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NPC:FRIEDHOF – 姜馨贺 Jiang Xinhe

三月 10, 2019

Jiang Xinhe

in der früh
mit dem lastenfahrrad
raus aus dem dorf
an einem friedhof
auf einmal schreit meine kleine schwester

Übersetzt von MW im März 2019




十一月 2, 2016

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Halloween in Budapest
Do you need to call out the ghosts?
Do you need to call out the ghosts?
In Parliament
Brightly lit along the Danube
Do you need to call out the ghosts?
In Vienna
In Budapest
In many cities
Many, many towns
thousands of towns
thousands of thousands
brightly lit along the Danube
Dohany Synagogue
Greatest in Europe
Status Quo Synagogue
By Otto Wagner
On Rumbach Street
Actually many buildings are left
All over Europe
Yes, there are Jews
In Budapest
Yes, there are people
Do we need to call out the ghosts?
Everyone knows
Along the Danube
Behind the Parliament
Greatest in Europe?
It’s very big
Behind the Parliament
Along the Danube
They lined them up
Several places
Along the Danube
Just a few months
Hungarian Fascists
Finally able
Fall ’44
German troops everywhere
Last few months of the war
Until the first month of ’45
Here in this city
Everyone knows
Hungarian Fascists
Established the ghetto
They passed laws against Jews
In Parliament
In 1920
Basically everyone knows
Hundreds of thousands
in a few months
Around 600,000
Killed in Auschwitz
Along the Danube
Behind the Parliament
Several places
Szabadsag ter
On Freedom Square
There’s a new monument
For the victims
It says
German occupation
Doesn’t say that in German
Doesn’t say that in English
Any other language
For the victims
Only these words
Even in Hebrew
Only the victims
Victims of German occupation
Written in Hungarian
Only in Hungarian
Erected in secret
Protests from the beginning
Pebbles, chairs,
a few wires, photos
pebbles with names
and so on
Everyone knows
Over 300 Million
Hungarian money
Erected in secret
Law passed in Parliament
December 31st, 2013
Protests from the beginning
Szabadsag ter
Liberty Square
Halloween in Budapest
Do you need to call out the ghosts?
There are people enough
In Budapest
In many cities
Many, many cities
Towns and cities
All over Europe
Brightly lit along the Danube
Everyone knows
Actually many buildings are left
All over Europe
Halloween in Budapest
Do we need to call out the ghosts?
Everyone knows
Halloween is for kids
We have kids in Vienna
Kids like to dress up
For Halloween
Let them have fun
Nothing wrong
My daughter knows
Austrian Fascists
Ghosts are alive
Zombies are real
Wish it was all
Pumpkins for kids
Halloween in Budapest
Greatest town
Along the Danube
Since Roman times
Everyone knows

MW October 31st, 2016

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五月 5, 2016

Tang Xiaomi dead sweet potatoes

Tang Xiaomi

Thinking what they might be doing
but can’t rake them out
drag them out of the ground
like leftover sweet potatoes

Can’t resurrect them
like sweet potatoes I put in a basket

Can’t chop them up
to make countless new people
like making a basket of sweet potato chips

Call them out, what can I do with them?
Actually they also annoyed me
cursed me
beat me
stole my show

Better let them lie
sweet quiet potatoes
all those little graves
crowned with fresh leaves

Tr. MW, May 2016

Tang Xiaomi Dead people sweet potatoes


四月 5, 2015


heute ist karfreitag
ein strahlender tag
viel schöner als viele andere tage
wolken und regen, aber nicht viel
wolken und regen heißt etwas anderes
in der sonne ist es recht warm
der wind ist noch kalt
heuer ist ostermontag der tag des grabes
in china
mein vater ist grad 75 geworden
unser sohn ist 10, unsere tochter ist 12
als baby war sie ein engel
wenn sie nicht schrie
vieles war nicht leicht
vieles ist ungewiss
vieles klingt vielversprechend
manches ist jeden tag fast dasselbe
unsere tochter schreit immer noch
und ich auch
heute ist karsamstag
eine zeitlang war es wärmer als gestern

MW April 2015


八月 29, 2014

empty graves - Yang Jian

Yang Jian

there are many empty graves in my country,
in empty graves nothing is there,
only earth and more earth.

you are afraid of ghosts,
you fear the ghosts are going to stir.
in our hearts we have buried those empty graves.

in autumn you cover your grave with weeds,
and when it breaks out,
you hide it right where its shows its first page.

in my country,
if the grass has a sound, it’s the sound of the wanderer,
it’s just the sunset sound in the desert.

my country is full of empty graves,
in empty graves nothing is there,
only weeds and more weeds.

Tr. MW, August 2014

nacht und tag

四月 4, 2008

nacht und tag

es ist eine milde nacht
eine richtig milde nacht
morgen ist der graebertag

heute ist der graebertag
heute ist ein schoener tag
und die meisten haben frei

MW April 2008

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