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十月 7, 2020

Li Haiquan

The old lady has no children with her.
Several men pick up their strength
to straighten her curled up body,
I hear her bones creaking.
They wash her
and wrap her in linen.
She was bow-legged,
so those men all together
push her into the coffin,
bones rattling again.
They keep the coffin in a cool spot.
As they come out and lock the door,
an elder hands out dark chicken eggs
from the old lady’s coop
and reminds them to come again
for the interment in a few days.

Translated by MW, Oct. 2020

伊沙主持 | 新世纪诗典10一周联展(2020.10.4——10.10)


三月 22, 2018

Tang Xin

we were talking retirement. serious topic,
my friends are optimistic. problems will get
thoroughly solved. we can catch up.
there are so many dedicated new people: unselfish,
always smiling, full of skills and talents,
taking over their posts. oh my god, wasn’t that
my dream when I grew up. the internationale
unites the human race. and they are hailed as
intelligent robots. their only trouble
could be how to get rid of
half-zombies like me.

January 2018
Translated by MW, March 2018


一月 22, 2018


wir waren wirklich sehr viele
in scharen sind sie
in die u-bahn gegangen
am parlament
und der heldenplatz
war auch noch voll
stundenlang stehen
am westbahnhof
oder irgendwie ausruhen
bis etwas weitergeht
außer du bist ganz vorn
die mariahilferstraße runter
also die ganze strecke
von westbahnhof bis heldenplatz
war gleichzeitig demo
es war wirklich so schön
wie 2015 anfang oktober
damals hätte noch alles
gut werden können
jetzt haben wir
wenigstens einen präsidenten
der zu flüchtlingen hält
obwohl er lächelnd
nazifreunde anlobt
es war winter
es hat geregnet
am ende war ich schon ziemlich nass
aber die u-bahn war ja nicht weit
und wir waren wirklich sehr viele

MW Januar 2018




八月 18, 2017


Montjuic means
mountain of the Jewish cemetery.
In the 1380s
the Jews were driven
out of the city,
gravestones were used
for castle walls.
1000 years ago
there was a light house.
Later the castles built on the top
were often used to shoot on the city.
There’s ample reason,
there are ample historical reasons
for independence.
Catalan language
is everywhere,
Catalan first, Spanish second.
The castle gives you
a history lesson
beginning in Hebrew
and a poem in Catalan.
Much of the city
was built from quarries
here on the mountain.
Today there is peace,
peace enough for reflection.
How much do you need,
how much cooperation,
how much solidarity,
how much economics,
how much is public transport…
What can you see
from the top of the mountain?

MW July 2017


六月 14, 2017


there is a tower on fire in london
full of ordinary people
government housing
the american government
is preoccupied
every day
with president embarrassement
there is a looming election in austria
just like last year
the eu is not happy
italy and greece
have many refugees
some eastern countries
including austria
refuse to take any
austria has taken many
there has been solidarity
among the people
but also much cowardice
in government
cowardice and cunning
take your pick
the fire’s still burning

MW June 2017


七月 4, 2016

via Rhys Goode and Didi Kirsten Tatlow

via Rhys Goode and Didi Kirsten Tatlow

I guess this chart shows very clearly what a huge mistake it was for Cameron to play the tough Eu-sceptic all these years, promising this utterly stupid referendum. There are many frustrated people in the UK. There are many frustrated people in the US and in many other countries. One big factor is the so-called neo-liberal economy, unleashed by Thatcher and Reagan. The rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders addresses this fundamental problem. Bill Clinton and Tony Blair thought there could be a Third Way. Did it work? In some ways, for a while. Bush etc. wrecked very much, Blair and much of Europe helped them. Then came Obama. Nobels for him and the EU. For peace? Yes, the EU on the whole has been a factor for peace and understanding and prosperity for decades, despite all the faults. But the EU failed to make peace in the 1990s in Yugoslavia. The US stepped in, finally. The whole thing is still very shameful and problematic in retrospect. And the EU was not helping. So the EU is not able to make or bring peace when war breaks out. Neither is Obama. And neither the EU on the whole nor Obama nor Hillary will address what U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders addresses. Trump addresses much the same frustrations. With lies. Cameron and Boris Johnson etc. addressed the frustrations with blaming the EU. With lies and rumours. So what will happen? We in Austria are having another run-off vote soon. The third vote on a new president in six or seven months. Let’s hope Alexander Van der Bellen wins again, or Austria will be worse than Hungary. I guess two factors might help van der Alexander Van der Bellen: Hillary Clinton and everyone not completely benighted together will be fighting Trump in September. Trump and the FPÖ are the same thing, only the latter is worse. We have not addressed this enough here in Austria, but we will have to. The second factor against the shameless liars is the prevailing feeling of Brexit regret.

