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六月 25, 2019

A Yu

Ich hab sie ganz vorne ausgebreitet,
Amichai, Auden, Achmatowa,
Dickinson, Mark Strand,
Rilke, Sexton, Pessoa.
Nur lauter Lyrik.
Sowohl als Verkäufer als auch als Dichter
weiß ich natürlich
die Leser sind nicht allzu viele.
Aber ich rücke das Zeug in die Mitte.
Am nächsten Tag hab ich frei
und bekomm eine Nachricht von gestern abend
von meinem Kollegen für Literatur.
“Damit wir heute mehr Bücher verkaufen
hab ich deine Gedichte alle versetzt.”

Mai 2019
Übersetzt von MW im Juni 2019



A Yu

I displayed in front of the counter
Amichai, Auden, Akhmatova,
Dickinson, Mark Strand,
Rilke, Pessoa, Sexton,
all poetry collections.
Both as bookseller and as a poet
I know very well,
these books don’t have too many readers.
But I still put them right in the center.
Next day in my break time
the evening shift literature colleague
sends me a note:
“I moved all your poetry,
so we sell some more books.”

May 2019
Tr. MW, June 2019




1977 – 乌城

四月 6, 2017

Wu Cheng

When I was born,
father went to the countryside to buy eggs
to nourish my mother.
On the way back
he ran into a roadblock set up by militia
who confiscated the eggs
to “cut off capitalist tails”.
Profiteering was strictly prohibited.
Father wouldn’t give up.
In that village
he looked up a distant relative,
asked him for help to get the eggs back.
The relative said
a militia man’s wife also just had her baby,
only half of the eggs could be given back.

Tr. MW, April 2017

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