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ON A TRIP – 春树 Chun Sue

一月 9, 2016


Chun Sue

In the same night
in Berlin
I was at two events with Chinese writers.
The female writer who lived in London
gave me a stronger impression
than the male writer who stayed in America.
Her English pronunciation was better, more resonant;
also before at the event with the male writer
I was very thirsty
so I was distracted.
When the female writer was up on the stage
I had drunk enough water,
had been to the bathroom.
Under the light,
from the side she frowned at the moderator.
A grimace like
a Hollywood star doing a fierce ugly Asian.
It was really confusing,
like she was seeing her psychiatrist
at the literature festival.
As she screwed up her face
I really wanted to ask her: Are you happy?
Maybe it was
that special
feeling for form
reminding me of my former self.
At a lit fest in Norway, I had a crowd of high school kids;
when it was over,
I saluted the packed mass in the dark,
like a Young Pioneer.

Tr. MW, Jan. 2016

Chun Sue On Tour


九月 18, 2015


orbán ist häßlich
ein häßliches ungarn
ein ungarn im stacheldraht
wollen die ungarn
wirklich den stacheldraht?

MW 17. Sept. 2015

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