via Rhys Goode

via Rhys Goode


七月 3, 2016



hofer ist staatsfeind nr. 1
im ernst
dass ich diesen staat
dieses land beschütz und verteidig
hätt ich nie gedacht

warum ist hofer feind nr. 1?
und so weiter

MW Juli 2016






österreich ist 3. wahl
1. wahl wären länder
die nazis nicht tolerieren

MW 1. Juli 2016




3. WAL

der 3. wal
des österreichischen bundespräsidenten
schmeckt wie der 1. wal
lasst die viecher in ruhe
ich mag sie nicht
oft auf dem tisch

MW Juli 2016

photo by David Howard

photo by David Howard


六月 27, 2016



europa hat versagt
ich will kurz nicht als nachbarn
ich mag seine farbe nicht
er ist kein bunter vogel
grenzt ihn aus
schiebt ihn ab

MW Juni 2016


六月 25, 2016

Photo by David Howard

Photo by David Howard


in 1996
austria voted to join the eu
i was either in china
or in romania
or in between
there was war
in yugoslavia
most of 1994
i taught german
to bosnian refugees
the eu did nothing
to stop the war
they said the economy
would be much better
one common currency
each person benefits
I didn’t believe them
but smallmindedness
there was a hope against smallmindedness
two thirds voted for the eu
yesterday i read in a paper
a chinese paper printed in europe
in bosnia they still hope to join
we know the eu is not perfect
but for bosnia there’s no other way
they say
what did austria do
close the balkan route
keep refugees out
some people say
austria encouraged them
to split up yugoslavia
in 1990
anyway is there another way
against orban
in every country or worse
is this a poem
or just thinking out loud
i don’t know
what will change
the eu is still rich
on the whole
it was a project
to help poorer countries
i don’t know if that’s true
fuck the tories
fuck thatcher
let it all unravel
i don’t know
i guess no-one knows
somehow europe
should stand together
somehow we say we
hope for each other
everyone scraping
hope 4 our children

MW June 2016



it‘s a small mind after all

it’s a small mind after all


MW June 2016


Nein. 我們不要和谐!

五月 25, 2016

Untitled-1-700x350Please click on the picture to hear a CNN interview with Austria’s new president Alexander van der Bellen.

拒绝和谐!奥地利极右党是这个国家最大的威胁。极右思想、所谓民族主义政治、所说我们必须抵抗国外來的、非我们民族的威胁,这样说话的人就是最大的 威胁。二十七年以来都是这样。說出来事实会疼。我们宁愿就继续生活。我们都有朋友、家人、要互相保护。如果每天说出真相,每天专心尽量尽能揭开真相我们怎 麼办?让人家每天搞政治就是文革等等,就是法西斯。不过我们在奥地利有这次选举的机会,虽然可怕,虽然很悬。但我们难得有机会看到真相。真相一點都不美 好。二十七年来很多人都积极地合作,跟剥削者、跟以民族和经济的名义胡作非为、凌辱弱者合作。为什么说二十七年前?跟奥地利有什麼关系?那时候欧洲冷战结 束,柏林墙倒塌。但极右思想也馬上出来。排外的暴力很快就出来,尤其是几乎没什么外国人的比较贫穷、比较落后的、经济上和政治上比较看不起的地方就有非常 强的,非常丑陋的民族主义和排外暴力。奥地利极右党,就是所谓奥地利自由党现在最高的领导在1990年因為在奥地利和德国边境附近参加新纳粹活动被逮捕。 很少有人说出这件事。他被逮捕以后在德国的监狱里也许只有一天,时间肯定不长。但他那时候明明当新纳粹分子,一直参加类似活动。那时候他比较年轻。那时候 奥地利自由党有别的领袖。在奥地利谁都知道那时候崛起的所谓自由党领袖,在欧洲可惜也有不少人知道他的臭名。奥地利二十七年以来最大的可耻就是几乎没有人明明说出必须阻止 他。必须阻挡他们,否则完蛋了。我们当有价值的,有文化传统艺术等等的国度完蛋了。我们中欧完蛋了、欧盟完蛋了、上奥地利完蛋了,下奥地利任何小村庄完蛋 了。

