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十一月 11, 2019

Xi Wa

Er hat eine Münze geworfen
um zu entscheiden
ob er an Gott glaubt
oder an Sakyamuni.

Als in Zhejiang
viele Kirchen zerstreut werden
sagt er: Amithaba!
Mein Glaube war richtig.

Und als Notre-Dame in Paris
zerstört wird in Flammen
denkt er fast im Gebet: Lieber Gott,
mein Glaube war wirklich richtig.

Und als das Wort „Gott“ aus den Grundschulbüchern
auf dem ganzen Festland gestrichen wird
sagt sein ernstes Gesicht: Oh Gott!
Mein Glaube war ganz sicher richtig.

Letzte Fassung August 2019
Übersetzt von MW im November 2019



ROOM SERVICE, Regensburg

一月 6, 2019

Photo by Cornelia Ippers


Are you from room service?
Translate into Spanish:
all-inclusive service,
reading stories,
contemporary historical service,
service in the times of the cholera.
involuntary man-service
in the name of the lord
of the manor
and the overlord
of the hotel chain
in the interests of
the all-Europe hotel
short story competition
and so on.

Make a story
out of who stayed
in Regensburg
before sunrise,
before sunset,
after Ethan Hawke,
what was the name of the bar,
something with Max.
Different city?
No, we’re not mad,
we’re very glad
we found this hotel
at the end of December.
The local paper says
these are six precious days
not including Christmas
to recuperate.
No tourists,
Merry-Turks- street,
what a wonderful place.

Pustet is a very good bookstore.
Better than some biggest book shops in bigger cities.
Churches are free,
just like the thousand year old bridge
with its museum. This used to be
one of two biggest cities in Germany.
They are building a synagogue.

A place of hope. End of a year.
Not a good one.
Re-education camps. War on terror, they say.
War on the people. Not a good story.

Are you from room service?
Please translate into Spanish
and Catalan:
Who translates into English?
Anyway, I write poems.
Some are good stories,
like Mosque And Casino.
I wrote it years ago in Chinese.


MW December 2018 – January 2019

Photo by Cornelia Ippers




四月 7, 2015

Yi Sha Vietnam

Yi Sha

the ones who brought rice and cannons
didn’t leave anything

the ones who brought bombs
didn’t change anything either

the ones who brought writing, coffee and churches
left behind writing, coffee and churches

Tr. MW, 2015

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