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九月 2, 2018

Jun Er

Little brother told me
in America on Google Earth
he can see the old willow tree at our old home
when you find the willow
you find our place
30 years ago on holiday from college
I worked in the fields with my father
noticed the willow shoot
begged father to dig it out
and plant it at the water hole in front of our gate.
Now I can’t even put
my arms all around it.
Three people have died in our family
but our tree
has made it onto the map in the sky.

Translated by MW, Sept. 2018


Jun Er

mein kleiner bruder sagt mir
auf google earth aus amerika
gibt es die alte weide vor unserem haus
wenn du die weide hast
bist du schon bei unserem alten haus
vor 30 jahren in den ferien vom studium
hab ich mit meinem vater im feld gearbeitet
den weidenschößling entdeckt
meinen vater gebeten dass wir ihn ausgraben
und einsetzen beim wasserloch vor dem tor
heute kann ich mit meinen armen
nicht ganz rundherum
von unserer familie sind drei gestorben
aber der baum ist auf der karte im himmel

Übersetzt von MW im Sept. 2018








一月 7, 2016

Ma Fei singing

Ma Fei

When I was small,
five different girls
slept at our house.
They were all called Zhaodi.
Zhaodi means “beckoning younger brother”.
My mother was president
of the women‘s association
so she brought them home.
They all had injuries on their faces
or on their bodies.
My mother dabbed them with medicine.
Secretly I took a look.
Only one of the five
beckoned a younger brother.
But he died very soon.
That one Zhaodi
who had had a “didi”,
she had even more injuries.

Tr. MW, January 2016


RAT-NOTES: 君儿 Jun Er

十一月 16, 2014


Jun Er

the money my mother gave to me and my brother
that was never enough
she hid in the wood stack in the store room
after a while she thought of looking
rats had bitten three bills
into weird crescent shapes
I took them into the city
to the bank
the bank attendant let me tape them
when I taped half a bill together
he gave me half of the money
300 yuan in rat-notes
became a new bill of 100 yuan
I held it up to the sun
it was real, a brand new portrait
of the great man

Tr. MW, Nov. 2014

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