这是奥地利真相。不美丽、不好听。能够说出来不容易。有这样很特别的选举才能够明明的看见、说出这些情况。一般和谐太多、合作太多。但极右思想,排外思想 不能容忍。不能说你们不用怕,我们保护这个国家,我们会做更多管理外国人的法律,不让他们来抢夺我们自己人的工作和福利。这样说话,这样做法律就是承认以 及鼓励极右思想。威胁你的工作和福利不是外国人,是全球化经济,是没有真正的团结阻挡的、没有工人和贫穷人家自己组织的社会主义就没有人能阻挡的全球化资 本主义霸权。而资本主义霸权跟民族主义霸权相处非常好。奥地利自由党的自由最广大、最容易被承认的意义就是自由经济。所以奥地利自由党在一九八九之前就是 非常喜 欢欧共体,那时候還没說歐盟。那时候奥地利自由党虽然有老纳粹,有人怀念所谓日耳曼民族,但有很多人只主持自由经济。八十年代末之前,奥地利自由党虽然有 新纳粹,但不能当领导。









Nein. Ich habe van der Bellen gewählt, er wird sicher ein guter Präsident sein. Aber die Hälfte der Wähler, die Hofer wollten, ergibt gar nichts Schönes. Im Gegenteil. Das sollten und dürfen wir nicht schönreden. Wir haben gewonnen, weil es klar genug war, dass diese Partei nicht an die Macht darf. Um ein Äuzerl. Normalerweise wird leider alles andere getan, als klar zu sagen, was los ist. Nein. Keine Versöhnung. Nicht mit Herrn Angst und Schrecken. Nicht mit dem Lager, aus dem diese Herren kommen. Wir brauchen einen Cordon Sanitaire. Niemand würde Le Pen so behandeln, wie diese Leute hier behandelt werden. Leider auch in Deutschland. Nein. Das ist die Partei der Rechtsextremen. Der Hetzer. Der Lügner und Betrüger. Das ist hunderttausendmal belegt. Wir brauchen Trennlinien. Wir brauchen einen großen, tiefen Graben neben allen vernünftigen Menschen, die verstanden haben, worauf dieser Staat beruht. Auf Antifaschismus. So wurde dieser Staat gegründet, 1945. Wer sich dazu bekennt, ist auf unserer Seite. Wer nicht, der oder die ist auf der anderen Seite des Grabens. Und je breiter und tiefer und besser sichtbarer dieser Graben ist, desto besser.

Alexander van der Bellen - first speech as president-elect of Austria Photo: Michaela Brucklberger

Alexander van der Bellen – first speech as president-elect of Austria
Photo: Michaela Brucklberger


五月 14, 2016



betet für uns

alle außerhalb österreichs
denen wir nicht
vollkommen wurst sind
betet für uns

wir wissen dass wir selber schuld sind

alle in österreich
die offen sind
betet für uns

himmel und erde
sind nicht barmherzig
behandeln die zehntausend dinge
wie strohpuppen

betet für uns

MW Mai 2016



die menschen in der u-bahn reden wie im theater
nur etwas leiser, etwas diskret

die menschen im theater reden wie in der u-bahn
nur etwas lauter und überdreht

MW Mai 2016

SPRING IS A WONDERFUL SEASON – April 15, 2016 in Vienna. #Schutzbefohlene *

四月 15, 2016



April 15, 2016 in Vienna. #Schutzbefohlene *
Spring is a wonderful season,
trees spilling their green.
Some are cut, some are planted.
Downstairs across they are planting a park,
used to be train tracks.

Last year we had refugees at the station.

Spring is a wonderful season.

