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IM KOPF – 马非

4月 5, 2018

Ma Fei

In Kanton
hat mir Xiang Lianzi erzählt
sie hat Patienten
die sind schon zig Jahre alt
aber vom Verstand her vier oder fünf.
Sie hat ein Experiment gemacht
und ihnen Gedichte vorgelesen.
Von alten Versen waren sie verzaubert,
sie haben mit Händen und Füßen getanzt.
Bei modernen Gedichten
haben sie entweder nicht reagiert
oder sie sind beunruhigt geworden.
Während sie es erzählt hat
wollt ich schon aufspringen
und hab ihr aufgeregt vorgeschlagen
sie muss darüber schreiben.
Jetzt ist ein Monat vorbei,
ich denk immer daran,
vielleicht hat sie schon etwas geschrieben.

Übersetzt von MW im April 2018




3月 22, 2018

Tang Xin

we were talking retirement. serious topic,
my friends are optimistic. problems will get
thoroughly solved. we can catch up.
there are so many dedicated new people: unselfish,
always smiling, full of skills and talents,
taking over their posts. oh my god, wasn’t that
my dream when I grew up. the internationale
unites the human race. and they are hailed as
intelligent robots. their only trouble
could be how to get rid of
half-zombies like me.

January 2018
Translated by MW, March 2018


3月 8, 2018


women are more important than cigarettes
women are more important than restaurants
women are more important than government
women are more important than europe
women are more important than smoking
women are as important as air
women are as important as drinking
women are as important as sun
women are as important as rain
women are smarter than men
at least smarter in voting
maybe only women should vote
for a while
to make up for some time
women are the best drink
and the best cigarette
and overall the best thing in life

MW March 8, 2018



frauen sind wichtiger als zigaretten
frauen sind wichtiger als restaurants
frauen sind wichtiger als die regierung
frauen sind wichtiger als die eu
frauen sind wichtiger als rauchen dürfen
frauen sind ebenso wichtig wie luft
frauen sind ebenso wichtig wie trinken
frauen sind ebenso wichtig wie sonne
frauen sind ebenso wichtig wie regen
frauen sind gescheiter als männer
frauen wählen gescheiter
jedenfalls öfters
vielleicht sollten überhaupt nur frauen wählen
jedenfalls eine zeitlang
ein bisschen als ausgleich
frauen sind einfach das beste getränk
und auch die köstlichste zigarette
und überhaupt das beste im leben

MW 8. März 2018

DREAM #645 – 伊沙

2月 26, 2016


Yi Sha

Second world war,
I am in Paris.
A spy for the allies,
a lucky survivor.
My secret is,
from every ten bits of intelligence
I sell one to the Germans.
The most worthless one,
the one that doesn’t get people killed.

February 2016
Tr. MW, February 2016







8月 3, 2015

Warsaw bicycleWARSAW

the eagle is not beautiful
the shadow of the eagle is
they have a chapel for Katyn
across from uprising square
the uprising was very brave
they won at first
the Red Army was there
just across the river
but the Red Army waited
then the Germans came back
they razed Warsaw City
the Red Army waited
that was in 1944
before that was the Ghetto
the Ghetto uprising
Stalin’ s culture palace stands in its place
in the place of the Ghetto
was in 1940
tens of thousands of Polish officers
killed by Soviet intelligence
Ukrainians too
they have a chapel for Katyn
across from Uprising Square
tens of thousands of names
and a beautiful eagle
they say
I like its shadow

MW July 2015

Warsaw eagle
Jacqueline Winter

A beautiful summer morning. Biking through the historical center. The bike return station is next to the monument of the 1944 uprising against the Nazis. HOW many dead and wounded, while the Red Army literally stood by on the outskirts of town? And the city dynamited and emptied of its population…you would never think it, looking at it now.
Across the street, inside a church, a simple and gut- wrenching memorial to the Katyn massacre victims. With a side memorial for the Smolensk plane crash of 2010, which I fail to understand. Must ask a local where they see the connection- if they do.
And what a tough people: exiled, murdered, bombed, map redrawn…yet they rebuilt splendidly from the rubble while still dirt- poor and were the first to put up meaningful nonviolent resistance to the Soviets back in 1980. And had free elections as soon as they could.
Swinoujscie – Swinemünde had public exhibits around town about their common history with Germany, bilingual. A strongly German city which was bombed flat 55% for being a naval base. No mention of the pre-war German population in Warsaw, though…
The Warsaw “Stalin cake” / Palace of Culture and Science is still on the grounds of the Jewish ghetto. That uprising was in 1943. A few meters of markings on the ground to show where its outer wall once stood. That is all.

meine rede

Martin Winter

People are trying to get by everywhere. First World vs. Third World (or Second World) creates issues of privilege. Just like different kinds of background, experience, heritage make for issues of disconnect within a common country or region. Why are people stupid enough to vote for or even work with racist rightist arseholes in Hitler-spawning Austria? Austria-Hungary-Germany whatever? My friends in China try to get by. Like people everywhere. Some get to express how they detest the state they are in. Some more than others. Like people anywhere, more or less. Some have their audience, as famous poets or fiction writers. Yes, things have improved very much in Taiwan, and in China there is the same repression going on in some ways. Yes, everyone is taking part more or less, including foreigners. All in all, foreign media is a good influence. Most of it. Everywhere probably, in every country, reporting from any outsider’s stance or background can be very refreshing. I was privileged in Taiwan and in China, in Eastern Europe, even in America. On the other hand, I am in between. Every day I talk and work with people and texts from different worlds. It’s a great life, all in all.


10月 14, 2013

Xiang Lianzi Eine Geschichte

Xiang Lianzi


“In danger the sea cucumber will split itself

one half it gives the world to devour,

the other half escapes.” – from W. Szymborska, Autotomy.

I said let’s not talk poetry at the lunar new year let us tell stories

like a bricklayer half of his head bashed in by half of a steel pipe

like he and his sick room friends

arguing anything, twitching like sleepwalking

he says 3+2=1

like three fingers plus two equals one hand

two hands together equals one pair

like what a rat hates most is rat poison

whoever loves eating rat poison most must be a rat

like I said they were arguing anything

from mathematics into philosophy

from singular into plural

from fingers into a skull bashed in

into rats, poison, leaks or balloons

like 11+11=22, 22-2=2 and so on

he said not that leaks cannot be fixed

just like rat poison will always be digested by rats

just like rats knocked a hole in his skull

his skull has a leak, like a balloon

a leaking balloon is very hard to blow up

just like his half-bashed in skull pops in and out with a yawn

he said in the box with the rat poison there is no rat

rat poison is very bad for rats

just like reading is very bad for your head

just like rats eating his brain slipping into his head

when he said he had a headache, I had a headache

like he wanted me to put rat poison into his brain

like he said: “I’ll soon be an idiot

when they have finished my brain

my boss will dump me, my girlfriend dumps me”

like he is all desperate

crying his heart out like a wolf

howling just like a cat who cannot catch rats

like one hundred rats cannot overcome one single cat

he said: no-one can figure it out, nobody can fix this leak

except me, I have a method, I take a bit of cement, very good quality

mix it with alcohol, ts ts. believe me I have the technique.

he pointed at his broken temporal bone like pointing at some leak on a roof

like a leak on a roof he was fixing

Tr. MW, Oct. 2013


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