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四月 8, 2020

Hou Ma

Over ten thousand green parakeets
land on a big tree,
they fly up again in a great sound
and on the tree
there are still ten thousand green parakeets
but these are its own leaves.

Translated by MW, April 2020



DOVE – 伊沙 Yi Sha

四月 3, 2020

Yi Sha

In my sights straight in the distance,
a white dove
goes through a fire up to the sky.
Still it flies,
changed into black.
Maybe just its shadow,
its soul
flying. Maybe the ash
can keep the shape of a dove
high up and fly.

Translated by MW, April 3rd, 2020





三月 25, 2020

Du Sishang

The last one of the Flying Tigers is gone.
I remember what they said:
We fly along the Himalaya valleys
and follow reflections from the debris of fallen comrades.

Translated by MW, March 2020


SKARS – 李云枫

八月 1, 2019


The day we are going to Skars,
you stand by the road seeing us off, you are so sad
you take down your wings, you say you won’t fly any more.
You will always stay here, with this city, and sink to the bottom.

The day we leave here
slowly we fly into the air, see you become smaller and smaller
with this city together, fade into the distance.
That time we see a few fish flying past
with furtive faces, dressed in black lace
and they say: “Water is a gentle organism.”
I cannot understand their language, we are passing shoulder to shoulder.

The day we are going to Skars,
we say we are leaving for thirty days, we’ll be back here by the end of fall.
You stand by the road, you are so sad,
you say: Skars, Skars, a city that doesn’t exist.
On the way we all say that’s the scariest joke,
we all dreamed of this city before.
Wide open streets, trees dressed in white and silent angels.

The day we are going to Skars,
you stand by the road and say you’ll sink to the bottom of the sea with this city.
You say: Skars, Skars,
a city that never existed at all.

Translated by MW, July 2019



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