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VON 22 BIS 1 – 小麦 Xiao Mai

11月 6, 2021

Xiao Mai
VON 22 BIS 1

der lift kommt vom 4. stock
als er im 22. hält
ist er menschenleer
ich flitz hinein
seh die nummern leuchten
von 22 bis 1
er hält in jedem stock
aber kein mensch kommt
ich bleib ganz allein
und schau auf die ziffern
von 22 bis 1

Übersetzt von MW im Nov. 2021




新世纪诗典11,NPC11月7日,3870首,1217人。第7个小麦(甘肃)日伊沙推荐:从无聊处做出诗来,无中有诗,是现代人的情绪、现代诗的手法。有些人不懂,有些人忘了,中国目前的现代诗,就看能能集大成。​况禹点评《新诗典》小麦《从22到1》:与数字有关的诗,在现代诗里占一大类,但并不好写。一是数字本身无趣(数学家们请原谅我),二是情境不易给人留下回味。本诗也面临这样的考验,但作者写出了悬疑感——虽然我们知道这背后什么都没有,但作者对生活滋味的咀嚼,赋予了作品额外的趣味。黎雪梅读《新世纪诗典》之小麦《从22到1》:确实无聊啊,隔着屏幕都能感觉到的那种百无聊赖和寂寞空虚冷,这种乘电梯的生活经验很多人都有,然而一般人顶多来一句“真没劲”或者“没意思”就算完事。可我们的口语诗人就偏偏较起了真,非要将这些在旁人看似毫无诗意的小经验和小情绪,记录下来变成诗歌。然而这也揭示了我们真实的生存状态,我们的日常大多是空虚又无聊的,哪有那么多的趣味和愉悦?如果某人非要从中想踅摸出什么意义来,那么对不起,你可能会有所失望,其实我们只要能够从中去感受那种毫不掩饰的生活真实、以及现代人特有的情绪的波动,并唤起人们的共情心理就已足矣。也许有时候,没有意义才是最大的意义。晏非跟读《新世纪诗典》| 2021.11.6诗人小麦《从22到1》电梯每层都停一下,有两种可能:一种是电梯本身有了故障,另一种是人为的恶作剧或不当操作造成的。不论是哪一种,这都会是一种诡异的感觉。你想想看,电梯里就你一人在,每一层都停,都开门、闭门,却没有一个人出现,二十二层哪,都是这样,不胡思乱想才怪呢。这是就电梯而言,从诗的角度看,空耗,是我读这首诗的第一直觉,仿佛这个电梯在一种神秘力量的驱使下,身不由己地空耗着,重复着。马金山|读小麦的诗《从22到1》的十一条:1、诗是无用的艺术,而无用至美,填充了空荡荡的时光;2、每一个诗人的心里,都埋藏着一堆烈火,一堆堆烈火,只待春风吹又生;3、小麦,原名杨刚。诗人。80后。定居甘肃灵台;4、小麦的诗,在语言方面,显现出朴实无华的感觉,充实着生活的滋味与生命的质感,且饱含现代的意识与观念,还有一种内在的通感和个体的温度;5、本诗通过对乘电梯的过程进行描述,将无聊的情节予以还原,而这些细节,正是无用中的有用,内容给人一种诡异的感觉,现场,现代;6、诗开头就让数字说话,联系上场景描写,把感受与观察到的过程,具体而微妙地流淌出来了,而无趣的东西,不正是生活的常态吗;7、诗中的纹路,即不以任何形式表达个人的想法和观点,只是在自然而然之间,已经把自己所经历的东西,一五一十地呈现出来了;8、至于电梯“每层都停一下”,到底是电梯故障,还是作者故意为之,这样的空白,谁说不是诗意的空间感或浑浊性呢;9、还有一点就是,“从22到1”,既是一个事实的过程,还是一个心理的状态,这样的冷描,其实需要干净的内心和硬实的笔触;10、本诗给予诗人的启示:“于诗人而言,诗无处不在”;11、感觉之诗,记录之诗,生活之诗。




1月 6, 2020


All sorts of bands
and flowers and strands
and lines and motifs
lie intertwined
beneath the old church
of Santa Eufemia.
Take a close look,
they are dancing,
the lines and so on.
A big Roman house
with courtyards and tiles
all over the floors.
A dance of the seasons.
They say Summer is missing,
or maybe it’s Spring,
holding Winter’s hand,
like Autumn does
on the other side.
Winter is wrapped in blue,
around the head too.
Crooked lines come out
above the head.
Is it a fool?
They say it’s grass,
maybe reeds.
And there is a shepherd,
the second big mosaic,
also with a pan-flute.
Two storeys above
is the old city.
This city below was the western capital
of the Byzantine empire
among other things.
Then there is Dante,
buried in a mound
overgrown with green leaves
all-year round
in 1944 and 1945,
German hell-hounds were loose.
Maybe one year
his bones were in there,
the shape of the mound
reminded me of an old poetess
in China in Xi’an, formerly Chang’an,
the old capital.
Cai Wenji was her name.
Her mound is much bigger,
and very well kept,
much in contrast to all the graves
of famous male poets.
She was politically very important.
Back in Ravenna
in winter
wrapped against the cold
we move on
to our next monument.

MW December 30, 2019


Neon reigned in 452.
No, this was the year
they built the mosaics
the wonderful dome
under bishop Neon.
It’s the Orthodox baptistery.
Much more elaborate
than the Arian one
across the old city.
Each apostle is named.
Most have a beard.
Simon looks like a woman.
The Arian dome
has only one throne
and here there are four,
they are all empty too
but there are also four books
in between, the four gospels.
Blessed are those whose iniquities
and sins are remitted,
says one inscription.

MW December 30, 2019


The ivory throne
was for Bishop Maximian,
550 or something.
Joseph and his brothers.
Jesus feeds 5000 people.
The annunciation,
the water test
for Mary’s virginity.
What was that exactly?
Carved panels in different sizes
all around the back and on the sides.
Blank parts in between,
maybe panels are missing.
Ebony covered with ivory.
Somewhere in the museum
with Saint Andrew’s chapel,
wonderful mosaics.
Then in the afternoon
Saint Apollinaire in Classe.
Classe was the harbour
of the Roman fleet
and the main port
until the ninth century.
The church is huge,
and there were more,
there is a museum
in the sugar factory,
closed in 1982.
The sea isn’t far.

MW December 30, 2019


You know right away
you are in a place of worship.
In this way it’s like the Alhambra.
At least I hope the Alhambra retains it,
haven’t been there for 38 years.
A sense of awe
and exultation,
no matter how many people,
how many tourists.
Very big, very grand, spacious.
Filigree columns, needlework stone.
Very very high, many arches.
Some of the best ones
in this splendid city.
A sacred place.
The whole city is sacred.
try to retain
some of this beauty.

MW December 31st, 2019




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