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四月 20, 2017

Tang Xin

1972, auf einer Zugreise
sieht ein Einkäufer einen Stand
mit Waren für ausländische Gäste.
Neugierig erkundigt er sich über den Preis
einer Zigarettenmarke. Ein Ausländer lächelt,
vielleicht aus Mitleid. Jedenfalls,
der Einkäufer ist tief getroffen. Niemand
darf auf Chinesen herabsehen! Niemand!
Ohne zu zögern kauft er eine Packung,
verwendet mehrere Monatsgehälter
(er trägt öffentliche Gelder bei sich),
aber wovon sollen er und seine Familie
in nächster Zeit leben?  Er spürt eine Träne
und zündet sich eine Zigarette an,
durch den ganzen Waggon geht ein eigenartiger Duft.

März 2017
Übersetzt von MW im April 2017



五月 28, 2016



es riecht nach sommer
vor ein paar tagen
haben wir gewonnen
es riecht nach sommer
eine frisch gemähte wiese
österreich hat gewonnen
gegen deutschnationale ausländerfeinde
also gegen die nazis
eine frisch gemähte wiese
warum haben wir so knapp gewonnen
sie sagen die eu sei korrupt
aus prinzip
sie sind nationalisten
die eu hat wirklich versagt
jean-claude juncker
ist in panama
schon in den 90er jahren
hat die eu nichts gemacht
gegen den krieg
in jugoslawien
ist die eu in panama?
ist die eu neoliberal?
was denn sonst?
es ist sommer
warum haben wir so knapp gewonnen?

MW Mai 2016


五月 29, 2015



2015.5.27, 维也纳

INTEGRATIONSVEREINBARUNG 45 yrs native speaker teaching writing for scientists But no EU passport Haben Sie einen B1Nachweis?

INTEGRATIONSVEREINBARUNG Muttersprachlerin, 45 unterrichtet wissenschaftl. Schreiben ohne EU-Pass Haben Sie 1 B1-Nachweis?


二月 4, 2015

Chopchopcurrypok_is_Charlie_HebdoPlease click on the picture!

This is a very good article. One of the few very inspiring responses to these horrible attacks in Paris. I was involved in another response – I translated a text by Liao Yiwu 廖亦武, a Chinese writer in exile in Germany. I put it in a blog post here some two weeks ago, along with words by “Charb” from Charlie Hebdo and others. Liao Yiwu’s text first appeared in German in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung. It is also available in English, on the website of the German Book Trade Organization. This response should equally be read by as many people as possible! Thank you very much, Soh Wee Ling! I went demonstrating in Vienna on January 11, and again on Friday, January 30, when the xenophobe Neo-Nazis had their ball in the historic halls of the Hofburg in Vienna, overlooking the Heldenplatz where Hitler spoke to eradicate Austria in 1938, cheered by thousands. We were around 5000-6000 at least all over the centre of Vienna, although the police had cordoned off a large area and many people had been arrested and criminalized last year. No windows broken this time, and hardly anyone injured. Some people always get angry, and there are Neo-Nazi sympathizers in the police and in parliament. And they have been tolerated and cosseted, and they were in government 2000-2006. Recently an editor of the newspaper Der Standard, which has been very much against the fascists, has actually suggested that the Social Democrats should consider working with the F-Party. In Germany, their slogans would not be allowed, and some of their leaders would be in prison. On the other hand, we have a cherished tradition of fierce satire in Austria. I read an article by the Jewish French-German writer Gina Lustiger, published in Die Welt. She also said, just like you Soh Wee Ling, that the Charlie Hebdo cartoons were aimed at the average French citizens, including the cartoonists themselves. She said she missed them very much, missed their incisive humour. And she emphasized that unless the French Jewish victims were equally respected, even if their relatives had them buried abroad, people had not understood what this was about. Unless you can imagine Charlie as a Turkish woman in a head scarf at a funeral in Jerusalem, she said. Thank you very much again!

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