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6月 7, 2018

Meihua Yi

als ich frisch verliebt war
wollt ich immer reden
und hab mir geschichten ausgedacht
für meine freundin
eine geschichte
spielt in xinjiang
also im fernsten westen
ein fernbus
hat eine panne
kein dorf in der nähe
schon gar kein geschäft
an der landstraße
aber ein schneesturm
am nächsten tag
wird der bus gefunden
fahrgäste und fahrer
sind eisfiguren
nur ein liebespaar hat überlebt
denn dieses pärchen
die haben sich die ganze nacht
im schneesturm so fest umarmt
und einander gewärmt
meine freundin hat es geglaubt
sie hat immer wieder gefragt
und dann, und dann?
was war denn das weitere schicksal des paares?
der hintergrund der geschichte
war natürlich die zeit
der sechziger oder siebziger jahre

Übersetzt von MW im Juni 2018


10月 14, 2013

Xiang Lianzi Eine Geschichte

Xiang Lianzi


“In danger the sea cucumber will split itself

one half it gives the world to devour,

the other half escapes.” – from W. Szymborska, Autotomy.

I said let’s not talk poetry at the lunar new year let us tell stories

like a bricklayer half of his head bashed in by half of a steel pipe

like he and his sick room friends

arguing anything, twitching like sleepwalking

he says 3+2=1

like three fingers plus two equals one hand

two hands together equals one pair

like what a rat hates most is rat poison

whoever loves eating rat poison most must be a rat

like I said they were arguing anything

from mathematics into philosophy

from singular into plural

from fingers into a skull bashed in

into rats, poison, leaks or balloons

like 11+11=22, 22-2=2 and so on

he said not that leaks cannot be fixed

just like rat poison will always be digested by rats

just like rats knocked a hole in his skull

his skull has a leak, like a balloon

a leaking balloon is very hard to blow up

just like his half-bashed in skull pops in and out with a yawn

he said in the box with the rat poison there is no rat

rat poison is very bad for rats

just like reading is very bad for your head

just like rats eating his brain slipping into his head

when he said he had a headache, I had a headache

like he wanted me to put rat poison into his brain

like he said: “I’ll soon be an idiot

when they have finished my brain

my boss will dump me, my girlfriend dumps me”

like he is all desperate

crying his heart out like a wolf

howling just like a cat who cannot catch rats

like one hundred rats cannot overcome one single cat

he said: no-one can figure it out, nobody can fix this leak

except me, I have a method, I take a bit of cement, very good quality

mix it with alcohol, ts ts. believe me I have the technique.

he pointed at his broken temporal bone like pointing at some leak on a roof

like a leak on a roof he was fixing

Tr. MW, Oct. 2013


12月 10, 2012


please click here

you can find comments here (MCLC List)

Mo Yan’s Nobel lecture is worth seeing and hearing. The link above doesn’t work in China. Tried to post it on Weibo 微博, didn’t work either. is still banned in China, it seems. The video of Mo Yan’s speech is of course accessible on many websites in China. What is also accessible, to my surprise, is a video of Gao Xingjian’s Nobel lecture, 12 years ago. One Weibo user made this comment:

“I don’t agree with Mo Yan’s critics. But if you compare him to Gao Xingjian, there is a huge difference. In the end, one of them can never return to his home country, the other one can keep his job at the Writer’s Association and be celebrated. Comparing the two Nobel speeches, Gao Xingjian’s could be the one more deserving of pride in the Chinese-speaking world.” Hard to translate, because it’s very good and rather literary Chinese.

They had heated discussions in Sweden, for example between Göran Sommardal and Björn Wiman. Read all about it, in Swedish or Chinese (萬之譯) …

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