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8月 3, 2015

Swinoujscie ferrySWINOUJSCIE

they have a free ferry in świnoujście
one of the best things in this town
don’t know how much you have to pay
if you bring your car
guess there are monthly passes
or some permanent card
everyone needs to cross
at the mouth of the river świna
there is no bridge
the seaside is a little like latvia
except for the trees
we didn’t see any blueberries either
but the baltic sea and the sand
and the sun in summer are much the same
and also the rain
the wind is strong
the park is beautiful
they destroyed more than half of this town
in world war two
there is a church tower
without a church
a café in the tower
there is one central square
with some old houses
a fountain for kids
streets are named after national heroes
from solidarity and from before
train station is on the other side
the ferry is one of the best things in town

MW July 2015

Swinoujscie beach


9月 9, 2011




Du Fu (712-770)
Short impressions (one of four poems, four lines each)


two orioles calling from willows,
one file of egrets up to the blue.
ranges of snow caught from my window,
docked at our gate is a passage to wu.

MW Tr. Sept. 2011

Photo by Angelika Burgsteiner

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