They said it was 90,000 people or so
in all of Austria,
mostly in a few months,
who wanted to stay in this country.
Ten times more went on to Germany.
So many people wanted to help.
Train workers, even police.
Volunteers, often more than enough.
We live in the neighbourhood.
My daughter Maia went down to play with the refugee children.
After a while she knew the volunteers.
It was safe.
The refugees staid down by the station.
Some people from our house took in refugees.

There was discussion to use the shop,
the empty shop downstairs in this new house,
for refugee quarters.
Just for the winter.
That shop has bathrooms and everything.

But then they closed down at the station.
It was in December.
They took them with buses, they said, from the border.
On to Germany.
If you said you wanted Germany, they let you in.
They were building a fence.
So in December, the station was empty.
Maybe Mid-December.
No quarters in our house.
But people still coming in.
Coming up through the Balkans, used to be Yugoslavia.

In early January we played Tarot down in the library.
We have a library in our house.
And we play cards, for a few pennies.
On Friday nights.
We have had readings, and even theatre.
Gudrun and Peter, they built a stage.
Downstairs in the big common room.
We had a night reciting Bob Dylan.
Down you masters of war.

But then in January, there was Cologne.
In Cologne at the train station, on New Year’s Night.
Hundreds of women harassed.
Raped, one or two.
Many foreign men there at the train station.
Not enough police, or police doing nothing.
We should discuss this, one of us said.
We had been playing cards.
What is there to discuss, there ‘s not much in the news.
Maybe social networks did play a role.
I want to discuss this.
These refugees becoming a problem.
What is there to discuss, there’s not much in the news.
These refugees becoming a problem.
A discussion is stupid, without any facts.
So one of us went away in a huff.

Later I was away, I was in China.
In southern China, a poetry trip.
From southern China to Southeast Asia.
The year before they went to Vietnam.
Wrote some good poetry.
Vietnam wars in the background,
including China attacking Vietnam.
And other stuff, daily life.
Morning routine.

This year I went with them through Southeast Asia.
Poets from all over China. 16 or 17.
One or two guides.
Guides of Chinese extraction.
Thailand, Singapore. And Malaysia.
Then back to Nanning, to southern China.

Poetry meetings, almost every night.
Sometimes more.
One time in the airport.
Plane was delayed, nothing better to do, call a poetry meeting.
Poems written there on the road.

Yi Sha has this dream, before every border.
Dreaming they won’t let him through.
Normally he writes down all his dreams.
Makes for good poetry.
But not this time, he was afraid.
Only when we were safe in Malaysia.

They had a crackdown, in Kuala Lumpur.
There was an attack in Indonesia.
Muslim majority in Malaysia, too.
If the father is Muslim, the child has to be Muslim.
Not Chinese or anything else.
It was not like this before.
At least according to our guide.
They have elections and a Sultan.
Or they call him a King, at least in Chinese.

It’s a beautiful country.
Tribes in the woods.
Our guide lived with a tribe for a week.
For a project at university.
She was very young, has a small child.
She speaks Fukien Chinese.
Mandarin with the tourists, of course.
Liked to talk about sex.
Malaysian men with many wives.
Just a few Muslims, who can afford it.

On February first, I came back to Austria.
Refugees still coming, though not so many.
News had been shifting.
Creating a climate against refugees.
We put a limit on loving our neighbours.
That was a poster.
The foreign minister, he’s very young.
The interior ministress.
She’s not there any more now, she’ll become governess.
Governor of Lower Austria.
And the candidate.
Their candidate for Federal President.

President is just a figurehead here.
Like in Germany.
In Germany, he is elected in parliament.
So he is from the majority party.
He or she.

In Austria, everyone votes for the President.
Everyone should.
Everyone is automatically registered, every citizen.
Nowadays you can vote in advance.
Local district office.
Ballot per mail, or there at the office.
That guy for limits on loving your neighbour won’t make it.
He’s trailing far behind in the polls.
But his policies are federal policy.

