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九月 26, 2017


irgendwo oben blinkt noch ein stern
gebt polen den sachsen
und burgenland ungarn
oder umgekehrt
dann haben sie dort
ihr eigenes volk

obwohl was schreib ich
war das nicht eh
dass ihnen morgen die ganze gehört
die ganze ostwelt
gehört hat

also nein
gebt sachsen den ungarn
den polen das burgenland
oder umgekehrt
war das besser?

MW September 2017


十月 16, 2014



the flowers on my desk are for you
the flowers on my desk are for you
they are for my granny
for my wife
for my mother
any woman who likes them
the leaves are rocking up in the trees
they get red one more time
they float down the river
the leaves are coming
the pigeons are on top of the roof
in the morning
caramel rocks wet on the beach
the water is clear
yesterday I went in again
herons, kingfishers, ducks, other birds
wild geese migrate
high up in formation
why are they going west
not straight south?
in the woods there is a waterfall
up the brook there’s another
where we stay there’s a school
elementary, high school, state college
from the college up on the hill
you see the whole valley
in a store after the gas station
you can get breakfast, fried stuff and such
at the counter they have a clock
clock goes the left way
numbers all backwards
people there say they don’t know where it came
the flowers on my desk are for you

MW October 2014



九月 9, 2011




Du Fu (712-770)
Short impressions (one of four poems, four lines each)


two orioles calling from willows,
one file of egrets up to the blue.
ranges of snow caught from my window,
docked at our gate is a passage to wu.

MW Tr. Sept. 2011

Photo by Angelika Burgsteiner

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