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STUPSEN – 乌城 Wu Cheng

十一月 21, 2020

Wu Cheng

Unser Herr Schuldirektor leitet in der Elterngruppe
Aufnahmeregeln weiter,
nach dem „1+3“ – Kultivieren-Experiment.
Da passiert mir,
dass ich seinen Kopf doppelklicke.
In der Gruppe erscheint:
„Ich habe Direktor Wang angestupst.“
Ein anderer Elternteil
stupst ebenfalls Direktor Wang an.
Nacheinander stupsen
über 30 Erziehungsberechtigte
Herrn Direktor Wang an.

Übersetzt von MW im Oktober 2020

1977 – 乌城

四月 6, 2017

Wu Cheng

When I was born,
father went to the countryside to buy eggs
to nourish my mother.
On the way back
he ran into a roadblock set up by militia
who confiscated the eggs
to “cut off capitalist tails”.
Profiteering was strictly prohibited.
Father wouldn’t give up.
In that village
he looked up a distant relative,
asked him for help to get the eggs back.
The relative said
a militia man’s wife also just had her baby,
only half of the eggs could be given back.

Tr. MW, April 2017


九月 4, 2015

kongtong encouragement

Wu Cheng

going down the mountain
martin winter
our translator from austria
he was still very fresh
jogged down the stairs
right in front of us
when he ran into people climbing up
he encouraged them
“summit is very close!”
we said to each other
encouraging people is very good
but what about fooling them
“you still need two hours
up to the summit”
maybe some would break down
could be martin heard us
at least he was laughing
he told the next group
“two hours up to the top!”


Tr. MW, Sept. 2015

Wu Cheng

Mit Wu Cheng

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