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九月 28, 2020

Hua Shao

Im Flugzeug,
eine Frau in mittleren Jahren wird ohnmächtig.
Leute gehen schauen, gehen wieder weg.
Ich dränge mich durch.
Zeichen von Guasha-Behandlung
im Nacken
auf der Schulter
am Rücken, Blasenmeridian.
Ich mach Akkupressur:
Bai Hui, oben Schädelmitte.
Feng Chi, Nackengruben am Schädelansatz.
Nei Guan, Unterarm innen drei Finger vom Handgelenk.
Die Frau wacht auf.
Ergreift meine Hand, dankt mir mehrmals.
Ihr Nachbar wundert sich.
Sind sie Ärztin?
Ich schüttle den Kopf.
Aha, Sie praktizieren illegal?
„Sie hat nur Sonnenstich.“

19. August 2020
Übersetzt von MW im September 2020



四月 26, 2020


Dreamt of our translator’s editing thing,
our jour fixe at Vienna Literaturhaus.
Not a fixed day, actually,
but every few weeks, except in the summer.
Someone brings a text, already translated,
and people make suggestions
to improve certain parts.
I don’t always go,
but it’s a good tradition.
Now I went again in my dream,
Brigitte was there, a few other people.
It was a little awkward,
but I wasn’t sure why.
Had I missed the memo?
Gradually I remembered
it is virus time, this isn’t allowed
and I am dreaming.
But in the deeper levels of dreamland,
it seems the virus doesn’t exist
or maybe not yet.

MW April 2020


we live
we die
we cry
we fly
we try

MW April 2020

Thanks to Andrew Field!


In Wirklichkeit ist es immer wie jetzt.
Halt nicht auf einmal,
doch in der Schwebe,
ein bisschen versetzt.
In Wirklichkeit ist
dein Leben nicht fest,
sicher ist gar nichts,
egal was wer sagt.
In Wirklichkeit bist du Tanz und Musik.
Wir sind was sich dreht
oder steht
und jemanden sucht
solang es noch geht.

MW 1. April 2020







Actually it’s always like this
for many people.
You live from one day to the next.
Only now it’s a big deal
for the whole world
for a while.

MW April 1st, 2020





Actually it’s always like this
for many people.
You live from one day to the next.
You have to stay in
or avoid the police.
You need your neighbors,
but you are afraid.
You could get infected
any day any hour,
and you need each other.

Actually life isn’t fixed,
nothing’s secure,
whatever they say.
Actually you’re at a dance.
Turning, turning and then
slowing down.
Standing, maybe
looking for someone,
if it still works.

MW April 2020


the moon
is hanging out
in isolation

the moon
is hanging out
in isolation
behind the clouds
over flowering trees
it’s getting cold again

MW March 2020


维马丁|伊沙 译





One poem per day
takes nothing away,
I want to say.
But everything takes time,
every drug,
every mask,
every care.
So one poem per day
could take away
whatever else you would have had.
But then you could
hear it again,
whatever you do,
if it was good.

MW March 2020


The world is grinding to a halt.
So are we all madly in love?
Or have we come to our senses
about the climate
between each other?
About working together?
We don’t have a choice.
And we don’t have a choice
in hoping it will soon be over.
And we still let them set our clocks.

MW March 29, 2020





MR. BUDDHA – 安小吉

二月 26, 2019

An Xiaoji

My friend Qiang has found Budda,
Buddha this Buddha that all day long,
hasn’t found a wife yet,
so he says his karma will turn around.
Then his boss fires him,
so that was karma too.
Losing money in business
he says “good!” because good luck must follow.
When his mother kills a chicken
and his father drinks alcohol
in front of him, he tells them they are sinning.
Recently Qiang has got diarrhea,
runs to the toilet from morning till evening.
I tell him go to a doctor, take medicine;
he says no problem, no problem,
this is like monastic practice, too.

Translated by MW in Febr. 2019


十一月 27, 2018

Cai Xiyin

eine frau ohne arme
übt im park tanzen.
sagt eine frau in mittleren jahren
leise zu ihrer freundin:
“wenn sie so allein tanzt,
fehlt ihr noch etwas.
wenn eine ganze truppe so tanzt,
das wär toll.”

Übersetzt von MW im November 2018





四月 19, 2018

Yang Du

er sagt mir
er braucht nur drei striche
und zeichnet mir eine nackte frau

in wirklichkeit sind es vier striche
nur vier striche
und auf meinem prüfungsbogen
neben meinem namen ist eine nackte frau

dann betont er mehrere male
das hat ihm vor jahren ein mitschüler beigebracht
das hat er nicht selbst rausgekriegt
das hat er nicht selbst rausgekriegt








SPRING IS A WONDERFUL SEASON – April 15, 2016 in Vienna. #Schutzbefohlene *

四月 15, 2016



April 15, 2016 in Vienna. #Schutzbefohlene *
Spring is a wonderful season,
trees spilling their green.
Some are cut, some are planted.
Downstairs across they are planting a park,
used to be train tracks.

Last year we had refugees at the station.

Spring is a wonderful season.

They said it was 90,000 people or so
in all of Austria,
mostly in a few months,
who wanted to stay in this country.
Ten times more went on to Germany.
So many people wanted to help.
Train workers, even police.
Volunteers, often more than enough.
We live in the neighbourhood.
My daughter Maia went down to play with the refugee children.
After a while she knew the volunteers.
It was safe.
The refugees staid down by the station.
Some people from our house took in refugees.

There was discussion to use the shop,
the empty shop downstairs in this new house,
for refugee quarters.
Just for the winter.
That shop has bathrooms and everything.