They let that happen, the Social Democrats.
They are the majority.
But they let it happen, they are just like the rightists.
News had been shifting.
These refugees becoming a problem.
Some Social Democrats work with the Rightists.
Those other Rightists.
That Freedom Party.
Some Neo-Nazis.
Some Neo-Nazis cling to this party.
Some were just Liberals.
In the 1980s they were for joining the European Community.
Anyway now they are shameless Rightists.
Austria should not be ashamed, they proclaim.
Including old Nazis, including SS.

And Social Democrats think they should work with them.
But they are trailing, the Social Democrats.
Maybe their candidate will fall behind,
though not as far as the one with the limits.
They are far behind, both of them.

Three candidates are in front.
Front-runner is from the Green Party.
They always were for refugees.
And there is a woman.
Not from a party.
A former judge.
Liberal views, for the economy.
Definitely not from the Left.
Those two were leading.
But Freedom Party candidate is closing up.

No, he doesn’t say we are all Germans.
Though he says many things.
Austrians first, don’t be ashamed.
Don’t be ashamed of anything.
Works better than just talk about limits.

So I’ve voted already, ten days in advance.

I’m afraid.
That Freedom guy is worse than Trump.
Similar causes why they are so popular.

Austria is very small.
President is just a figurehead.
But I’m afraid.

Austria becomes Hungary.
Headline in Switzerland, two days ago.
Rightist government, fences.
Italy protesting, not only Greece.
Against Austria, in the EU.

EU has been weak.
Rightist reactions in Eastern Europe.
Rightist rhetoric against refugees.
From Social Democrats, some of them.
EU is weak, was very weak in the Yugoslav wars.

Mid-April sun is shining outside.
Spring is a beautiful season,
trees spilling their green.
Some are cut, some are planted.
Downstairs across they are planting a park.

Martin Winter
April 15, 2016
*Schutzbefohlene means people placed under protection. It is the title of a play by Elfriede Jelinek, the Austrian author who won the Nobel prize for literature in 2004. She wrote the play in 2013. It was performed, by refugees, at University of Vienna on April 14, 2016, when a group of rightists stormed the stage. They sprayed red paint and reportedly injured performers, including children. I wrote the long poem above on Friday morning, April 15. I had not been at the performance and knew nothing about the incident before my text was finished. But I think my text works as background reading, at least.




三月 15, 2016



feigmann ist ein solidarischer mensch
genau wie die zeitung
genau wie das fernsehen
die herrinnen bundesminister
hoch die internationale feigheit
wir haben die balkan-route verstopft
jetzt stopfen wir die italien-route
wir sind ja mittendrin
wir sind österreich-ungarn

MW März 2016


chancellor chicken is all solidarity
he loves the papers
he loves the tv
he loves his fellow interior ministers
hail international cowardice!
we have blocked the balkan route
now let us seal the italian corridor
let us block ourselves all over europe
first and foremost 

MW March 2016


二月 9, 2016


wieviele sind es jetzt jeden tag?
ich will informationen
keine politiker
anfang jänner haben noch tausend
oder paar tausend die grenze erreicht
das war damals in kärnten.
die meisten wollen nach deutschland
manche bleiben
deutschland hat in einem halben jahr
eine million aufgenommen
hört man jedenfalls immer.
schweden auch ziemlich viel.
manche wollen nach finnland
zu jemandem von ihrer familie.
jetzt reden fast jeden tag die politiker.
wie soll man begrenzen?
wie sorgt man dafür dass nicht alle bleiben?
wie kann man möglichst einfach zurückschicken?
in welches land ist nicht so wichtig.
fast niemand hat jemals gefragt
warum deutschland und österreich?
was haben deutschland und österreich
denn gemacht im letzten krieg?
und was ist mit ungarn und tschechien und so weiter?
unsere eu hat sie auch aufgenommen
das ist gut für deutschland
für große konzerne
vielleicht gibt es nachteile.
vielleicht sagen manche
die haben unsere wirtschaft geschluckt
sollen die drüben sich darum kümmern.
wieviele sind es jetzt jeden tag?

