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三月 23, 2018

Hai Qing

On the cover of Fashion Week,
the model has over her chest
a huge Chinese character:
拆 (‘demolish’).
She tells a reporter
it’s a Chinese element.

Translated by MW, March 2018



四月 6, 2017

Xi Wa

I carry two bags of vegetables
coming out of Oakleigh supermarket
and crash into a guy with brown skin.
I wasn’t careful.

I apologize to him,
and he invites me for a drink.

My first reaction
is after the drink
if he wants to sleep with me what shall I do?

He does have deep eyes and a tall nose,
and smells of vetiver,
my favourite scent.

If he had white or yellow skin,
I wouldn’t refuse him outright
in this way.

I thought I had already moved beyond

Yes, that was before I had concrete thoughts
of going to bed
with one of them.

2/14/17, Melbourne
Tr. MW, April 2017


二月 12, 2017


You Ruoxin

the dinos come back.

Tr. MW, Febr. 2017



五月 17, 2016

ma fei small

Ma Fei

This summer in Xiaozhai in Xi’an,
on a pedestrian bridge.
A friend from college,
my former girlfriend,
she took my picture but didn’t know it.
Only later she went through her mobile.
She sent it to me, then I realized,
we had been there at the same time,
but missed each other.
She took a photograph of a beggar,
I was in there by accident.
You can see on the photo,
I passed the beggar,
gave him no money.

Tr. MW, 2016


Ma Fei

im grad erst vergangenen sommer
xiaozhai in xi’an, eine fussgängerbrücke
dort hat mich meine frühere freundin
und studienkollegin fotografiert
sie hat es zuerst nicht gewusst
später in ihrem handy hat sie mich entdeckt
mir das foto geschickt dann habs ich erst gewusst
wir waren gleichzeitig am selben ort
und haben uns ausgerechnet verpasst
sie hat einen bettler fotografiert
mich dabei zufällig auch aufgenommen
auf dem foto sieht man
ich geh an dem bettler vorüber
und geb ihm kein geld

Übersetzt von MW, 2016

Ma Fei missed


九月 15, 2015

19 Wanderarbeiter

Hou Ma

19 wanderarbeiter mit ihren schaufeln
nein, es sind fünf wanderarbeiter mit schaufeln
nein, die fünf wanderarbeiter tragen vielleicht keine schaufeln
weiß nicht, mit welchen werkzeugen arbeiten sie auf der brücke
zwei wanderarbeiter im einschlafen fahren einen lastwagen mit aushub
der laster wischt die fünf wanderarbeiter hinunter
und kracht ins geländer
die zwei eingeschlafenen wanderarbeiter und die ladung erde
begraben die anderen fünf wanderarbeiter
die rettungstruppe ist schnell zur stelle
sie engagieren 12 wanderarbeiter
12 wanderarbeiter mit ihren schaufeln
graben sehr fleißig
graben aus sieben wanderarbeiter die nicht mehr atmen

1. Oktober 2014
Übersetzt von MW im September 2015

Hou Ma

19 migrant workers carrying shovels
no, five migrant workers carrying shovels
no, five migrant workers maybe not carrying shovels
not sure which tools they are using up on the bridge
two migrant workers dozing driving a truck with loose earth
truck sweeping five migrant workers down from the bridge
and crashing the railing
two dozing migrant workers along with their truck of loose earth
falling and burying five migrant workers
rescue team comes very fast
engaging 12 migrant workers
12 migrant workers arrive with their shovels
working furiously
very soon they dig out seven
not-breathing migrant workers

Tr. MW, 2015


七月 22, 2015

Di Guanglong Nocturnal Beast

Di Guanglong

where is the light?
in the dark, a ray of light
is a severed finger. light
pulls itself short,
stepping on broken bits, through a tunnel of grass
light gatherers, each on its own
passes a tree, stops a while
and raises its head. stars have also gone out.
you will discover, you will attain
what sweeps past the heart, in that moment of light
running into each other, you see an eyeball
all covered with veins.
this is the print of the severed finger, emerging
darkness and darkness, mixed up together
needs to be sorted, examined and sifted
only then can the severed finger be found
only then can you put it back together
this is not striking a match
not opening a firefly gate
it’s a long winding night, digging inwards
carnivores and herbivores
all spend lots of time looking for light
a keen sense of hearing, sensing fresh wounds
transferred on a tiger, one tiger’s cough
dig down three feet, dig out amber-like solids
some kind of light breathes, it can even fly
nose twitching, where it gets darker
it will be brighter
one kind of light has a strange taste
as if it came from a bug’s armpits
tarsier monkeys holding their glasses
cobras are blind
but their scales reflect light
light, that roving fingertip
a rustling sound
sharp fingernails, not like looking for light
like digging for metal
light, you need to strike
spots where a stream has flown, rocks
your knees are all hurt

Tr. MW, 2015

Di Guanglong

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