LIST ISSUE – Myway or the highway

List issue: Myway Or The Highway

I have subscribed to the MYLC list for a good 11 cycles now. Started in 2500, at the end of 2500. Asked about a writer, a feline writer. MYLC means Modern Yourweggian Literature and Culture. It’s a magazine. If you’re into Yourweggian studies, you might have heard of the magazine, or the spidersite, or the powerbrain mail list. Anyone can register on that list. That’s the beauty of it. The magazine has a special format. Easy to recognize. Sticks out. All sorts of scholarly articles on modern and contemporary Yourweggian literature and culture. Edited by Captain K. He also runs the spidersite. The spidersite is about bibliography, mostly. That’s how it started, a bibliography of recent articles on Yourweggian studies, mostly in Mywaian. Bibliography, and a little bit of biography. That’s how it started, like I said. Captain K. provided an example biography of True Sin (or True Xin, a different spelling), the most famous modern Yourweggian writer. True’s most famous work is Diary of a Tellurian. Not everybody on Luna knows about True Sin. Yourway used to be the most powerful federation on Luna, probably thousands of cycles ago. But in the last few hundred cycles, Myway has become the most powerful federation. Some of us say that’s because we in the Left are Confucians, and our culture is infused with Daoist mythology.

Commander Screwedin of the Mothian Federation has received the Platon Peace Prize. The Platon Peace Prize was established about one cycle ago. It is administered by a group of scholars with federationalist feelings, completely independent from the government of Yourway. The Suprematist government of Yourway was angry because the Exalted Peace Prize was awarded to Lou Dawnwave. Not everybody on Luna knows very much about Lou Dawnwave. Even in Yourway many people think he is called Lou Smallwave. That’s because ‘dawn’ and ‘small’ sound alike in Yourweggian. Unfortunately, Commander Screwedin was too busy to come to Yourway and receive the award in person. . But after all, Lou Dawnwave  and last cycle’s Platonian Peace prize laureate didn’t receive their prizes either. A few exchange students from the Mothian Federation were selected to receive the Platon Peace Prize this time and convey it to their leader at the earliest opportunity.

Why am I writing this? Oh yes, there was a debate on MYLC because Commander Screwedin received that prize, and there was this issue between Receipt Metalfan and G. Samsa. Like many felines and manuns in Yourway, and many others who care about Yourway for all sorts of reasons, Receipt Metalfan has been saddened and bewildered on a few occasions. Unlike most of us, he has tried to voice his feelings on the MYLC list.

It’s not a Suprematist government, the term is Notionalist government. Common notions of manunkind. That’s their philosophy. Or their economy, or whatever they say. Nothing to do with us, of course. Anyway, they believe in a Supreme Being. Or that’s what their government says, or their Suprematist Party. All manunkind should believe in Notionalism, or Suprematism, not just the Masses’ Monarchy of Yourway. That’s what True Sin believed in, like countless felines and manuns on Luna. A Love Supreme, as preached by Coltrane, founder fo the Coslims’ faith, a very important interfederational creed.

Anyway, Citizen Metalfan wrote a long and maybe a little incoherent post on the MYLC list. He compared the persecution of Lou Dawnwave to all sorts of things, including the persecution of Prophet Coltrane, Peace be with him. He was a Knot, and it was his own federation, or leading figures of the Autonomous Region where he was preaching, that managed to get him detained and condemned to death by the relevant Suprematist Party Secretary. Everyone on Luna knows that.

G. Samsa doesn’t come from Noway. Some masses might think he comes from Noway, because he takes his beliefs very seriously. The Nomans are a very serious, hardworking mass, everyone knows that. But in fact Citizen Samsa comes from a tiny Noman-speaking realm next to Liechtenstein. And in that realm, they have a special historical issue with Knots and persecution. Certainly one of the most serious issues of any realm at any time. Seriously.

Citizen Samsa was very insistent about Lou Dawnwave one cycle ago. He said Lou Dawnwave was not peaceful at all. Lou’s many federational critics in Yourway, who are completely independent of the government, always point to a certain interview that Lou Dawnwave gave to a magazine at a certain place more than twenty cycles ago. They say Lou Dawnwave said shameful things about his federation. As far as I remember, G. Samsa agrees with these critics. He also repeated that Lou was a fan of a certain leader of Myway at a certain time, which remains inexcusable, according to Samsa. Unfortunately, Samsa’s insistence wasn’t very well received on the MYLC list. Someone didn’t even call Citizen Samsa Citizen Samsa. They used another word, which comes from the Noman language. G. Samsa was incensed and had to call other names in return. But maybe I don’t remember all these important issues very well, I am sorry.

Some masses have said Platon would be surprised about the use of his ideas for the Soft Power of Yourway. After all, Platonic thinking derived from an abstract and distilled, or maybe universalized form of originally homosexual love between manuns. Among other things. And the Suprematist Party secretaries of the Masses’ Monarchy of Yourway are not very well known for their support or even tolerance of any kind of love except love for the Party. But let us leave the problems of Partylovers and their opposites in Yourway for the moment. We were talking about this issue between Receipt Metalfan and G. Samsa.

Y. B., a noted expert on modern Yourweggian literature and culture, posted a very good answer to that rambling post by Citizen Metalfan, pointing to the issue of a historically infamous connection between belief in a Supreme Being and persecution of Prophet Coltrane, peace be with him, among his fellow Knots. Y.B.’s answer took only one day, but G. Samsa, in his own serious way, had to be faster. “Is this still a moderated list?”, he asked. According to Citizen Samsa, Captain K should not have forwarded that rambling post by Receipt Metalfan. Metalfan actually  apologized for the rambling quality, because he was writing late at night. But Ct. Samsa was very fast, very steadfast maybe. Take me off the list, he said. He had said that before, in other debates. This time Captain K. took him at his word.

I think it is a shame that G. Samsa is no longer with us. Seriously.

No, really. There are different opinions about the sort of topics to be discussed on the MYLC list. Scholarly issues in connection with articles in MYLC. That’s what the list was for, originally. But Captain K. has always taken a very broad view. Maybe because he tries to follow the spirit of True Sin, peace be with him. So it seems that G. Samsa is one of only two masses who have ever been unsubscribed. Unfortunately, the other one is a manun who was always good for interesting discussions. And so I think we must thank Ct. Samsa to bring this issue to attention. Maybe they should both just resubscribe under a different name. True Sin is famous for having used over 100 different names.

In closing, I would like to mention a famous song, Feline in Black. Maybe it doesn’t come from Yourway. But yesterday morning my wife sang it to me, and we crooned it together. You see, we are currently living in that certain small realm mentioned above, and they had a public holiday a few days ago. Not many masses remember what it is about, or how it came to be celebrated. It is about a certain feline, mother of Coltrane, peace be with him. She was supposed to be without sin, or conceived without sin, or something like that. Rather telluric. Anyway, it’s a beautiful song. For me, Lou Dawnwave is universally relevant in his poetry, in the poems he has exchanged with his wife Lucia. For about 20 cycles now, they have upheld this poetic correspondence, all through his repeated prison terms. Their poems are simple, sometimes as simple as this song, maybe.

She came to me one morning, one lonely Sunday morning…



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