MW Anfang Februar 2016



他们多半想继续到德国 。
那么匈牙利, 捷克等等东欧国家




十一月 24, 2015



I am still praying for Paris
ten days later
I pray for Vienna
next to the French consulate
is the Soviet monument
I pass it in streetcar D
there are wreaths at the monument every year
there are flowers all around the consulate
second time this year
every time it gets cold
mass graves detected again in Iraq
this time elderly women

who could not be sold easily
according to Facebook
probably accurate
the Soviet monument to peace in Europe
lots of Greek columns
inscribed by Stalin
and a big fountain
with water straight from the alps
the architect of the aqueduct
that keeps Vienna alive
lets it bloom again and again
was a Jew

MW November 2015


Picture by Sara Bernal


ich bete auch heute noch für paris
zehn tage später
ich bete für wien
neben dem französischen konsulat
liegt das russendenkmal
ich fahre im d-wagen vorbei
am denkmal gibt es jedes jahr kränze
am konsulat sind rundherum blumen
zum zweiten mal in diesem jahr
jedesmal wenn es kalt wird
wieder massengräber entdeckt im irak
diesmal ältere frauen
jedenfalls laut facebook
es wird schon stimmen
das russendenkmal ist sehr pathetisch
in griechischen formen
mit texten von stalin
und einem brunnen
der kommt aus den alpen
der architekt der wasserleitung
die wien am leben erhält
und immer wieder zum blühen bringt
war ein jude

MW November 2015


Picture by Sara Bernal


十一月 15, 2015



österreich liegt im tiefsten frieden
paris war im krieg gestern abend
und taumelt noch
die flüchtlinge sind zu uns gekommen
man merkt es nicht überall
manche engagieren sich sehr
es hat sich etwas großes verändert
mit offenen grenzen

es gibt ein gefühl der hilflosigkeit
es gibt einen namen für dieses gefühl
T-I-N-A, so hat es die thatcher genannt
“There Is No Alternative”
aber es hat sich etwas getan
man kann etwas tun gegen thatcher und orban
und ihre gehilfen
gegen pinochet gegen
die furcht rechts und links
die herrschaft der furcht
ss-trach, furcht und schrecken

aber es hat sich etwas getan
es ist etwas offen
wer weiß wie lange noch
wer will dass die welt so bleibt wie sie war
wie es die innenminister und innen
glauben wollen zu müssen
der will dass nichts offen bleibt
keine chance
keine chancen für uns
für die welt

MW 14. November 2015


There is everything wrong with a flag as a symbol of nationalism. Every time I see a fucking rightist with an Austrian flag I want to do something against them. But this is because I do identify with Austria, even though I feel ashamed of my country almost every day. France has a bloody colonial history. Were and are the massacres after the fall of the Paris Commune and the massacre against Algerians in Paris in 1961 connected with the tri-color flag? I don’t know. It’s good to bring up history. I don’t know much about any flag. Is the Union Jack more of a symbol of empire than the French tricolore, as one commentator suggested? I don’t know. When I see the British flag, I think of Mods and The Who. The flag of China represents a one-party dictatorship, even if it has more than one star on it. But if something that awful happened in Beijing or in Xi’an, maybe I would find nothing wrong with using the current flag of China to show solidarity. Yes, there were massacres in Kenya and in Beirut and people dying from state terror in Xinjiang in China, as far as I’ve heard, and people dying from some sort of terror in Colombia or other places around the world and so on. Yes, Facebook is not all that multicultural in origin, and it’s not always a tool of social change. Big surprise. Anyway, more discussion and more awareness are always good. And more solidarity.


