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DISTANCE: 一兵 Yi Bing

五月 18, 2020

Yi Bing

That night father
grabbed for the night pot under the bed,
fell down head first,
never got up again.

My brother and I slept next to him
less than half a metre away on makeshift beds,
snored through till morning.

Translated by MW, May 2020

Zhang Yibing, pen name Yi Bing, born in the 1970s, comes from Xiangyuan in Shanxi. Has published poetry in many journals and through various online portals. 《新诗典》小档案:姓名:张一兵,笔名:一兵。山西襄垣人。70后,诗歌作品散见于《中国口语诗年鉴》(2019年卷)、《山东诗歌》、《佛城诗歌》、《角落》等报刊杂志。近年来开始口语诗写作。有部分诗被《中国诗人微刊》、《大河诗刊》、《诗快报》 等网络平台选用。



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