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十一月 10, 2019


Gorbachev is a moral voice.
The leader of an empire is
a moral voice for most of his life.
He tried everything to preserve
the empire he undermined.
He is a Communist.
And so
Gorbachev is a moral voice
for the world.

Reagan was a supportive
Cowboy actor.
Very supportive
for speculators
and Contra terrorists
and Kissinger’s and Thatcher’s
and the Chicago Boys’ Pinochet.
Very supportive.

Gorbachev is for democracy
and world peace.
Could he be a leader
of the European Union,
could he be a good one?
He’s too old anyway.
But it would have to include Russia
to say nothing of Britain
of course
and so on.
Wish we all
all people affected
would have a say.

P.S.: My wife
thinks this is hogwash.
She doesn’t like my political poems.
What do you think?
I know I have to write a lot
and translate and read
and do a lot of other stuff
to write some good ones.
So there.

MW November 2019


P.P.S.: Here are some great photos and a short film from the GDR:






六月 30, 2019

Photo by Hangang Lu



My best time for writing poetry
was when I had time,
when I had all the time in the world
and nary a care.
I had time enough to read
Yu Hua’s every novel and many stories,
just because of the feel of his language
and Republic of Wine by Mo Yan
and Gao Xingjian, all in Chinese.
I didn’t write many poems.
Maia was small. I had time before her.
Actually, translating more poetry
began just before Leo was born.
Anyway, we were in China

MW June 2019


HONG KONG – 沈浩波 Shen Haobo

六月 15, 2019

Mateusz Grochocki/Getty Images

Shen Haobo

for thirty years
every single year
spring days waning
cicadas come calling
that one day
people there
come out in the streets
light candles for us
observe our memory
for us
they do not forget

the only city on earth

Translated by MW, 6/15/19

“I don’t dare to share this poem in my WeChat groups. Unfortunately, most people in mainland China have no idea at all what happens abroad. They don’t know anything. Least of all that Hong Kong is a very special city with a great heart full of love and freedom. And for us Chinese people, that single one city on earth is slowly disappearing.”

Translated by MW, 6/15/19











十月 30, 2018


fühlst du dich nicht ein bisschen schuldig
fährst nach xinjiang und siehst keine lager
fährst offiziell, als vertreter des auslands
nicht für menschenrechte aber doch immerhin
was ist wenn das schöne wetter nie aufhört
der himmel bleibt ewig immer nur blau
es regnet nicht mehr
eine ewige trockene buchmesse
in frankfurt das ganze jahr
deutschland ist viel zu schön
österreich ist viel zu schön
beijing ist viel zu schön
außer ein paar gewitter
diesmal ist vielleicht keiner gestorben
aber die winterolympiade
wer soll die machen wenn es nicht schneit
und auch nicht regnet
in china und sonstwo
und sommerolympia auch sowieso
vom sonstigen leben gar nicht zu reden
was ist wenn die lager noch schlimmer werden
und das schöne wetter hört nie mehr auf
wer ist ein offizieller vertreter
für schönes wetter für schönwetterfreundschaft
vielleicht kannst du auch nichts anderes machen
aber man soll über lager reden
natürlich auch über das wetter
und so weiter und siehe oben

MW Oktober 2018







八月 30, 2018

Photo: AFP Willnow


hat an chamnatz dar staat varsagt?
was dann sanst
ja abar
war hat an macklanbarg-varpammarn
an wasmar?

was as markal?
war as schradar?
ada dar kahl?

rachta hatz
vahl rachta hatz
alta and janga mannar
and fraan
an arapa
an angarn
an palan
and tschachaan
an astarrach

war ana schana stadt

MW August 2018



八月 26, 2018


Sometimes you can go back in time.
You go back to a house,
you go back to a beach,
you go back to picking blueberries.
You used to find many other small berries,
behind the house left from Soviet times.
They used to spy on the whole town from that house.
Not tall, rather long,
converted for tourists.
That house is gone now,
hope they left the woods alone.
Sometimes you can go back in time.
Trees would have swayed,
wind would have blown
almost the same in grandmother’s time.
I’m sure the sunset was just as beautiful
through war and holocaust and deportation.
Sometimes you can go back in time.
Grandmother’s house is here,
you sang the songs from grandmother’s time
on the big stage with thousands and thousands.
Zile is here,
your relatives will always be here.
Sometimes you can go back in time.
We were here five years ago
and before,
when the kids were small
and fit in a bicycle carrier.
We rode rented bikes and walked through the woods
to the tip of the peninsula.
Very nice there,
hope they preserve it.
Housing from the 70s maybe,
other historical memories
including 1990.
rediscovery of your inheritance.
A precarious future.
Sometimes you can
go back in time.

MW July 2018


六月 16, 2017

für esther und gudrun

2cv in unserem hof
es ist kein auto
2 cv
jedenfalls 2 burschenschafter
soll man sich aufregen
es ist fronleichnam
katholische kirche
2 cv
im hof hier in wien
jedenfalls sehr wahrscheinlich
relativ harmlos

MW Juni 2017

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