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4月 14, 2020

She Shangda

Let us print a new calendar for this year,
January 1st
will be the day
the virus has left.

Translated by MW, April 2020

She Shangda

Drucken wir einen neuen Kalender,
der 1.1.,
das ist der Tag an dem uns
das Virus verlässt.

Übersetzt von MW im April 2020




5月 6, 2019

Zhou Xian

Wir sprachen von Daten sammeln,
die Spreu vom Weizen trennen.
Ich ließ die Studierenden
was die Zahl der Toten betrifft
in den drei Jahren der Großen Hungersnot
vom Großen Sprung nach vorn.
Es kamen viele verschiedene
Von über 40 Millionen
bis 30 Millionen
bis 20 Millionen
bis 10 Millionen
bis ganz normal
bis nicht daran rühren
bis das sei eine Verschwörung
des amerikanischen Imperialismus.
Ich mach mir Sorgen
vielleicht werden
meine Studenten und ich
eines Tages
auch eine solche

Übersetzt von MW am 5. Mai 2019




5月 4, 2018

Yi Sha
DREAM 1271

sleep is being buried alive
waking up is being dug out again
dream is the world
when you open your eyes
in the dirt

April 2018
Tr. MW, May 2018


Yi Sha
DREAM 1274

The Poemlife BBS is still active,
someone has posted
my numbers are fake.
In my NPC I never presented
900 people or 2500 poems.

I’m having serious self-doubts,
even thinking,
“If he says it, goddamn, it must be true.”

April 2018
Tr. MW, May 2018

Yi Sha
DREAM 1276

NPC poets visit Japan
Jiang Tao shoots
one adult movie per person
as soon as they know
these movies won’t enter China
it’s no big deal

April 2018
Tr. MW, May 2018


Yi Sha
DREAM 1277

I am a Barça manager,
but not the general manager.
The general manager wants to buy
two Suárez clones.
I strongly object,
thinking he doesn’t know about football.

April 2018
Tr. MW, May 2018

Yi Sha
DREAM 1279

A strange girl,
doesn’t exist in reality,
uses the phone in a kiosk
(doesn’t exist anymore)
to call her parents.
Her happy laugh makes you smile.
Your relationship with her
is revealed at the end of the dream.

April 2018
Tr. MW, May 2018


Yi Sha
DREAM 1280

In a crowd
I hold Wang Youwei by the arm,
he can hardly stand
after drinking.
I turn around,
my bag has been snatched,
everything I have on this trip
was in there.
What do I do now?

I think of returning home
and I’m not afraid anymore.
My home with my mother

April 2018
Tr. MW, May 2018


Yi Sha
DREAM 1282

the subconscious
is making wine

April 2018
Tr. MW, May 2018


startling news – 普元

3月 13, 2018

Pu Yuan

one child becomes deaf
two children become deaf
100 children become deaf
1000 children become deaf
10000 children become deaf
30000 children become deaf
every year in china
over thirty thousand children
become deaf
from injections or taking medicine
which means they will never again
understand anything clearly
in the end it means they won’t hear a thing
even if you play the national anthem

Translated by MW, March 2018


11月 2, 2016

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Halloween in Budapest
Do you need to call out the ghosts?
Do you need to call out the ghosts?
In Parliament
Brightly lit along the Danube
Do you need to call out the ghosts?
In Vienna
In Budapest
In many cities
Many, many towns
thousands of towns
thousands of thousands
brightly lit along the Danube
Dohany Synagogue
Greatest in Europe
Status Quo Synagogue
By Otto Wagner
On Rumbach Street
Actually many buildings are left
All over Europe
Yes, there are Jews
In Budapest
Yes, there are people
Do we need to call out the ghosts?
Everyone knows
Along the Danube
Behind the Parliament
Greatest in Europe?
It’s very big
Behind the Parliament
Along the Danube
They lined them up
Several places
Along the Danube
Just a few months
Hungarian Fascists
Finally able
Fall ’44
German troops everywhere
Last few months of the war
Until the first month of ’45
Here in this city
Everyone knows
Hungarian Fascists
Established the ghetto
They passed laws against Jews
In Parliament
In 1920
Basically everyone knows
Hundreds of thousands
in a few months
Around 600,000
Killed in Auschwitz
Along the Danube
Behind the Parliament
Several places
Szabadsag ter
On Freedom Square
There’s a new monument
For the victims
It says
German occupation
Doesn’t say that in German
Doesn’t say that in English
Any other language
For the victims
Only these words
Even in Hebrew
Only the victims
Victims of German occupation
Written in Hungarian
Only in Hungarian
Erected in secret
Protests from the beginning
Pebbles, chairs,
a few wires, photos
pebbles with names
and so on
Everyone knows
Over 300 Million
Hungarian money
Erected in secret
Law passed in Parliament
December 31st, 2013
Protests from the beginning
Szabadsag ter
Liberty Square
Halloween in Budapest
Do you need to call out the ghosts?
There are people enough
In Budapest
In many cities
Many, many cities
Towns and cities
All over Europe
Brightly lit along the Danube
Everyone knows
Actually many buildings are left
All over Europe
Halloween in Budapest
Do we need to call out the ghosts?
Everyone knows
Halloween is for kids
We have kids in Vienna
Kids like to dress up
For Halloween
Let them have fun
Nothing wrong
My daughter knows
Austrian Fascists
Ghosts are alive
Zombies are real
Wish it was all
Pumpkins for kids
Halloween in Budapest
Greatest town
Along the Danube
Since Roman times
Everyone knows

