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八月 1, 2018

Hou Ma

My stomach is grumbling,
it takes me a while
to find a pancake stall.
I stand in line and pay,
the Jianbing is already spread out,
suddenly city watchmen approaching!
The stallholder flees on his bicycle cart,
I chase him like crazy.
Deep in a compound
I finally catch him.
He wants to return my five Yuan.
But I want no money,
I want my Jianbing.
He tells me he just broke his lightbulb,
the splinters are all over my food.

Tr. MW, 8/1/18


Hou Ma

mein magen knurrt
endlich find ich einen
ich stell mich an und zahle
mein jianbing ist schon schön ausgebreitet
auf einmal erscheint in der ferne die stadtwache
der fladenmensch flieht auf dem fahrradkarren
ich renn wie wild hinterher
tief in einem wohnblock
erreich ich den fladenmann
er gibt mir meine fünf yuan zurück
ich sag ich will kein geld
ich will meinen jianbing
er sagt seine glühbirne ist ihm zerbrochen
im fladen sind lauter splitter

Übersetzt von MW am 1. August 2018


一月 7, 2016


Jun Er

I hear
one year
one month
one day
a small bird in flight
and a HARMONY bullet train
hit each other
glass “blossomed in shards” at the front of the train
they did an emergency stop for 20 minutes
the bird’s blood, according to passengers
splattered all over the shattered glass
in a beautiful pattern

Tr. MW, January 2016



七月 22, 2015

Di Guanglong Nocturnal Beast

Di Guanglong

where is the light?
in the dark, a ray of light
is a severed finger. light
pulls itself short,
stepping on broken bits, through a tunnel of grass
light gatherers, each on its own
passes a tree, stops a while
and raises its head. stars have also gone out.
you will discover, you will attain
what sweeps past the heart, in that moment of light
running into each other, you see an eyeball
all covered with veins.
this is the print of the severed finger, emerging
darkness and darkness, mixed up together
needs to be sorted, examined and sifted
only then can the severed finger be found
only then can you put it back together
this is not striking a match
not opening a firefly gate
it’s a long winding night, digging inwards
carnivores and herbivores
all spend lots of time looking for light
a keen sense of hearing, sensing fresh wounds
transferred on a tiger, one tiger’s cough
dig down three feet, dig out amber-like solids
some kind of light breathes, it can even fly
nose twitching, where it gets darker
it will be brighter
one kind of light has a strange taste
as if it came from a bug’s armpits
tarsier monkeys holding their glasses
cobras are blind
but their scales reflect light
light, that roving fingertip
a rustling sound
sharp fingernails, not like looking for light
like digging for metal
light, you need to strike
spots where a stream has flown, rocks
your knees are all hurt

Tr. MW, 2015

Di Guanglong

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