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I DON’T UNDERSTAND – 张书菲 Zhang Shufei

五月 15, 2020

Zhang Shufei

Uncle Wang who carves face stamps
let Papa see
the face stamp he made for their boss.
Papa asked Uncle Wang,
how much did he get for it?
Uncle Wang said,
who on this world
would ever ask
his boss to pay?

Translated by MW, May 2020

Zhang Shufei, born 3/5/14, lives in Tengzhou, Shandong. Her father is the poet Gao Ge.

LOST – 顧惜語 Gu Xiyu

五月 14, 2020

Gu Xiyu

An uncle rides a motorcyle
and hits a grandma.
The uncle flees in panic,
the grandma gets no treatment and dies.
I think the uncle will come back in the end,
because his heart fell down here.

Translated by MW, May 2020

Gu Xiyu, born in October 2010, goes to school in Yangzhou city.
《新诗典》小档案:顾惜语,女,出生于2010年10月,现就读于扬州市江都区实验小学三年级21班。陕西省少儿诗社社员,获得首届“长嘉”全国少儿诗歌大赛提名奖,全国网络作文大赛获得二等奖。部分作文和诗歌在“拙原工作室”、“江南传媒”、“唐小诗诗社”、“诗锚”等网络平台发表。入选2019年度《中国100名优秀少年诗人》。 在唐小诗诗社“眼睛”和“春”主题童诗中,荣获最佳作品奖。数篇诗歌,作文和诗歌多次在《江都日报》 、《芦柴花》、《学语文之友》、《农村孩子报》、《河南青年时报》、《孩子选孩子的诗》《童诗周历》等诗歌选本或杂志上发表。



DOUBT – 游若昕 You Ruoxin

五月 10, 2020

You Ruoxin

Every time
the director comes into our class
for inspection
our teacher always lets us
quickly sit down nicely.
No talking
eyes straight ahead.
Even now
I don‘t understand
we have to do this.
can’t we say hello to
or embrace the director.

Translated by MW, May 2020


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