九月 19, 2015



die pischen uns überall hin!
die pischen am hauptbahnhof überall auf die wände.
ich habs doch gesehen!
das muss man reinschreiben in den vertrag.
noch etwas?
in der wohnhausanlage von uns gegenüber
gibt es ein notquartier.
hat irgend jemand etwas bemerkt?
ich hab was bemerkt.
wir haben schon was bemerkt.
wie haben sie’s bemerkt?
naja, wir haben’s bemerkt.
wie haben sie’s bemerkt?
wir gehen am abend raus mit dem hund.
da haben wir manchmal etwas bemerkt.
was haben sie da bemerkt?
da stehen manchmal mehr flüchtlinge ‘rum.
ich bin dagegen.
das ist doch alles organisiert.
die kriegen 15.000 euro damit sie flüchten.
das machen die ölscheichs.
dann gehen die nicht nach saudiarabien.
hahaha! hahaha!
naja sie lachen!
sie werden schon sehen!
ich weiß wovon ich rede.
die gehen nicht weg.
die regierung soll sich darum kümmern.
wir geben jeder fünf euro
und mieten einen container.
dort haben sie alles duschen und klos.
das kostet 500 euro im monat.
aber nicht hier bei uns.
irgendwo dort am hauptbahnhof.
ich bin dagegen.
aber vielleicht sind einige hier dafür.
dann kann ich nichts machen.
ich möchte wissen von wem geht das aus?
wir haben hier viel geld investiert.
es ist eine genossenschaft.
jeder von uns zahlt einen genossenschaftsanteil.
wir sind keine mieter.
aber wir leben hier in geförderten wohnungen.
alle steuerzahler auch die nicht so schöne wohnungen haben,
die haben alle gezahlt dass diese häuser gebaut werden.
die gehen doch alle nie wieder weg!
das sind notquartiere. nur für den winter. bis april oder so.
das steht alles drin in dem vertrag mit der ngo.
und wie wissen sie was dann passiert?
ich habe erfahrung.
ich komme aus serbien.
ich war in traiskirchen.
meine eltern sind flüchtlinge.
wenn es schon sein muss dann nur familien.
die brauchen das doch am allermeisten.
sonst trau ich mich nicht zu denen hin.
wenn das lauter junge männer sind.
wieviele sind es? da gibt es doch nur ein klo und ein waschbecken.
nein, es gibt zwei.
das wird doch alles organisiert.
wenn sie zum hauptbahnhof gehen
und genau hinsehen
dann löst das etwas aus
dann denkt man anders.
die pischen uns doch überall hin!

MW September 2015



九月 7, 2015



die kastanien sind bald reif
so viele kastanienbäume in wien
die kastanien sind bald reif
und so viele flüchtlinge
die kastanien sind bald reif
wir haben hier keine schweine
die kastanien sind bald reif
so viele leute helfen den flüchtlingen
die kastanien sind bald reif
wir haben so viele schweine in wien
die kastanien sind bald reif
so viele wählen die fpö
die kastanien sind bald reif
vielleicht heißt mehr flüchtlinge weniger nazis

So., 6. Sept. 2015


chestnuts are nearly ripe
so many chestnut trees in vienna
chestnuts are nearly ripe
so many refugees
chestnuts are nearly ripe
we don’t have pigs
chestnuts are nearly ripe
so many people helping refugees
chestnuts are nearly ripe
we have so many swine
chestnuts are nearly ripe
so many people vote fpö
chestnuts are nearly ripe
maybe more refugees means less for the nazis

MW September 6th, 2015


八月 3, 2015

Swinoujscie ferrySWINOUJSCIE

they have a free ferry in świnoujście
one of the best things in this town
don’t know how much you have to pay
if you bring your car
guess there are monthly passes
or some permanent card
everyone needs to cross
at the mouth of the river świna
there is no bridge
the seaside is a little like latvia
except for the trees
we didn’t see any blueberries either
but the baltic sea and the sand
and the sun in summer are much the same
and also the rain
the wind is strong
the park is beautiful
they destroyed more than half of this town
in world war two
there is a church tower
without a church
a café in the tower
there is one central square
with some old houses
a fountain for kids
streets are named after national heroes
from solidarity and from before
train station is on the other side
the ferry is one of the best things in town

MW July 2015

Swinoujscie beach


三月 24, 2014


Lakuz Lee

all around us the world is full of good people.

all these good people at school want to lend you a pencil.
all these good people will rush to pull you up when you fall down.
all these good people won’t help you when you are bullied.
because to the bullies they are also good schoolmates.

all these good people at the army will polish your boots and stand guard for you.
all these good people will lend you money so you can get back to your hometown.
all these good people won’t help you if you are bullied.
because to the sergeant they are also good soldiers.

all these good people at work want to brew you a coffee.
all these good people will listen all night when you’re broken-hearted.
all these good people won’t help you if the boss shouts at you.
because to the boss they are also good workers.

all these good people on the street will pick up your things when you drop them.
all these good people want to give you directions when you are lost.
all these good people won’t help you when your house gets torn down.
because to the government they are also good citizens.

some of these good people will become good police.
some of these good police will protect you against violence.
all these good police won’t help you if there are bad policemen who beat you.
because to the bad policemen they are also good comrades.

all around us the world is full of good people.
all these good people are filled with good intentions.
our world depends on cooperation among these good people.
when it is time we need to stand up by ourselves and step past good people.

