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QINGMING – 潘洗塵 Pan Xichen

五月 21, 2020

Pan Xichen

Why did our ancestors
give today
give our departed
such a pure and clean word?

Could it be? Could what we call
the nether world
actually be more bright and clear?

What I want to say,
on such a particular day:
isn’t it time,
if you have done wrong, to apologize;
or if you haven’t, to grieve in silence?

Translated by MW, May 2020


RETURN – 蓝冰 Lan Bing

五月 17, 2020

Lan Bing

From the foot of the mountain all the way to the top
no trace of a person,
no sound of a bird.
Mighty snow
made the world very silent.
Sky and earth deserted.
I hoped to find a companion,
even a stranger.
But in the season for fires,
no furnace was lit.
Alone going up,
alone coming down,
I could only trace my own footprints.

Translated by MW, May 2020

Lan Bing, orig. name Zhao Ruili, from Tianshui in Gansu. Teacher, member of the Half Past Five Poetry Society. 《新诗典》小档案:蓝冰,本名赵瑞丽,甘肃天水人,教师,五点半诗群成员。

MUTE – 蒋彩云 – stumm

九月 6, 2018

Jiang Caiyun

Ten years ago
everyone in this town
was up in the hills picking manganese ore
If you had a hill
you were a mine boss
If you had no hill
you were a mine worker
Big trucks on county roads
coming and going
A beautiful woman arrived from afar
and married into a mine
Her child
was called Manganese Mountain
Manganese Mountain grew day by day
but in a few years
the mountains were empty
The government put up yellow bands
sealed off the hills to cultivate trees
Manganese Mountain grew day by day
When his beautiful mother left
he hadn’t started to speak

Translated by MW, Sept. 2018


Jiang Caiyun

Vor zehn Jahren
haben alle im Ort
auf den Hügeln Manganerz geklaubt.
Wer einen Berg hat
ist ein Manganboss.
Leute ohne Berg
sind die Bergleute.
Große Lastwagen auf den Landstraßen
die ganze Zeit.
Eine schöne Frau aus der Ferne
heiratet in unsere Berge
bekommt ein Kind
mit dem Namen Manganberg.
Manganberg wird jeden Tag größer.
Ein paar Jahre später
sind die Berge leergegraben.
Die Behörde spannt ein gelbes Band
dass der Wald sich erholt.
Manganberg wird jeden Tag größer
bis seine schöne Mama weggeht
kann er noch nicht sprechen.

Übersetzt von MW im September 2018


伊沙主持 | 新世纪诗典8一周联展(2018.9.2——9.8)





一月 13, 2017


Yi Xiaoqian

in der pause sagt mein betreuungslehrer
du brauchst sie nicht anlächeln
du musst deine schüler beherrschen
in der nächsten stunde
röhrt er vom katheder:
yang boyuan
ich merk mir genau was du heute machst!
jin yuxuan
noch einmal
und du brauchst gar nicht mehr kommen!
kong jiajia
flüstern ist wunderbar nicht wahr
ich werd dich schon herrichten!
die kinder sind allesamt still
lauter angst in den augen
er lässt seinen blick wandern
schaut mich zufrieden an
dass ich unwillkürlich
ebenfalls schauder

Übersetzt von MW im Januar 2017


silence assails you

一月 4, 2017


you step out of a house
out on a hill
over the valley
silence assails you
over the mountains
is it like this
only in winter?


九月 18, 2016


Xu Jiang

Born in the 1960s
we all have this experience
waiting in a long line
at the grain store in autumn
with buckets and baskets
to be able to buy sweet potatoes
sold according to population.

Two or three columns in a long line
almost every column
will have a classmate of yours
but while you’re waiting in line
some people won’t talk anymore
they just stand there in silence
as if they had never known you.

Tr. MW, September 2016



九月 24, 2015


Ma Haiyi

What is this secret deep in the grave?
It has never told you, doesn’t tell now.
You kneel before it, you offer wine.
It has never told you, doesn’t tell now.
You hire grave robbers, digging with shovels.
Go through it, empty it, leave it alone.
It doesn’t tell anything.
Till it’s blown flat by the wind.

Tr. MW, Sept. 2015

Ma Haiyi

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