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八月 26, 2018


Sometimes you can go back in time.
You go back to a house,
you go back to a beach,
you go back to picking blueberries.
You used to find many other small berries,
behind the house left from Soviet times.
They used to spy on the whole town from that house.
Not tall, rather long,
converted for tourists.
That house is gone now,
hope they left the woods alone.
Sometimes you can go back in time.
Trees would have swayed,
wind would have blown
almost the same in grandmother’s time.
I’m sure the sunset was just as beautiful
through war and holocaust and deportation.
Sometimes you can go back in time.
Grandmother’s house is here,
you sang the songs from grandmother’s time
on the big stage with thousands and thousands.
Zile is here,
your relatives will always be here.
Sometimes you can go back in time.
We were here five years ago
and before,
when the kids were small
and fit in a bicycle carrier.
We rode rented bikes and walked through the woods
to the tip of the peninsula.
Very nice there,
hope they preserve it.
Housing from the 70s maybe,
other historical memories
including 1990.
rediscovery of your inheritance.
A precarious future.
Sometimes you can
go back in time.

MW July 2018



八月 2, 2018


Heute war ein schöner Tag
ganz ohne Regen.
Die Sonne geht unter.
Wir waren am Strand
in Dubulti.
Viele Piragi
von der guten Konditorei.
Ich glaub wir werden
alle gut schlafen.

MW Juli 2018




八月 3, 2015

Swinoujscie ferrySWINOUJSCIE

they have a free ferry in świnoujście
one of the best things in this town
don’t know how much you have to pay
if you bring your car
guess there are monthly passes
or some permanent card
everyone needs to cross
at the mouth of the river świna
there is no bridge
the seaside is a little like latvia
except for the trees
we didn’t see any blueberries either
but the baltic sea and the sand
and the sun in summer are much the same
and also the rain
the wind is strong
the park is beautiful
they destroyed more than half of this town
in world war two
there is a church tower
without a church
a café in the tower
there is one central square
with some old houses
a fountain for kids
streets are named after national heroes
from solidarity and from before
train station is on the other side
the ferry is one of the best things in town

MW July 2015

Swinoujscie beach


十月 16, 2014



die blumen auf meinem tisch sind für dich
die blumen auf meinem tisch sind für dich
sie sind für meine oma
für meine frau
für meine mutter
für meine tochter
für jede frau die blumen mag
die blätter wiegen sich auf den bäumen
die blätter werden noch einmal rot
die blätter treiben den fluss hinunter
die blätter kommen
auf dem dachfirst sitzen die tauben
am strand in der früh
glänzen die steine wie karamell
der fluss ist klar
gestern hab ich gebadet
es gibt reiher und enten und andere vögel
wildgänse ziehen
hoch oben nach westen
im wald ist ein wasserfall
und dann noch einer den bach hinauf
wo wir wohnen ist eine schule
volkschule hauptschule und noch ein college
man sieht hoch übers tal
in einem geschäft bald nach der tankstelle
gibt es eine küche für frisches essen
dort hängt eine uhr
die geht nach links
die ziffern verkehrt
die hängt schon lange
die leute wissen nicht wo sie herkommt
die blumen auf meinem tisch sind für dich

MW October 2014


十月 16, 2014



the flowers on my desk are for you
the flowers on my desk are for you
they are for my granny
for my wife
for my mother
any woman who likes them
the leaves are rocking up in the trees
they get red one more time
they float down the river
the leaves are coming
the pigeons are on top of the roof
in the morning
caramel rocks wet on the beach
the water is clear
yesterday I went in again
herons, kingfishers, ducks, other birds
wild geese migrate
high up in formation
why are they going west
not straight south?
in the woods there is a waterfall
up the brook there’s another
where we stay there’s a school
elementary, high school, state college
from the college up on the hill
you see the whole valley
in a store after the gas station
you can get breakfast, fried stuff and such
at the counter they have a clock
clock goes the left way
numbers all backwards
people there say they don’t know where it came
the flowers on my desk are for you

MW October 2014


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