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十二月 14, 2018

Bingxue Mei

The woman waiting before me
very nervously
spreads the large 100 yuan bills
clutched in her hand,
one after the other
feeding the mouth of the machine.

That mouth isn’t big,
but it has swallowed
each of those old red Mao heads.

She looks at me, nervous and helpless.
— “This how you do it?”
— “This how it works?”

Yes. This is it.

Let us all come together,
3 bows 9 kowtows before this cold majesty.
Pray after it has filled its belly,
it’ll work magic.
Heal our wounds, end our pain,
let hearts and spirits be calm again.

Translated by MW, December 2018



RAT-NOTES: 君儿 Jun Er

十一月 16, 2014


Jun Er

the money my mother gave to me and my brother
that was never enough
she hid in the wood stack in the store room
after a while she thought of looking
rats had bitten three bills
into weird crescent shapes
I took them into the city
to the bank
the bank attendant let me tape them
when I taped half a bill together
he gave me half of the money
300 yuan in rat-notes
became a new bill of 100 yuan
I held it up to the sun
it was real, a brand new portrait
of the great man

Tr. MW, Nov. 2014

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