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QUEST – 伊沙 Yi Sha

九月 8, 2018

Yi Sha

It was in 1999,
last year of the 20th century.
The poet Ma Lan
with her American husband,
a Yale professor,
came to visit old Chang’an.
At the Small Wild Goose pagoda
in the teahouse Scented Snow Sea
we had a good meeting.
The Yale professor
of Chinese literature
had a point of view
that opened my eyes
and resonated in my heart,
I had been thinking about this for years.
He said, “In the May Fourth era,
those writers who studied in Japan,
why were they so dominant?”

Today, I am finally in Japan
and I carry this question,
roaming the coast and mountains of Honshu.
Let me think,
let me think it over,
I have enough time to think of an answer.
What was it,
what was it here,
that made them
bury themselves in their work,
lay their life on the line,
fight for truth,
plead for the people
and become the backbone of modern China?

July 2018
Tr. MW, Sept. 2018

伊沙主持 | 新世纪诗典8一周联展(2018.8.26——9.1)





四月 24, 2018

Ma Jinshan

On Sunday
I went to visit Director Ma,
bought two packs of dog food
at the store in his building.
In his apartment
I take out the dog food from my bag.
The director is very surprised
he says brother,
you have a heart!

Tr. MW, April


Ma Jinshan

am sonntag
geh ich auf besuch zu direktor wang
in dem geschäft unten bei seinem haus
kauf ich zwei packungen hundefutter
in seiner wohnung
nehm ich das hundefutter heraus aus der tasche
der herr direktor ist überrascht
und sagt sofort bruder
du hast ein herz!

Übersetzt von MW im April 2018

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