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八月 22, 2015

HH - no address

Hung Hung

Now I have no address
I am going to fight in the street
On that street never covered in snow
Now occupied by traces of boots
I have one wilted flower, it was for you
I hide it behind my back
I am going to fight in the street

Now I have no address
Every day is the night
every night is afar
in a warehouse back room, in an orchestra pit,
in the classified ads
I am going to write down a challenge, information, intelligence
my cuffs are all covered with spit from my sleep
and with ants

I want to lie down before the bulldozers
I want to sing outside the slaughterhouse
I want to take back passports and all kinds of currency from the border
to give it to those who have never heard of Du Fu or Vivaldi
those who know only earthquakes and fall
I want to give a stray dog to a child who is covered with scars
I want to dress up as a girl to comfort demented old people
I am going to stand on a roof in a cape to give you an illusion of hope

Write letters to me and send them to any McDonalds
that I’m going to rob
send them to any bank
I’m going to use them to light a fuse
maybe I will hide in my old lover’s
staircase, hear the cling-clang of forks and spoons
maybe I’ll go through the glass in the end, ask a cool polite youth
to repair my glasses
but I have no address
just write your own
maybe I am reading this verse in your eyes

(“Now I have no address” – Andre Malraux, 1944)

Tr. MW, 2015


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