirbt / dann wollen sie auch wieder gehen / denn was wir sind, bleibt in der welt / was wir getan, was wir geschaut / ein duft, ein stein, ein laut, ein plan / und eine bitte um verstehen MW 5. Juni 2010





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