But then they closed down at the station.
It was in December.
They took them with buses, they said, from the border.
On to Germany.
If you said you wanted Germany, they let you in.
They were building a fence.
So in December, the station was empty.
Maybe Mid-December.
No quarters in our house.
But people still coming in.
Coming up through the Balkans, used to be Yugoslavia.

In early January we played Tarot down in the library.
We have a library in our house.
And we play cards, for a few pennies.
On Friday nights.
We have had readings, and even theatre.
Gudrun and Peter, they built a stage.
Downstairs in the big common room.
We had a night reciting Bob Dylan.
Down you masters of war.

But then in January, there was Cologne.
In Cologne at the train station, on New Year’s Night.
Hundreds of women harassed.
Raped, one or two.
Many foreign men there at the train station.
Not enough police, or police doing nothing.
We should discuss this, one of us said.
We had been playing cards.
What is there to discuss, there ‘s not much in the news.
Maybe social networks did play a role.
I want to discuss this.
These refugees becoming a problem.
What is there to discuss, there’s not much in the news.
These refugees becoming a problem.
A discussion is stupid, without any facts.
So one of us went away in a huff.

Later I was away, I was in China.
In southern China, a poetry trip.
From southern China to Southeast Asia.
The year before they went to Vietnam.
Wrote some good poetry.
Vietnam wars in the background,
including China attacking Vietnam.
And other stuff, daily life.
Morning routine.

This year I went with them through Southeast Asia.
Poets from all over China. 16 or 17.
One or two guides.
Guides of Chinese extraction.
Thailand, Singapore. And Malaysia.
Then back to Nanning, to southern China.

Poetry meetings, almost every night.
Sometimes more.
One time in the airport.
Plane was delayed, nothing better to do, call a poetry meeting.
Poems written there on the road.

Yi Sha has this dream, before every border.
Dreaming they won’t let him through.
Normally he writes down all his dreams.
Makes for good poetry.
But not this time, he was afraid.
Only when we were safe in Malaysia.

They had a crackdown, in Kuala Lumpur.
There was an attack in Indonesia.
Muslim majority in Malaysia, too.
If the father is Muslim, the child has to be Muslim.
Not Chinese or anything else.
It was not like this before.
At least according to our guide.
They have elections and a Sultan.
Or they call him a King, at least in Chinese.

It’s a beautiful country.
Tribes in the woods.
Our guide lived with a tribe for a week.
For a project at university.
She was very young, has a small child.
She speaks Fukien Chinese.
Mandarin with the tourists, of course.
Liked to talk about sex.
Malaysian men with many wives.
Just a few Muslims, who can afford it.

On February first, I came back to Austria.
Refugees still coming, though not so many.
News had been shifting.
Creating a climate against refugees.
We put a limit on loving our neighbours.
That was a poster.
The foreign minister, he’s very young.
The interior ministress.
She’s not there any more now, she’ll become governess.
Governor of Lower Austria.
And the candidate.
Their candidate for Federal President.

President is just a figurehead here.
Like in Germany.
In Germany, he is elected in parliament.
So he is from the majority party.
He or she.

In Austria, everyone votes for the President.
Everyone should.
Everyone is automatically registered, every citizen.
Nowadays you can vote in advance.
Local district office.
Ballot per mail, or there at the office.
That guy for limits on loving your neighbour won’t make it.
He’s trailing far behind in the polls.
But his policies are federal policy.

They let that happen, the Social Democrats.
They are the majority.
But they let it happen, they are just like the rightists.
News had been shifting.
These refugees becoming a problem.
Some Social Democrats work with the Rightists.
Those other Rightists.
That Freedom Party.
Some Neo-Nazis.
Some Neo-Nazis cling to this party.
Some were just Liberals.
In the 1980s they were for joining the European Community.
Anyway now they are shameless Rightists.
Austria should not be ashamed, they proclaim.
Including old Nazis, including SS.

And Social Democrats think they should work with them.
But they are trailing, the Social Democrats.
Maybe their candidate will fall behind,
though not as far as the one with the limits.
They are far behind, both of them.

Three candidates are in front.
Front-runner is from the Green Party.
They always were for refugees.
And there is a woman.
Not from a party.
A former judge.
Liberal views, for the economy.
Definitely not from the Left.
Those two were leading.
But Freedom Party candidate is closing up.

No, he doesn’t say we are all Germans.
Though he says many things.
Austrians first, don’t be ashamed.
Don’t be ashamed of anything.
Works better than just talk about limits.

So I’ve voted already, ten days in advance.

I’m afraid.
That Freedom guy is worse than Trump.
Similar causes why they are so popular.

Austria is very small.
President is just a figurehead.
But I’m afraid.

Austria becomes Hungary.
Headline in Switzerland, two days ago.
Rightist government, fences.
Italy protesting, not only Greece.
Against Austria, in the EU.

EU has been weak.
Rightist reactions in Eastern Europe.
Rightist rhetoric against refugees.
From Social Democrats, some of them.
EU is weak, was very weak in the Yugoslav wars.

Mid-April sun is shining outside.
Spring is a beautiful season,
trees spilling their green.
Some are cut, some are planted.
Downstairs across they are planting a park.

Martin Winter
April 15, 2016
*Schutzbefohlene means people placed under protection. It is the title of a play by Elfriede Jelinek, the Austrian author who won the Nobel prize for literature in 2004. She wrote the play in 2013. It was performed, by refugees, at University of Vienna on April 14, 2016, when a group of rightists stormed the stage. They sprayed red paint and reportedly injured performers, including children. I wrote the long poem above on Friday morning, April 15. I had not been at the performance and knew nothing about the incident before my text was finished. But I think my text works as background reading, at least.



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