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八月 30, 2018

Photo: AFP Willnow


hat an chamnatz dar staat varsagt?
was dann sanst
ja abar
war hat an macklanbarg-varpammarn
an wasmar?

was as markal?
war as schradar?
ada dar kahl?

rachta hatz
vahl rachta hatz
alta and janga mannar
and fraan
an arapa
an angarn
an palan
and tschachaan
an astarrach

war ana schana stadt

MW August 2018




九月 26, 2017


irgendwo oben blinkt noch ein stern
gebt polen den sachsen
und burgenland ungarn
oder umgekehrt
dann haben sie dort
ihr eigenes volk

obwohl was schreib ich
war das nicht eh
dass ihnen morgen die ganze gehört
die ganze ostwelt
gehört hat

also nein
gebt sachsen den ungarn
den polen das burgenland
oder umgekehrt
war das besser?

MW September 2017


十二月 4, 2016

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wie hält es china mit der demokratie
wie hält es österreich
kann es österreich halten
pisst sich österreich an
wer bemerkt es
wie hält es china mit der demokratie
fragt ein vortrag
eine diskussion
zwei tage vor einer wahl
die in österreich
die republik
was ist für uns demokratie
seit 1945
seit 1955
was ist für ungarn demokratie
vor 1956
vor 1989
kann es österreich halten
scheisst sich österreich an
wer merkt es
seit 1984
lern ich chinesisch
13 jahre war ich in china
ich war grad in taiwan
1988 in taiwan
war demokratie etwas anderes
als fünf oder zehn jahre später
oder auch früher
oder vor zwei jahren
kann es österreich halten
brunzt sich österreich an
tut mir leid
ich war nicht bei dem vortrag

MW 3. Dezember 2016



九月 18, 2015

Warsaw bicycle


ich finde den adler nicht schön
nur den schatten des adlers
in der kapelle für katyn
gegenüber vom platz der aufständischen
es war ein tapferer aufstand
sie haben auch gewonnen zuerst
die rote armee stand bereit
auf der anderen seite des flusses
aber die rote armee hat gewartet
und die deutschen kamen zurück
sie haben die stadt abgerissen
die rote armee hat gewartet
das war 1944
der aufstand im ghetto war vorher
auf dem platz wo das ghetto war
steht stalins kulturpalast
das ghetto war noch viel größer
das war 1940
zehntausende polnische offiziere
vom geheimdienst getötet
vom sowjetischen geheimdienst
auch ukrainische offiziere
in der kapelle für katyn
gegenüber vom platz der aufständischen
zehntausende namen
und ein schöner adler
so steht es geschrieben
ich mag seinen schatten

MW Juli 2015, dt. Sept. 2015



八月 3, 2015

Warsaw bicycleWARSAW

the eagle is not beautiful
the shadow of the eagle is
they have a chapel for Katyn
across from uprising square
the uprising was very brave
they won at first
the Red Army was there
just across the river
but the Red Army waited
then the Germans came back
they razed Warsaw City
the Red Army waited
that was in 1944
before that was the Ghetto
the Ghetto uprising
Stalin’ s culture palace stands in its place
in the place of the Ghetto
was in 1940
tens of thousands of Polish officers
killed by Soviet intelligence
Ukrainians too
they have a chapel for Katyn
across from Uprising Square
tens of thousands of names
and a beautiful eagle
they say
I like its shadow

MW July 2015

Warsaw eagle
Jacqueline Winter

A beautiful summer morning. Biking through the historical center. The bike return station is next to the monument of the 1944 uprising against the Nazis. HOW many dead and wounded, while the Red Army literally stood by on the outskirts of town? And the city dynamited and emptied of its population…you would never think it, looking at it now.
Across the street, inside a church, a simple and gut- wrenching memorial to the Katyn massacre victims. With a side memorial for the Smolensk plane crash of 2010, which I fail to understand. Must ask a local where they see the connection- if they do.
And what a tough people: exiled, murdered, bombed, map redrawn…yet they rebuilt splendidly from the rubble while still dirt- poor and were the first to put up meaningful nonviolent resistance to the Soviets back in 1980. And had free elections as soon as they could.
Swinoujscie – Swinemünde had public exhibits around town about their common history with Germany, bilingual. A strongly German city which was bombed flat 55% for being a naval base. No mention of the pre-war German population in Warsaw, though…
The Warsaw “Stalin cake” / Palace of Culture and Science is still on the grounds of the Jewish ghetto. That uprising was in 1943. A few meters of markings on the ground to show where its outer wall once stood. That is all.

meine rede

Martin Winter

People are trying to get by everywhere. First World vs. Third World (or Second World) creates issues of privilege. Just like different kinds of background, experience, heritage make for issues of disconnect within a common country or region. Why are people stupid enough to vote for or even work with racist rightist arseholes in Hitler-spawning Austria? Austria-Hungary-Germany whatever? My friends in China try to get by. Like people everywhere. Some get to express how they detest the state they are in. Some more than others. Like people anywhere, more or less. Some have their audience, as famous poets or fiction writers. Yes, things have improved very much in Taiwan, and in China there is the same repression going on in some ways. Yes, everyone is taking part more or less, including foreigners. All in all, foreign media is a good influence. Most of it. Everywhere probably, in every country, reporting from any outsider’s stance or background can be very refreshing. I was privileged in Taiwan and in China, in Eastern Europe, even in America. On the other hand, I am in between. Every day I talk and work with people and texts from different worlds. It’s a great life, all in all.


八月 3, 2015

Swinoujscie ferrySWINOUJSCIE

they have a free ferry in świnoujście
one of the best things in this town
don’t know how much you have to pay
if you bring your car
guess there are monthly passes
or some permanent card
everyone needs to cross
at the mouth of the river świna
there is no bridge
the seaside is a little like latvia
except for the trees
we didn’t see any blueberries either
but the baltic sea and the sand
and the sun in summer are much the same
and also the rain
the wind is strong
the park is beautiful
they destroyed more than half of this town
in world war two
there is a church tower
without a church
a café in the tower
there is one central square
with some old houses
a fountain for kids
streets are named after national heroes
from solidarity and from before
train station is on the other side
the ferry is one of the best things in town

MW July 2015

Swinoujscie beach

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