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SICHT AUF DEN BERG – 游若昕 You Ruoxin

9月 21, 2020

You Ruoxin

An der Ampel
heb ich den Kopf.
Auf dem Berg Nanji
nicht weit von hier
ist der Turm verschwunden.
Der Turm ist verschluckt von dichten Wolken.
Ich bin der Turm.
Der Verkehr auf der Straße verschluckt mich.
Ich bin kein Turm.
Ich seh daß die Wolken
auf dem Berg Nanji
den Turm verschlucken.

2. August 2020
Übersetzt von MW im September 2020



8月 15, 2017


Going up the Eiffel tower
means walking up all the way
to the second platform
if you don’t have a ticket beforehand
and want to wait in the shortest line
at the south tier, which still takes an hour.
That is after you stood in line
and went through security
to get onto the square under the tower.
So the line takes an hour at least.
Then it costs 7 Euro per adult, 5 if you’re under 19,
3 under 10. That’s for walking up.
And we had walked all the way from the Louvre.
Through the Tuileries, took a left at the Obelisk
to get over the Seine. The Orangerie museum
looks interesting. We had already seen sculptures
by Germaine Richier and others in the Tuileries park.
I remember a sculpture by her in Bilbao at the art museum.
Would have loved to get a closer look in the Tuileries,
but they don’t let you walk on the grass. Weird sculptures,
not at all like the one in Bilbao. We had of course seen the Venus of Milo
and the winged Nike of Samothrake. No, those aren’t cereals.
And a hermaphrodite, son of Hermes and Aphrodite,
merged with a Nymph by Zeus at her urgent request.
Yes, male and female organs. Many, many Aphrodites,
many clothed, actually. Artemis, Pallas,
and all the men. Marsyas, soon to be flayed.
Not to speak of the paintings. Or the old Egypt stuff,
very well organized, shows daily life, work
and many, many details
from 4000 years ago and so on. Better than in Vienna.
Lots of busts and other stuff from Palmyra,
many other places in Syria. Yemen, too.
A whole room from Palmyra.
Anyway, up on the Eiffel tower.
Thousands of people up there at night.
Very special feeling. We had lunched in the park,
there is a place with benches on a little hill
very close to the tower. Yuhuan started sketching,
Including the lamppost in front of us. Everyone else flew
paper planes and ate and drank what was there
from the small supermarket
around the corner. Lunch at seven thirty or eight.
We came home to the hotel at two o’clock in the morning.
Subway at Bir Hakeim, not very close.
But interesting and working late. Some people get in free.
We are content with smuggling in a small child every time.
People ask for centimes when they’re asking for money.
Very polite, actually. Centimes, from the old currency.
Probably means fifty Euro cents now. I think one was asking for less
when I had my hands full this morning with groceries from the bakery
after getting up before noon. No, you don’t really notice
the permanent state of emergency
more than the propaganda for 2024,
for the Olympics. They made a deal with Los Angeles, right?
One comes first, one four years later.
Whatever. Should really eat something now.

MW August 2017

GOD – for David Howard

3月 18, 2016



god is for humans
god is for earthquakes
god is for bishops
god’s for the birds
god is for pawns
god is for efforts
god is for nothing
god’s beyond words

MW 3/16/16
For David Howard


IMG_20160317_062632_453 IMG_20160317_062643_656 CAM01087 CAM01088 CAM01089

E.T. at Arsenal

10月 2, 2015


E.T. behind the Military Museum, Vienna

the moon is a white bean
at the tv tower
maybe it’s only
a cell phone tower
it’s for the army
and for the refugees
e.t. phone home

MW Oct. 1st, 2015


der mond ist eine weisse bohne
neben dem fernsehturm
vielleicht ist es nur
ein handyturm
und etwas fürs bundesheer
und für die flüchtlinge
e.t. nach hause telefonieren

MW 1. Oktober 2015


8月 28, 2015

reading in china


ich war in einer funktion hier
als demonstrant
und als konzertgeher
am tag der befreiung
dürfen die rechten
nicht mehr marschieren
am abend spielen symphoniker
noch nicht so lang
unfertig, verloren
vom heldenplatz sieht man den flakturm.
so endet simon winders danubia
das beste buch über europa
und über österreich
sie wollten ihn kleiden
ein flakturm in italienischem marmor
weiß nicht ob das stimmt. aus dem inneren tor
bevor du hinauskommst, siehst du den turm
wenn du aufblickst, vielleicht auf dem fahrrad. jedenfalls auf der straße.
nicht wenn du auf dem platz bist. war winder auf dem balkon?

er hat leider recht. am turm erkennt man uns.

ebenso hässlich wie mao in peking

hoch auf dem turm hoch über dem platz.

nur viel viel schlimmer.

hässlich ist alles was toleriert wird

oder nur übersehen

obwohl es terror repräsentiert.
der platz ist ok. kinder spielen.
der platz ist verloren. wie tiananmen.
ball der verbindungen. rechte studenten.
gebt ihnen allen ganz schnelle wagen. einsame landstraßen.
die polizei darf alles absperren. die ganze innenstadt.
jedenfalls wo protestiert werden könnte.
einkesseln. jagen. mitnehmen. anklagen.
landfriedensbruch. auch wenn li peng kommt.
kroch hitler aus den ruinen von habsburg?
welche ruinen? besuchszeiten sind
alles ist wunderbar renoviert
das völkerkundemuseum
heißt jetzt irgendwie anders. etwas von welt.
der glanze heldenplatz zirka.

MW August 2015

Picture by Thomas Wong

Picture by Thomas Wong


8月 3, 2015

Swinoujscie ferrySWINOUJSCIE

they have a free ferry in świnoujście
one of the best things in this town
don’t know how much you have to pay
if you bring your car
guess there are monthly passes
or some permanent card
everyone needs to cross
at the mouth of the river świna
there is no bridge
the seaside is a little like latvia
except for the trees
we didn’t see any blueberries either
but the baltic sea and the sand
and the sun in summer are much the same
and also the rain
the wind is strong
the park is beautiful
they destroyed more than half of this town
in world war two
there is a church tower
without a church
a café in the tower
there is one central square
with some old houses
a fountain for kids
streets are named after national heroes
from solidarity and from before
train station is on the other side
the ferry is one of the best things in town

MW July 2015

Swinoujscie beach

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