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KARMA & FATE – 刘天雨 – bestimmung & schicksal

6月 6, 2019

Liu Tianyu

At Ordos Poetry Festival
I stand with Li Yan, Xing Hao and Xi Wa
to smoke at the entrance of the hotel.
Xi Wa tells us about her Spanish boyfriend,
it’s a great story,
how they met, got to know each other, fell in love.
We sigh,
must be their karma, they are meant for each other.
Xi Wa says,
in English they have no “karma”.
They just say fate.

Translated by MW, June 2019


Liu Tianyu

Beim Ordos-Poesie-Festival
steh ich mit Li Yan, Xing Hao und Xi Wa
zum Rauchen vor dem Hotel.
Xi Wa erzählt von ihrem spanischen Freund,
von der wundersamen Geschichte
vom Aufeinander Treffen, vom Kennenlernen, vom Sich Verlieben.
Wir seufzen,
eine wahre Bestimmung.
Xi Wa sagt,
auf Englisch gebe es keine “Bestimmung”.
Die sagten “Schicksal”.

Übersetzt von MW im Juni 2019



MR. BUDDHA – 安小吉

2月 26, 2019

An Xiaoji

My friend Qiang has found Budda,
Buddha this Buddha that all day long,
hasn’t found a wife yet,
so he says his karma will turn around.
Then his boss fires him,
so that was karma too.
Losing money in business
he says “good!” because good luck must follow.
When his mother kills a chicken
and his father drinks alcohol
in front of him, he tells them they are sinning.
Recently Qiang has got diarrhea,
runs to the toilet from morning till evening.
I tell him go to a doctor, take medicine;
he says no problem, no problem,
this is like monastic practice, too.

Translated by MW in Febr. 2019

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