Tr. MW, 2014-03-24











二月 9, 2013

《新诗典》以本诗为天下苍生祈福! //@老纪微波:抄送@长安伊沙
In bloom in the chanting
Zhan Che
Chanting sutras, blossoms opening
– stopping by the shrine of the Le Sheng Old People’s Home
[to be demolished]

100 year old banyan tree stretching its roots
sunlight in the wind tipping millions of leaves
some kind of music comes from these instruments
from strings and keys
from hairs and tongues
lepers kneeling before Buddha statues
wrists without hands
wrists that had knives tied to them for cutting vegetables
wrists, mallets tied to them beating wooden fish
– wooden fish swimming in sounds of bells
sounds of bells swimming in rain

those fish without noses
bats with no eyes
earthworms with no hands or feet
by the sound of those wooden fish
growing into whatever they planted
osmanthus smiles magnolia
scents through their four elements six roots of desire
through their five sensory organs in forms of flowers
scents drawing in sutra chanting
in the unseen world –
from their deformed hands feet noses lips
growing twigs and leaves
osmanthus blossoms magnolia smiles
smiling bodhisattvas
in scents of sandalwood and flowers
lighting lanters to walk through the night

but they will be banished by rigid laws
this cultural heritage for all mankind fits into
colonial history public health human rights
they are helpless in this official-commercial structure
but they will take to the streets kneeling and praying
with their deformed blood-swollen hands and feet
kneeling praying entreating towering authorities
bringing their muttering whispering groaning
flower scents and chanting sutras
drip into memory drop in the rain

Published in Unitas Daily (Taiwan) June 23, 2006

Tr. MW Febr. 9, 2013


【2006/06/23 聯合報】 【詹澈】


長成他(她)們植栽的桂花 玉蘭花 含笑
開出了桂花 玉蘭花與含笑

這合於人權的 殖民史的 公衛史的
人類共有的文化古蹟 一群與建築
帶著噥噥喃喃 嘸嘸唔唔的

Abstimmung 票決

一月 20, 2013

Für Zivildienst. Und ein Bundesheer mit breiter Bevölkerungsbasis. Wenn überhaupt ein Heer. Aber zur Polizei hab ich kaum Vertrauen. Wir sind neutral. Nicht bei der NATO. Vertrau ich der Polizei? Warum soll ich einem Berufsheer vertrauen? Wir gehen jetzt zur Flüchtlingsdemo. 13:30 beim Volkstheater. Bis dann, alles Gute. Martin Both females  Bock.jpg large Beim Seiteneingang BarBusch

We had a vote about our military in Austria on the weekend. And a demonstration for refugees on hunger strike. Complete with a huge Sachertorte. For the protesters. In commemoration of the “Lichtermeer” against racism and xenophobia in Vienna 20 years ago. I didn’t know if I was going to vote, on Sunday morning. So I got Jackie to call our old friend, Gen. A., her employer in Beijing. The Social Democrats wanted to abolish the draft. But some prominent Social Democrats wanted to keep it, incl. the president. General A. is Social Democrat. But he said if the draft is abolished, they will only get certain segments of the population as recruits. You can do all sorts of other things instead of going to the army. Work in a hospital, teach German to refugees (what I did), even go to Qiqiha’er 齊齊哈爾 for a year. (Here is another report in German, translated from 齊齊哈爾日報)。 It’s not that bad if every healthy young man is required to do something for the community. That was my reasoning. When I did that alternative community service thing, we had to do some training at first for being able to help in case of floods, storms etc. That boat thing was fun. The guy in our group whose parents were in the far-right Freedom Party volunteered and was the first to try and row to an island in the icy Danube. Boat leaked. He didn’t get very far. They sent him to hospital. He was ok. Later on he had to teach German to refugees, helping me. He wasn’t bad, they liked him. He really tried, and I’m quite sure his attitude to refugees etc. changed.

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