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七月 10, 2017

Photo by David Howard

summer evening:
moon is a white soccer ball
dangling over the park
it dissolves
in the twilight
comes out in the dark
with cicadas
we are very very lucky
apricot dumplings
we are healthy
wish everyone
had a good moon

MW July 2017

Photo by David Howard



五月 3, 2017

die abendsonne
verwandelt beton und stahl
im frühjahr in sand

MW Mai 2017


八月 3, 2015

Stralsund Sonne


the sea smells of fish
the sunset rolls in
very softly
the fish hall has
many kinds of fish
they are all very kind
to your palate

MW July 2015


das meer riecht nach fisch.
der sonnenuntergang rollt
ganz ganz leise.
im fischgeschäft gibt es
viele verschiedene fische.
nicht vergebens verschieden!
alle sind köstlich.

MW Juli 2015

Stralsund church gate


八月 29, 2014

empty graves - Yang Jian

Yang Jian

there are many empty graves in my country,
in empty graves nothing is there,
only earth and more earth.

you are afraid of ghosts,
you fear the ghosts are going to stir.
in our hearts we have buried those empty graves.

in autumn you cover your grave with weeds,
and when it breaks out,
you hide it right where its shows its first page.

in my country,
if the grass has a sound, it’s the sound of the wanderer,
it’s just the sunset sound in the desert.

my country is full of empty graves,
in empty graves nothing is there,
only weeds and more weeds.

Tr. MW, August 2014

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