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8月 12, 2016



never seen so many deer in my life
never seen so many, so many deer
up on the hill round the old castle
hermitage hunting lodge
little bit like a small belvedere
I mean the belvedere in vienna
but this is the forest,
as wild as it gets
next to a big city.
this is a very magical place.
herds upon herds.
some of the herds all have great antlers
some deer are black.
some are all white.
most deer are brown, as I have known them.
but I have never seen white deer before
nor seen a herd all with such antlers.
maybe small elk.
don’t know how they’ re called.
people walk by,
people ride through them,
riding on bicycles.
I am a little vary of them.
if they came charging,
what would we do?
my daughter maia is not afraid,
she walks right up to them.
some are a few meters away,
then they withdraw.
there are small kids,
not very shy.
two very small deer,
we are between them and their mother.
I wonder what happens if one is injured,
if one is sick.
do they care for each other?
once a year there are hunters,
we hear.
there is a barn,
maybe food for the winter.
kristian shows us mint by the road.
this is a long walk in the evening,
though it’s not very far.
you see the sea, you hear the train,
you even hear sirens
somewhere on roads outside the forest.
it was a long, magical walk.
if you live here, so close to the deer,
so close to the sea
you have a wonderful, privileged life.
one more thing: wikipedia says
the constitution was celebrated
june 5, 1854
30.000 people
in front of Hermitage hunting lodge
I wonder what the deer thought of that.

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