MW October 31st, 2016

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11月 9, 2015

Zhu Jian Nanjing

Zhu Jian

On the walls,
densely written all over,
thousands and thousands.
The names of the dead.

I took one look,
just one look.
Then I had to get out.
Could not turn my head.

I had seen
the name of a friend.
Of course I knew,
it was only the name.

I was almost sure:
Just one more look
I would have seen
my name on the wall.

Tr. MW, 2015

Zhu Jian

an den wänden
dicht an dicht
tausende namen
der ermordeten

ich sah einmal hin
warf nur einen blick
dann musste ich raus
ohne den kopf zu wenden

ich hatte einen namen gesehen
den namen eines freundes
natürlich wusste ich
es war nur der name

ich war fast sicher
mit dem nächsten blick
hätte ich meinen
namen gesehen

Übersetzt von MW am 31. Dez. 2013








7月 29, 2015

Berlin LCB


ein schöner workshop am lcb
das schöne ist des schrecklichen anfang
wann heißt zehntausend der zehntausendsee
klingt wie bergen-belsen
das lcb liegt wunderschön
ein märchenschloss
gruppe 47
pack die badehose
so viele seen in österreich
berlin ist ein grünes idyllisches dorf
ingeborg bachmann hat hier gewohnt
an diesem see in dieser villa
die nachkriegsgruppe hat hier getagt
worauf kommt es an auf die geschichte
auf die gestade die bäume das blau
die wannsee-konferenz
zehntausend kann man als hakenkreuz schreiben
weiß nicht warum es zehntausend heißt
hier war mein vater mit mir im segelboot
sagt tong yali als kleines kind
war sie schon in deutschland
deutschland das de-land das dao-de-dsching
der weg und die tugend
wie viele seen in österreich
irgendwo in den alpen
gruppe 47
aichinger, bachmann, celan
das schöne ist des schrecklichen anfang

MW Juli 2015

Berlin Wannsee


10月 16, 2014



the flowers on my desk are for you
the flowers on my desk are for you
they are for my granny
for my wife
for my mother
any woman who likes them
the leaves are rocking up in the trees
they get red one more time
they float down the river
the leaves are coming
the pigeons are on top of the roof
in the morning
caramel rocks wet on the beach
the water is clear
yesterday I went in again
herons, kingfishers, ducks, other birds
wild geese migrate
high up in formation
why are they going west
not straight south?
in the woods there is a waterfall
up the brook there’s another
where we stay there’s a school
elementary, high school, state college
from the college up on the hill
you see the whole valley
in a store after the gas station
you can get breakfast, fried stuff and such
at the counter they have a clock
clock goes the left way
numbers all backwards
people there say they don’t know where it came
the flowers on my desk are for you

MW October 2014



10月 12, 2014



gihon is one of the waters of paradise
under our windows in johnson town.
how long did adam and eve have their residence?
maybe four weeks. not even that.
then they were driven to the next airport.
it was the snake. it was the tree.
it was the apple. it was the gas station
stocked with the cider. the chinese restaurant.
actually god is a jolly old fellow
tells everyone how they founded the place.
god has the breadth. god has the width of it.
maybe the masons one hundred years ago
building their temple, leaving their clocks –
there is that clock down in the grocery store
clock that goes leftwards, numbers all turned –
maybe the masons were like the hippies.
anyway if you are in paradise
most of the time it is just life.
you tell your wife you are in paradise.
you tell your husband, you tell the kids.
they will say nice, hope you are coming back.
then you are gone. maybe you come again.
I’m sure the river stays for a while.

MW October 2014


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